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How To Maximize Your Marketing Dollars And Your Sales

executive-461657_1280If you’ve written or plan to write a booklet, you are or will be a small business owner.  Most small business owners focus on getting new customers in the door or to their website to sell them their products and services.  That is where they spend the majority of their marketing budget, and their time and energy.  But, this is a huge mistake!

While it’s important to keep fresh customers coming in, these are not the folks you want to focus on.  Why?  Because it costs you more time, energy and money to get a new customer than it does to sell to someone who has previously bought from you.

The people you really want to focus on are the customers you already have.  They’ve already proven that they know, like and trust you by spending their money with you.

Creating new products for the customers you already have will maximize your marketing dollars because each customer you get will now be a repeat customer.  And it will maximize your sales too!

Of course, when you’re just starting out and you have no customers yet your focus will be on getting new customers.  But, once you’ve made some sales you want to begin to focus on getting those customers to buy from you again by creating new products or services to offer them.

And then watch your business grow!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The Easy Way To Push Your Booklet Sales Through The Roof

Would you like to push your booklet sales through the roof and enjoy phenomenal success in your business?  Yes?  Then, listen up!  The secret I’m about to share with you is absolutely mandatory for making big money – and it’s really easy!

You Built It But They Didn’t Come

When you first begin your booklet adventure, you begin with a single booklet.  But, if you’re serious about making piles of cash with your new endeavor, you won’t stop there. You will create more booklets and probably other products to offer your audience as well.

Now imagine this.  You’ve created five series of booklets, each containing three titles.  In addition to this, you’ve also created several other products – and nothing is happening. Everything is sitting.  Sales aren’t rolling in like you had hoped.  Why?

Why Nobody’s Buying

Before you can make a sale, someone needs to buy. And before anyone can buy from you, they need to know your booklet and other products exist.  You can create as many booklets and other products as you would like to, but if nobody knows about them, nobody is going to buy them.

So, here’s a HUGE SECRET that will help you get more sales: use every product you create to promote all the others. Sound difficult?  It’s not.  It’s brain-dead easy!

A Quick And Easy Fix

There are several ways you can use one product to promote another, or even your entire product line. It’s done all the time, and you’ve come across it over and over again, probably without even realizing it.  How many times have you bought one product, only to realize you needed a second product to go with it?  This idea equates to your booklet series.

A single booklet can promote an idea, which you then take further and give more information on in your next booklet.  It’s only natural that people who buy your first booklet will be interested in your next one. And all you have to do is mention in your first booklet that the next one is available. Later, as your business grows and you add more booklets and other products, you will want to mention each of them where appropriate in all of your other booklets and other products.

By using each of your booklets and other products to promote the others, you are taking advantage of a HUGE MARKETING OPPORTUNITY.  You are reaching out to people who are already interested in what you have to offer, and it doesn’t cost you a cent because your marketing is part of the product itself! But, it will certainly make you a pretty penny or two!

To your riches!


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How To Get Your Market To Snap Up Your Booklets Like Hotcakes

Do you value your writing?  Do you believe your booklet is or will be of value to someone?  Knowing your work has value is an important step in your getting from an idea to the actual sales of your booklet.  But, there is something that is even more important than what you think about your booklet, and that is what your market thinks of it.

Is Your Booklet Too Personal?

It doesn’t matter how good you think your booklet is, if your market doesn’t think it’s good or doesn’t believe it’s for them, your booklet won’t sell. If you’re writing about a passion you have, and you’re writing about it from a very personal perspective, you may not be able to reach your target audience.

Everyone has their own unique perspective of any given situation or circumstance.  But, we also share some similarities within a given situation or circumstance.

For example, consider two brides preparing for their wedding day.  Each will have unique circumstances regarding what they want and can afford for their wedding, who will attend, the date, time and place for the ceremony, etc.

If you were going to write a booklet about creating the perfect wedding, and you wrote the booklet about your own experience, it might be difficult for your audience to relate.

Make It About Them

Now let’s take our example above and rewrite it from a wider perspective.  Instead of writing about your own experience, you might write that booklet based on your experience, but with alot more wiggle room.

In other words, your bookelt isn’t so tightly written that it’s only about your own narrow perspective.  It leaves room for your audience to come up with ideas of their own and glean something from your writing that’s personal to them.

Your booklet shouldn’t be about your perfect wedding or even your idea of what that should be.  Your booklet should help the bride come up with her own idea of what the perfect wedding is for her. You should give her plenty of food for thought and ideas, perhaps a page or two for writing those thoughts and ideas, maybe some budgeting tips, and ideas for romantic places for having the wedding and/or honeymoon.

The Sad Truth

The wedding booklet example above is an extreme example, but it illustrates the point.  When you create a booklet it should be all about your audience – their needs and wants, not yours.  You may have some wonderful insight regarding your topic, but you must be careful to tailor it to your market rather than writing solely from your own perspective.

That isn’t to say your perspective won’t color your writing.  It will and it should.  You just don’t want it to be so strong that nobody can relate to it.  Nobody cares about your writing more than you do, and the sad truth is that people won’t buy your booklet because it’s good. People will buy your booklet because it’s about them in some way.

Consider the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  The stories are a work of fiction, and the circumstances were not real, so why were the movies such a hit at the box office?  Yes, marketing did play a huge role in that, but there have been plenty of well marketed movies that didn’t fare so well.  So, what was it?

It was the audience’s ability to relate to the characters.  We may not be going through the exact same circumstances but we feel the same emotions. Watching the main character with his friend, and seeing the bond between them and how courageous they both were gives us hope for our own circumstances.  It’s something we can relate to.

In the same way your audience needs to be able to relate to your booklet.  They must believe it was created just for them. When they do they’ll snap your booklets up like hotcakes!

To your riches!


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The 2012 Goldmine – Will You Cash In?

Trends present a huge opportunity for anyone in any media to cash in big.  This includes authors and writers across the spectrum.  The 2012 thought movement is a mega trend.  Whether you believe catastrophic events will occur in 2012 or not, the fact is that many people do.  In fact, the 2012 thought movement is a global trend of thinking which makes it a huge, ripe market that is right here, right now.

The 2012 Phenomenon

What is a trend and what makes 2012 such a mega trend?  A trend is simply something that is popular among a group of people, such as teenagers.  A mega trend is something that is popular on a global level, or across a huge spectrum of the population.

2012 has become a mega trend for two basic reasons.  First, it is promoted by the media. You see it everywhere – online, in bookstores, on magazine covers, and very shortly you’ll even be able to see it in the theater.

Why is 2012 being so heavily promoted?  Because the media know the value of taking a good trend and turning it into a mega trend or a phenomenon.  And what works for the mainstream media can often be scaled down to work for booklet authors!

The second reason 2012 is such a mega trend has to do with human curiosity, fear and our love of a good story.  2012 is in the future.  Since it isn’t here yet there’s no way to know exactly what will happen or how things will play out that year on a global scale.  This leaves plenty of room for fear tactics as well as good story telling about events that might occur.

It’s Been Done Before

2012 isn’t the first global trend the media has recognized as being prime material for exploitation.  Do you remember Y2K?  That event ushered in another global trend of thought – one which the media was able to expand and cash in on.

So many people are talking about 2012 now that the media’s job has gotten easier.  The media may have started the fire, but word of mouth is fanning the flames.  All the media needs to do now is add some new, hot information to the fire every once in a while.

You Are Part Of The Media Too

In a sense, you are part of the media.  All media does is bring information to the public.  You do this too, with your booklet.  Movie producers do this with their films.  Blog owners do this with their blog posts.  There are many different forms of media.

When you see a trend happening, such as 2012, and you see other forms of media tying into it, that’s a good clue that you should tie your booklet into it too if you possibly can.

Your booklet doesn’t need to be specifically about 2012 or events or prophecies tied to it.  Your booklet might have value in another way.  The trick is to be creative and ask yourself how your booklet might tie into the trend.

A good way to come up with ideas is to study the 2012 phenomenon and learn a little more about what people think about it.  Another thing to do is watch the media and see what they tie into it. Even your local news may occasionally mention it.

Watch the magazines on the news stands and the books that come out in your local bookstore.  All of these things will give you clues as to what people are thinking on a global scale, as well as spark some creative ideas in you for tying your booklet into the 2012 phenomenon.

2012 is really a goldmine for you as a booklet author.  It’s just a matter of doing a little digging to find the right vein.  Will you cash in?

To your riches!


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How To Gain Instant Credibility To Skyrocket Your Booklet Sales

Are you concerned that nobody will be interested in buying your booklet because you’re an unknown?  Every author has to start with their first manuscript.   Nobody is born a known author.   But, there is an easy way to gain credibility right from the start, which will make people want your information because they’ll view you as the best source to get it from.

It’s Not About What You Say

Your credibility has little to do with your booklet or with what you say about it.  It also has little to do with what you say about yourself.  Nobody really cares about how long you’ve studied or been in your particular field, nor do they care about your experience or your degrees.  Sure, those things are important.  They do show your expertise.  But, there are plenty of people with expertise who have no credibility as experts.

So, what is it, then, that gives you credibility?  It’s what other people say about you.  Other people’s words about you will have more weight in the minds of the public than your own words will, especially when you’re an unknown.

Piggybacking On Someone Else’s Credibility

While all words spoken or written about you or your work are important, the words of a few are really your goal.  These chosen few are those who are already specialists or experts with an elevated status in the eyes of the public, and more specifically, your market.  They may work in a field that is related to your booklet’s topic, or they may work in a completely unrelated field yet have clout through their association or their status.   These people have the credibility you need, and if they say your booklet is excellent, then your booklet will be thought of as excellent.  If they say you are a genius for bringing something new to the table, their word is as good as gold.  These people can literally stuff your bank account with money just by what they say about you or your work.

As a new author, you’d be foolish to try to build credibility on your own when you can have someone who already has credibility vouch for you.  This gives you instant credibility.  It doesn’t mean your work isn’t really that good or that you don’t deserve credibility.  You should always strive to put your best into every booklet you create, or any other product you produce.  What this is, is a short-cut to riches.  If someone credits you and your work doesn’t stand on its own, you’ll eventually lose credibility.  But, if it does, you’ll simply keep the credibility that you received from the person who gave it to you.

Individuals Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Lend Credibility

Can’t think of any individuals that might be willing to lend credibility to your booklet?  Individuals are not the only ones who can lend credibility to you.  You can also gain it through a business, association or corporation as long as the entity is publicly known.  This doesn’t mean that the company or association needs to be famous world wide.  It does mean that the entity should be well known and well respected within your particular market.

The Key To Making Instant Credibility Work For You

The key to making instant credibility work is choosing the right people to give it to you.  These people are not going to come looking for you.  You’ve got to seek them out.  But, you’re not looking for just anyone who is well known or famous.  You’re looking for those who are respected and well known within your market.  For example, if your booklet is about how to grow roses, one type of entity you might want to pursue is associations having to do with gardening, and specifically roses.  An entity you would not want to pursue is a retailer that sells roses.  The first is considered an expert source, the second is not.

When it comes to your credibility and expert status, you don’t have to start from scratch.  Find those who already have credibility and are willing to lend some to you.  When you do, you’ll skyrocket your sales!

To your riches!


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