Since starting this blog in June of 2008 I have been thankful to receive many insightful and encouraging comments both here on the blog and via email .  Here are some of the things people are saying.

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Hello, hello, hello!
I want to tell you I sold one of my booklet’s to a friend who is the marketing director at her company, She showed the book to her boss who promptly orderd 40 copies! I was so elated! We do sometimes wonder if our ideas turned into booklets will interest anyone because we believe so passionately about it. But this event, in the awake of my own self doubt, urged me to stay with it; and I do want to especially thank you. Your daily, timely emails have made all the difference in the world. I dared not give up because you believe in the writer of booklets, and give us such needed advice. I AM a booklet author.”Thank you, thank you. thank you! Please keep the emails coming. I read them everyday!

Barbara Bishop

– Sent to me via email

This is the BEST blog and some of the best information on the internet about booklets- writing them, selling them, making a living from them. You can pay dearly for information much less helpful than this and here you are getting it for free. I keep picturing Kim with this huge, ancient book of booklet wisdom that is kept in what looks like a library out of Harry Potter. Every couple of days, she goes and opens it and dispenses a few secrets. You don’t realize what gold you’re getting here.

Larry Morrison

Post – Why There’s Always More To Write

Hello Kim,

Because of your Blog I have started to suggest to some of my clients to start writing booklets and than move towards finishing a book. Thanks for the valuable content, keep up the good work.

Paul Godines

-Post:  About Me

“I want to thank you. I’m on your mailing list,and receive your newsletter. Your information is SO great. I had almost given up on being able to write and sell anything. Things are really coming

together for me. I always look forward to your next email. Thank-You ! I know that you are helping so many. You have helped me so much.
I hope that I will be able to counsel with you soon. Looks like that will be money well spent!”

Don Scott

– Post: Are Your Habits Robbing You?

“This was a fantastic blog (which i was up until 1.30 am this morning reading) about producing booklets.”


Post:  Five Obstacles That Stand Between You And A Finished Booklet And How To Overcome Them


Great blog theme. I often suggest to hopeful authors that they write a booklet FIRST. Not only can they use a booklet to test the market for their topic/genre, but they will learn something about the publishing process and the industry, as well.”

Patricia Fry

– Post: Author’s Self Published Title Outsells His Traditional Publishing House Books

You are so right I came up with an idea for an info booklet why’ll I was helping a customer. I wasn’t inteneding to do this at all. After I was finished with the customer the title and subject just fell into my head, amazing. I just found your site and have been reading some awsome artices.”

David Haight

– Post: 20 Hot Money Topics To Write About

“Great insights into publishing booklets. i had never considered before. Seems very viable for me. Thank you. I’ll subscribe to your blog.”

Stanice Anderson

– Post:  Writing Your Booklet’s Content – How To Find The Treasure Chest

“Awesome post!! Loved the analogies!! I guess I’ll try to be a flying fish! :o )
I have written a small devotional that I want to publish. Looking for how to do that and found your site. Hope I can figure this out so I can start on the next one!”


– Post:  Writing Your Booklet’s Content – How To Find The Treasure Chest

“thank you” for the very helpful information that you’ve been sending me “please” keep sending it. Kathy”

Kathy Postel

– Post:  20 Hot Money Topics To Write About

“Great advice! And a motivater too! Who wouldn’t want to have dollars rolling in during ‘off hours’ ~ ie: sleep time, down time, other obligations time, etc! What you’ve posted is absolutely true ~ I know from experience. I’m one of those who tried working the hours for dollars way, then the straight comission way. Neither has created wealth! Only residual income has the potential to grow your bank acct. And the only way to accomplish that is with a product that sells itself 24/7! Hurrah for you, Kim! Keep posting that great advice to put a fire under those of us who need the motivation to step out and grab hold of a solid idea we can run with & benefit from! Success is only a booklet away!”

Shirley Walker

– Post:  How To Have The Kind Of Wealth The Super Rich Enjoy

“Liked your post. In fact it helped solve a problem I have with plot-tie in, in a novel I’m writing.”


– Post:  What To Do When There Is Too Much Written On Your Topic Already

“Kim….thanks for being so generous with your insights and info.”

Katie Ernst

– Post: About Me

“Hi, Kim

Your experiment is Brilliant..!!
Thank you so much for writing this blog with your creative ideas to deal with the market.
Way to go, Kim…Easy, Fun ways to publishing..I look forward to reading your blog more often..!  Thank you!!”


– Post:  About Me


8 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Guy A. Crawford


    Have you considered doing a workshop on booklet writing A-Z?


    • Hello, Guy.

      Actually, I have thought about it. But, I’ve got a new product coming out this fall that will give you everything you need to know in order to write and produce a booklet of your own. We’ll see how the product does before I pack my bags and go on the road – ok?

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!


  2. Guy A. Crawford

    I look forward to the new product.


    • Stay tuned, Guy. I promise to let you (and all my other readers) know the moment the product is available! I think you’re really gonna like it!


  3. Thank you Kim for this information. I have been searching for ways to make money from home as I raise our 5yod. I am also a minister but not one that has a paycheck, and with only one paycheck (my husband’s) coming in, things are pretty tight around here. I am passionate about my faith and know I have so much to share that can truly help people. This looks like an awesome way for me to release all that’s inside. Thank you again for all of this information. It has been a blessing to me. As I ponder this for a couple of weeks to make certain I am on the right path, it is my intent to contact you in the near future for a consultation.
    Thank you again,
    Amanda Hall

    • You’re welcome, Amanda. I’m glad to know that my blog has helped you. I’ll be right here whenever you’re ready to set up that consultation appointment. Just let me know. I look forward to helping you begin your booklet adventure!


  4. Hi, I was wondering how I would go about finding an agent to submit my book to Lifetime. My book is called, “Michael’s Journey”, and it is my diary of the last five years of my son, Michael’s, recovery from brain cancer. This book was written to inspire others and to promote awareness. Michael got suddenly ill on June 12, 2004 and graduated from high school on June 12, 2009, exactly five years later. Any help would be appreciated. Please visit our website if you want to know more about Michael and the book. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Laura (Michael’s Mom)

    • Hello, Laura.

      The only thing I can tell you to do is submit your booklet to as many agents as possible who deal with your genre and keep your fingers crossed that one sticks.

      I am a booklet author and consultant for other writers who want to write booklets. I don’t deal with agents or publishing companies (other than my own) at all. One of the reasons I love writing booklets is that they are so easy to produce and sell on your own – without all the red tape and waiting and disappointment that you would have trying to go the traditional route of looking for an agent and submitting your work to publishing companies.

      What you are hoping to do can take a very long time and unfortunately, may never happen at all. Since you have gone through the trouble of writing a book, why not go all the way and promote it yourself?

      The faster you can get to market the sooner your book will sell and you can start reaping the benefits of your work. Booklets take very little time to write, but since your book is already finished, why wait for an agent to step up to the plate? An agent can’t guarantee your work will be accepted by a publishing company.

      Also, if traditional publishing is really your goal, don’t limit yourself to just one publisher. You should submit to every publisher who deals with your genre. Just be aware that the waiting time to hear from these people can take weeks, months, or you might never hear from them at all.

      Your book sounds like an interesting read that could help other parents going through the same thing. I wouldn’t trust it to anyone else’s hands but your own.

      Just my opinions.

      I wish you all the best with your book and your publishing journey.


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