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The Two Fastest Ways To Fail In Booklet Publishing

business-163462_1280It seems so simple.  Write a booklet, build a business, get paid.  And it is simple.  But, there are two HUGE mistakes you absolutely must avoid in order to succeed.  Make these mistakes and your booklet publishing business is doomed to fail.  What are they?

First, don’t invest in your business.

Even the simplest business is going to require a little money to get it going and keep it rolling.  As a new booklet author, your expenses will be minimal, but there will be some – such as graphic design services, printing, and long distance.

As your business grows you’ll find that you need website hosting, autoresponder services, merchant account services, and possibly other services such a those of a virtual assistant.

If you’re not willing to invest in these services, you won’t be able to run your business or you’ll stunt its growth.

Don’t look at the cost of the service as something you have to pay.  What you want to look at is the return you’ll receive for that investment.  For example, if your website hosting costs you $10.00 a month, but it allows you to have a website and you are able to make sales through that website of $500.00 a month, then you have to weigh that $10.00 against the $500.00.  If you don’t pay the $10.00, then you won’t make the $500.00.

A lot of new business owners don’t think this way.  They look at the $10.00 as being too expensive or as an ongoing fee they don’t want to pay, and they hesitate to sign up for the service.  But, by not signing up they’re missing out on $500.00 of ongoing income per month.

Does it make sense to keep paying $10.00 to keep getting $500.00?  You bet it does!

You need to be willing to invest in the services your business needs to operate.  If you’re not, then there’s no point in starting your business because it’s going to fail.

Of course, you do want to keep your expenses to a minimum.  You will need to weigh every expense carefully, making sure that it really is needed.  But, if it is and there’s no getting around it, then you’re either going to invest or watch your business shrivel up.

There’s an old saying that goes it takes money to make money.  I have personally found this to be true.  And while you don’t need a lot of money to write a booklet, you’re going to need to be willing to invest some in your business.

Second, don’t invest in yourself.

This is another area where many entrepreneurs fail.  They start out excited about their business, and after a while they either quit or have to close their doors because they’ve gone as far as they can and they’ve lost their enthusiasm.

This does not have to happen to you!

Nobody is born knowing it all.  Everyone had to learn in order to get wherever they are in business.  Every online guru and every expert you see on TV has had to make an investment in themselves of both time and money, and if they’re selling a product they’ve had to invest in that as well.

You’ve probably got knowledge in your head already from which you can write a salable booklet, and maybe even more than one.  But, what happens when you’ve written all you know?  How can you continue to create new booklets and other products?

And, what about advertising, marketing, and sales?  Do you know enough about those things to make the best profit you possibly can?  And even if you do, the game is constantly changing – especially online.  How will you keep up?

That answer is you’re going to need to invest some time and probably a few dollars into learning what you need to know.

I have to do this too, as does every business owner.  If you look at the big businesses – like corporations and franchises – they’ve got tons of competition.  They have to continually learn and re-invent and create to stay ahead of the pack.  But they know that it’s an investment well worth making because they’re focused on the return, not on how much they’re going to need to spend.

Every entrepreneur, from the kid with the lemonade stand to Oprah and Donald Trump must invest in their business and their knowledge.  Not doing so is business suicide.

If you invest in your business and yourself, your business will grow accordingly!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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The Two Things You Must Do To Make Money With Booklets

So, you want to write a booklet and make lots of money.  Yeah?  Well, you can!  But, if you don’t do it right your booklet won’t sell.

There are two things you absolutely must do – no exceptions – in order for you to make money with your booklet.  Do these things and you’ll do well.  They may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore them!

First you must make sure that your booklet will be wanted.  If you create a booklet about how to teach your canary to sing but nobody wants to teach their canary to sing you’re not going to have any money coming in.

There needs to be a hungry market for what you’ve got to offer.  In its most basic sense, a booklet is information.  You must make sure that the information you’re offering is information that people want.  Not everyone will want your booklet, but you need to make sure that enough people do or it won’t be worth your time to create it.

Second, you must create a booklet that is helpful or useful.  Have you ever purchased a book thinking it was exactly what you were looking for only to receive it and find out it didn’t contain any real information?  You want to avoid this at all costs with your booklet.

Your booklet should be exactly what your particular audience needs and is looking for.  It should speak directly to them about their problem and give them solid information they can use.

Imagine you’re taking a road trip.  You pack up your car and head off down the road with your map in your hand.  But, when you open the map you find it gives directions for how to get someplace other than where you’re going.  How useful would that map be then?

Or, what if you opened the map and found the inside was just a blank piece of paper?  What kind of impression would that give you of the company that sold you the “map?”

Your booklet is a representation of you and your company.  Make it shine!  When your booklets are helpful to people they’ll want to come back to you for more, and they’ll recommend your booklets and other products to those in their circle of influence.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The One Question You Must Ask In Order To Make Money Writing Booklets

Remember back when you were in school and your English teacher would give you a writing assignment?  You wrote the assignment to get it done and get a good grade from the teacher.  You paid attention to writing mechanics – making sure all your sentences were complete, that all your “i’s” were dotted and your “t’s” were crossed, and that your prose had the proper flow.  That’s how you learned to write.  And that’s how most authors continue to write when they finish school.  But, if you think you can make money writing booklets using this same method you’re in for a big disappointment.

Your readers don’t care about writing mechanics.  Sure they expect to read a professional publication – one with correctly spelled words that makes sense.  But, what they care about most is the same thing you care about when you buy a new book.  They care about the content.  And, more importantly, they care about the value they will derive from that content.

When you write a booklet you don’t want to just stick some content between the covers and hope it will fly.  Yes, writing a booklet is quick and easy, but you’re not writing it to please your 8th grade teacher and get a good grade.  You’re writing a booklet to make money, and to do that you must build value into every page so that your readers will feel like they received the bargain of the century!

Imagine this.  You’ve written a booklet about how to save money on a college education.  Your booklet is jam-packed with tips and ideas on every page that a college bound student can pick up and use right now with ease.  Mabel Smith Buys your booklet for $5.00 because her daughter is planning to go to college in two years.  Mabel likes your booklet so much that she raves to her sister, Mary, about the booklet and Mary buys one too.

Mary is a homeschool mom, and not only that, she is head of a homeschool organization in her town and she hosts a large homeschool fair there every year with 200 vendors and thousands of homeschool parents in attendance.  She likes your booklet so much that she decides to mention it to several relevant vendors – potential quantity buyers for your booklet!  Not only that, she’s decided she wants to order a few hundred copies to sell at the fair to help finance her homeschool group’s activities.

Can you see the possibilities?  Yes, it can happen – but only if you pack some real value into your booklet.

Even if it doesn’t happen quite the same way for you as it does in the example above, having a booklet that offers significant value to your readers can have another advantage.  When your readers see how much you have to offer, they’ll want to buy more from you!  

In addition, a quantity buyer who feels that your booklet would offer value to his market (your readers!), will be very likely to buy your booklet in large numbers – hundreds or even thousands of copies.

When I was dealing with an executive who was interested in a large quantity purchase (600,000 copies!) the first thing he said to me was that my booklet was good and he knew his market would enjoy it.  He wanted to use it as a reward for purchasing his company’s products.  It would not have been a good reward had the booklet not contained value for the recipients!

As you write your booklet ask yourself this question – what is the one thing your readers will take away from your booklet?  What will they learn, gain, or know how to do?    Answer that question and you’ve got value!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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How To Leverage Your Booklet For The Most Riches

Do you know what leverage is?  Leverage is an advantage.  It is getting the most out of something.  Think of it as getting the most gain for the least amount of pain (pain being work!).

There are untold riches in a single booklet when you know how to leverage that booklet. And if you have more than one booklet, that’s even better!

Create Your Booklet Once And Sell It Forever

One way you gain leverage from your booklet is that you only have to write it once, yet you can sell it over and over again. This is a huge advantage over services businesses where you must perform a service and get paid for your time.  You can’t leverage your time because you only have 24 hours in a day and you can never give them all.  And you can’t sell the same hour over and over again.

But, there are many product businesses that also cannot be leveraged – such as selling crafts.  If you create a craft item and sell it, it’s gone forever and you must create a new one to sell the next time.  But, once your booklet is written, the work is done and you have a product that can be sold repeatedly.

One Booklet Equals Many Products

Another way you can create leverage from your booklet is to develop other products from it. For example, you might offer your booklet as a download, and then develop hard copies, a CD and an MP3 from the same booklet.  Now you have four different formats to offer your booklet in, and each one can be viewed as a separate product.

You see this all the time.  If you have ever visited any guru’s website, you’ll often see that they offer teleseminars and everyone who signs up gets either an MP3 or CD of the seminar at a later time.

Another thing you’ll often see one of these gurus do is offer a product in printed form, and then offer that same product in a CD format.  Why?  Because it adds value to their product.  They didn’t have to write any more content.  All they had to do was take the content that they already created and record it.

You can do this very same thing!  Once your manuscript is created, you can create different products from it without much, if any, additional work.

Leveraging Your Idea And Your Market With Spin-Offs

Finally, another way to leverage your booklet is to create spin-off products or a series from it. This is really leveraging your idea as well as your market, but you need that first booklet in order for this to happen.

When I created my first booklet, once it was selling and I had established my market, I created two spin-off titles from it that I knew would be of interest to that same market.  I now have a series of three booklets, and have since come up with ideas for several more booklets I can create within that series for that particular market.

Spin-off products include much more than just creating a series of booklets.  You might decide to create a workbook to go with your booklet, or you might create a DVD.  TV shows will create toys and other products as a spin-off, and often they’ll take a character or two from one show and create a spin-off show using those same characters.

With a spin-off product you will have some extra work to do, but it’s well worth the effort if you’ve already got an established market.

When you create a booklet, you should get as much leverage from it as you possibly can.  The more leverage you have, the more riches you’ll make!

Got an idea for leverage that I left out?  Please leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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17 Reasons You Should Write A Booklet In 2010

Have you been thinking about writing a booklet but been putting it off?  Whether it’s your first booklet or your next one, here are 13 reasons to stop procrastinating and get it done!

1) You can’t make money from something that isn’t created. Write it now, and make money in the new year!

2) A booklet gives you credibility which means you can charge higher fees for other products and services you offer.

3) The world needs to hear your message. Somewhere, someone needs the information that only YOU can provide, and they’re willing to PAY you for it!

4) A booklet will help you survive these tough, economic times.

5) You can have that booklet whipped out and selling within a month or less. Why put it off any longer?

6) To have the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Pay off those bills, take more vacations, work from home.

7) Writing that booklet may be the start of a whole new career for you. Want out of the rat race?  Here’s your ticket!

8) Being a booklet author leads to other opportunities. You’ll do things and go places you never thought you would.

9) You can easily spin other products from that one booklet and expand your offerings which adds to your riches.

10) A booklet can get your foot in the door with a publisher when you want to write a full length book.

11) You will be a celebrity to your audience. People respect authors and tend to think of them as celebrities or as someone important.  That will be you!

12) You can live and work from anywhere you please. Writing really is a dream job!

13. A booklet can create passive income for you online. Just create an e-booklet instead of printed copies!

14) Write it once and it will sell forever. There are few jobs in life you can do one time and get paid over and over again.

15) It gives you a greater purpose in life. This is your chance to make the world aware of something you care about.

16) You’ll discover new people, places and things. You’ll make friends with like-minded people and be part of an exclusive inner circle.

17) It’s a chance to leave a legacy.

Got one to add to the list?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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Why There’s Always More To Write

Do you have an idea for a booklet but you’re worried that too much has been written about it already?  Or, maybe you’ve already written a series of booklets and you don’t think there is anything else for you to say about your subject – no more booklets to write.  No matter how much has been written about any subject, there is always more to write!

Why There Is More To Write About Your Subject Than You Think

Take a trip to the bookstore or the library and you’ll find anywhere from a handful of books on any given subject to a hundred or more.  The health and nutrition section alone contains at least hundreds of titles, and if you include everything ever writing under this heading – from books to articles – there are probably millions of pieces of information on the subject.

Why is there so much written about health and nutrition?  Because it pertains to everyone, but not all at the same time.  In other words, each book or smaller publication or article is niched to a specific group. One title may be written to women under 30 while another is for women over 40.

Another consideration is that health and nutrition is a very broad subject.  You can write about vitamin supplements, weight loss, detoxing the body, organic farming, infant nutrtion, and the list goes on and on.  With such a broad subject there is so much variety that you could never run out of booklets to create. Throw the different niches into the mix and there are more possibilities for booklets than any one person could write in a lifetime!

Chances are your subject is broader than you think it is.  Think in terms of niches, and think in terms of how many sub-categories there are within your subject. If you break it down, you’re likely to find that there is more material waiting to be created than you originally thought.

Ideas Are Everywhere

Sometimes writing another booklet, or even your first one, is just a matter of coming up with the right idea.  Ideas are everywhere.  Once in a while, they’ll pop right into your head without you even having to think about it.  You might be driving somewhere, or you might be in the shower.  Usually, it happens when you’re relaxed and not thinking about it.

But, what if you’re not getting any ideas?  Then, you just have to look at what’s around you.  If you’re interested in a particular subject, go to your local library or bookstore and see what else has been written about it. That’s a sure way to spark ideas, because you will have a reaction to what others have written.  That reaction can be the very basis for your booklet.

You can find ideas as you go through your day too.  You might be looking at a website and something will suddenly click for you.  Or you might be watching tv when it happens.  All you need to do is actively seek, and the idea will come. Keep your mind aware that you are looking for an idea, but don’t dwell on it too much.

Listen To Your Audience

Your audience will also give you ideas of what to create, and there is no better place to get them.  When you create what your audience wants, it’s like having the sales built in! Just listen to what people tell you – even if they haven’t purchased from you before.  If you’re getting requests again and again for some particular information – BINGO!  That’s your next title!

Probably every subject has more material that could be written about it than any one person could ever do in a lifetime – including your subject.  Widen your focus.  Look at the niches.  Look at the subcategories.  Look at the ideas all around you.  And listen to your audience. When you do, you’ll be able to create product after product, and your riches will grow!

To your riches!


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The Booklet Author’s List Of Things To Be Thankful For

As a booklet author you have much to be thankful for.  Here is a list to get you thinking….

1) Your ability to write. Most people don’t write well, and the majority actually hate to write.  You’ve got talent!  Be thankful!

2) Your discovery of this blog. Ok, not to sound conceited, but seriously, think of all the time you’ll save getting your work to market now that you know about booklets!  Getting it to market faster means making money faster!

3) The time you’ll save because you chose to create a booklet. Books take much longer to write.  Thank goodness you’re not going to do that now!

4) All the ways you can make money from your booklet. Hey, just one booklet can create several different streams of income online and off!  There’s single sales, quantity sales, e-sales, specialty sales, and the list goes on!

5) Helping others. That’s what you do when you create a booklet.

6) The money you’ll save on production. Books are expensive to produce.  Booklets cost far less and often you won’t have to pay a dime to produce them.  Your buyers may just foot the bill themselves!

7) Being known as an expert about a topic you love or enjoy. Most people are never credited for their expertise.  As a booklet author, you’ll have credibility within your industry or from those associated with your topic.

8) Being your own boss. No more 9 – 5 for you.  No more daily grind.  Your life is your own and you can live it as you please!

9) Making a living doing what you love. Most people go to jobs they hate every day.  You get to do work that you enjoy.  In fact, it doesn’t even seem like work at all.  Lucky you!

10) Living your life the way you want to. Your destiny is in your hands.  What will you do?

Is there something you would like to add to the list?  Leave a comment!

To your riches!


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