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Why You Can’t Choose Just Any Topic For Your Booklet

How many times have you searched for information online and found plenty of articles and blogs, but they just about put you to sleep?  Boring information abounds online and off, but it really isn’t the subject that’s boring.  It’s the way the content is written – without heart, without passion.  You may have a passion for writing, but it’s your passion for what you’re writing about that will bring you the riches.

What Consumes You?

When you write a booklet, you must write about something that you absolutely love or that you have a very strong passion for.  It must be something that you never get tired of talking about.  It should be something that you think about day and night.  In short, it should be something that consumes you long term.

Once your booklet is on the market, you will become known for whatever it is you have chosen to write about. If you choose to write about baseball card collecting, then you’ll be known as the expert on baseball cards.  And if you don’t really love baseball cards you’ll get tired of being in the game before you ever really get a chance to play.

What Qualifies You

But, what if you really do love baseball cards?  What if you have been collecting them for the past 20 or 30 years?  What if you never get tired of reading about them, trading them, selling them, or talking about them?  What if you’re living for the next baseball card show or exhibit and you’re willing to drive for three days to get there?  What if you know every card from the past 30 years and its value on the market?  Then, you have a passion for baseball cards!  And that passion qualifies you to write a booklet about baseball cards.

Be True To Yourself

What if you have a passion for baseball cards, but you decide to write a booklet about how to find the right nursing home for your elderly parents because you’ve recently been through the experience and you can see a real need for that information?  No matter how much your experience has taught you in finding the perfect placement for your parent, that booklet isn’t going to fly.

It isn’t because you’re not a good writer and it isn’t because there’s no market for that information.  That booklet will tank because your passion for that topic is either momentary due to your experience with your own parent, or because you have no passion for the topic at all.

Imagine that all you can think about is baseball cards, and yet you have people wanting to talk to you and get your opinion on matters related to placing a parent in a nursing home?  You get requests from talk shows, radio shows, magazines, and blogs for interviews.  You get email and letters from people who have read your booklet and they are requesting more information from you.  And for a short time you might get caught up in all the hoopla and pat yourself on the back, but it wouldn’t be long before you would be tired of it all and be really burned out, because all you would really want to do is talk about, trade and sell baseball cards.

In the end it all comes down to being true to yourself. You may not care about baseball cards at all, but you care about something. Something keeps you awake at night.  Something consumes your thoughts.  Something causes you to search out information about it, spend money on subscriptions because of it, or otherwise consumes much of your spare time.  That something is your passion, and it’s what you should be writing about.

You may love writing, but a love for writing won’t make your booklet interesting. Writing about something you love to talk about WILL.  That’s what will grab your reader’s attention and make them want to tell others about your booklet.  Use your passion.  Let it flow and the riches will too!

To your riches!


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Ten Ways To Know Whether You Should Write That Booklet

You’ve got an idea for a booklet, but are you really passionate enough about your topic to make it fly?  Most ideas die before they ever see the light of day.  This is because what seems like a great idea at the time is quickly extinguished when we realize that it’s going to take some work.  You must be passionate about your topic or you’ll lose steam before you even complete your manuscript (if you ever start it!).

Here are ten ways to know that your idea is truly a passion and not just a flight of fancy.

1) Is it something you’re already involved in by choice? If you choose to be involved in something, you probably have a certain amount of passion for it – such as playing tennis or star gazing or dancing.

2) Is it something you’re involved in, but had no choice? Often being involved in something and not being given a choice as to whether or not you wanted to be involved can lead to a passion for helping others cope with the same situation.  Allergies are a good example of this.  Nobody chooses to have an allergy, and everyone who has them would love to be free of them.  Having an allergy may, therefore, create a passion inside you to find better ways to cope with it and help others in the process.

3) Does it consume your thoughts night and day? When you’re truly passionate about something you can’t stop thinking about it.

4) Would you rather be involved with it than doing anything else? Our passions consume our time.

5) Is it high on the list of priorities in your life? If it is, you’ll find yourself excluding other things to to stay involved with this one.

6) Is it all you really want to talk about? You may find that you have to curtail your enthusiasm a bit around your friends and family because they get tired of hearing about it!

7) Are you willing to buy just about anything related to it? Think golf.  Golfers will spare no amount of expense to improve their game.

8) Are you willing to do whatever it takes to improve in it, or learn more about it. This might mean taking classes, reading, watching DVD’s, subscribing to magazines, etc.

9) Do you find that you can never absorb enough information about your topic? You never get tired of reading or hearing about it.

10) Does the time seem to fly by when you’re engaged in or with your topic? There never seems to be enough time to do the things we really enjoy.  If it’s a passion, you’ll find there’s never enough time in a day.

Creating a booklet you’re passionate about is important because you’ll be known for what you write about.  Make sure it’s something you truly love and want to be known for!

To your riches!


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