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Your Booklet Will Speak To Your Readers. What Do You Want It To Say?

Megaphone Loudspeaker ShoutOne of the things that booklet authors tell me they are most concerned with is marketing.  They know how to write their booklet, but they need help with the marketing.

What these writers and authors have failed to realize is that your writing and marketing go hand in hand.  You can’t separate them, nor should you.

When you write a booklet that booklet will speak to your audience.  You need to keep this in mind when you are writing your manuscript.  What do you want your booklet to tell your readers about you and your business?

Yes, your booklet will be written on a specific topic.  But, your booklet will also speak volumes to your audience – and some of those words won’t be written on the page.  They’ll come up in the minds of your readers, either consciously or subconsciously, as your readers are looking at and reading your booklet.

In essence, your audience will be judge, jury and, possibly, executioner of your booklet.  They’ll judge whether is was a good value for their money and whether it met their needs – and whether they’ll buy from you again.  This is part of marketing.

The point of marketing is to get your readers’ attention and let them know you’ve got something for them.  Once they are convinced that you can offer them something of value that will be useful to them they make the decision to buy.

After they have bought your booklet they will determine whether their purchase was a good one or whether they made a mistake.  It is up to you to convince them that your booklet is worth even more than the price they paid.  You do this by giving them a quality product.  By that I mean that the booklet meets their needs.  It delivers on it’s promise, and if you really want to do it well then it delivers more than was promised.

Every booklet you create is part of your marketing.  Your booklet is going to speak to your readers beyond the words that you’ve written in it whether you want it to or not.  Make sure that yours is telling them to buy more booklets!

Comments anyone?

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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4 Easy Steps To Get Your Creativity Flowing So You Can Get Your Booklet Done

Have you ever come up with an idea for a booklet but you didn’t bother to get started on it because you lacked creative inspiration?  Sometimes an idea for a booklet can come to you in the form of a title or potential content, but you’re just not in the frame of mind to start the project.  If you put the idea aside, however, it will quickly evaporate and you’ve lost the opportunity to make it tangible and therefore make money from it.

What to do?

Step 1.  Write down those ideas!  Get them into your phone, computer or a notebook – Whatever works best for you.

Step 2.  Ponder those ideas!  Let them germinate in your mind for a while.   You’ll be surprised at what you come up with for content ideas!

Step 3.  Let those content ideas inspire you!  And, do a little research if you need to in order to get even more inspiration.  Don’t worry if you’re not inspired enough to write yet.  You just need enough inspiration to get going.

Step 4.  Start writing – even if you don’t think you’re ready.  Just getting started will help your creativity flow and before you know it you’ll have that booklet done!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

Check out my free ecourse “12 Ways A Booklet Can Turn Your Writing Into Cash” here now!

My ebook, “Publish Outside The Box” is available here.

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How To Make Every Word Of Your Booklet Manuscript Count

When you write your booklet manuscript, the idea is to keep it short.  That means you need to make every word count.  It’s more important for your readers to understand your writing than it is for you to be clever and cute or artsy.

Why Reading Your Manuscript Is Important

When your booklet manuscript is finished you need to read it over more than once, and you should read it out loud to yourself several times.  This will help you find those sentences that don’t quite work, or those words that don’t convey the message you want them to.

Because your booklet is giving a small amount of information, as opposed to a book, you want to make sure that your information is crystal clear and easy to follow.

A Free Tool You Can Use To Help You

It’s a good idea to use a dictionary and thesaurus when you write your manuscript.  You can find these online for free.  A good one is www.dictionary.com.  You’ll find both a dictionary and a thesaurus there.

While the dictionary will give you the meaning of a word, the thesaurus will give you other words that have the same or a similar meaning as the word you’re looking up.  This gives you more words to play with and keeps you from being monotonous in your writing, while at the same time it helps you to be able to pinpoint exactly what you mean.

For example, if you’re looking up the word jump, you will also find the words leap and hop in the thesaurus as well.  Now all you have to decide is whether the lazy brown fox jumped over the log, leaped over the log, or hopped over the log.  Or maybe he sprang over it, or bounced over it.  Each word gives the sentence a little different meaning and creates a slightly different picture for the reader.

How To Write A Life Changing Manuscript

One question you need to ask yourself is what do you want your audience to do when they have finished reading your booklet. For example, if your booklet is about raising chickens in your backyard, you might want the reader to understand why raising chickens in their backyard is a good thing to do, and you will want to tell them how to build a chicken coop, what kind of chickens to buy, how to feed the chickens, and how to keep them safe from other animals that might prey upon them.   If that is your goal for the reader, then you should be checking your manuscript to be sure the reader will be able to do that without fail after they have read your booklet.

Your booklet should give the reader some action to do.  That’s what makes the read exciting and it will keep them coming back for more, because when your reader can take your information and apply it to their life in some way, it becomes life changing.

Don’t worry about writing perfect prose in your manuscript.  It doesn’t need to be artsy.  It just needs to be clear and easy to follow.  Make every word count!

To your riches!


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Photos And Artwork – Can They Really Make Up For Bad Writing?

As an author and business owner, I do a lot of reading online to keep up with current trends.  Recently, I came across an article that had the audacity to state that good photos or artwork can make up for bad writing.  This blatant ignorance is an affront to everything I stand for as an author, and if you were to follow such careless advice you would quickly find that your booklet would not sell.

Why Good Writing Is Crucial To Your Riches

Good writing is important whether you’re creating an advertisement, an article, a book or a booklet.  When your customers purchase from you, they are making an investment. They are willing to make that investment because they believe that your information is valuable to them.  If, after they invest in your booklet, they discover that isn’t the case, they won’t buy from you again.  Therefore, good writing is crucial to your sales and your riches.

What Makes Good Writing?

What makes your writing good?  Your writing is good when it appeals to your audience and gives them the information they desire. It should be professional, but it should also speak directly to your market in their language.

Think about why you buy the publications you do – especially non-fiction publications.  If you needed to know how to fix a flat tire, and you bought a booklet you believed would tell you how to do that, but after reading it you still had no clue how to fix a flat tire, you would feel that you wasted your money on that booklet and you would try to find the information somewhere else.  Your audience is the same way.

Artwork And Photos Are Just The Icing On The Cake

No amount of artwork or photos will ever replace bad writing, no matter how beautiful the artwork or photos are.  Websites are proof of this.  Have you ever been to a really beautiful website that didn’t tell you anything or give you and information?  Most of us have.  And what do we do when we get there?  We leave.

Photos and artwork are simply the icing on the cake.  Your writing is the substance. It’s why people will buy from you.  Make it good and keep them coming back for more!

To your riches!


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How To Use The Seinfeld Method For Writing A Booklet

Back before Seinfeld hit the airwaves, the idea for the show was presented something like this:

Producer:  What’s the show about?

Seinfeld:  Nothing.  That’s what makes it so unique.  It’s a show about nothing.

Producer:  Hmmm.  A show about nothing.  I don’t think viewers will tune in every week, but let’s see what you’ve got.

Of course, Seinfeld was really about something, but that something wasn’t easily definable.  It was something different.  What Seinfeld was really about was normal every day living and friendships.  It was comical and fun, but it was unique and that’s why people tuned in and made the show a hit.

Seinfeld And Booklets

What’s this got to do with booklets?  Plenty!  When you write your manuscript, you need it to be about something.  A booklet that simply re-hashes old information and presents nothing new, or doesn’t present it’s content as being important or interesting will never fly.  To get your booklet off the ground you’ve got to give people a reason to “tune in,” or read your content.

Weight Loss – An Example

For example, plenty has been written about the subject of weight loss, especially in the United States.  It would seem that everything that could possibly be said about the subject of weight loss has been said, and that people are bored to death with it.   The last thing we need is another book about weight loss.  What else could be said that hasn’t been said already?  We’ve got weight loss books for men, women, children, the elderly, weight loss for your blood type, and even weight loss for your pets!

A New Perspective On Weight Loss

But, what if you gave weight loss a new perspective?  What if you decided to write a weight loss booklet using the characters from Seinfeld?  Sure, you’d need to get permission, a special license, and probably share some of the profits, but now you’ve got something, and that something is very unique.  Now you’re not writing a bland, boring text.  Anything that includes Seinfeld can’t be a dull read.

The Seinfeld Method

Consider this the next time you sit down to write a booklet or any other type of content.  Make sure your content is interesting and that it is truly about something.   This is what I call the Seinfeld Method for writing booklets.   Beating around the bush, hemming and hawing, droning on and on and re-hashing re-hashed material will only bore your market.  Beef it up!  Take the ordinary, like Seinfeld did, and make it extraordinary.  The riches will follow.

To your riches,


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