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4 Ways To Create New Revenue Streams With A Single Booklet

money-95793_1280When you become a booklet author, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to have multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account.  This is because booklets are versatile – they can be sold and used in a variety of ways.

Here are 4 ways to create new streams of revenue with your booklet:

1) Sales to individuals.  Selling to your individual readers can provide you with a steady stream of checks and money orders coming to your mail box and cash to your online bank account.  It’s fun to get up in the morning and see those checks in the mailbox or get online and see the sales you’ve made!

2) Sales to large quantity buyers.  Think big business, large corporations and the government.  These buyers purchase in huge quantities, from the thousands to the millions!

3) Sales to small quantity buyers.  These are your smaller businesses, associations, charities, and government institutions such as schools.  These buyers will purchase very small quantities of booklets to thousands of copies.

4) Repeat sales on a regular basis through licensing or automated delivery.  This is where you sell a certain amount of booklets to a particular quantity buyer, large or small, on a monthly, semi-monthly, half yearly or yearly basis.  These deals are great because once you’ve made the sale you can just continue delivering booklets and getting paid until it’s time to renew the license or contract.

Within each of these ideas are even more revenue streams!  For example, you may have sales to five quantity buyers, two of which are going to be repeat sales through a license.  Or, you might have three different types of businesses buying from you on a regular basis – each one providing you with a new stream of revenue.

There are so many different ways to create revenue streams with booklets!  How many can you think of?  Write your answers in the comments section below!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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Four Ways You Can Spin Off Your Booklet And Make More Money

Your booklet is on the market and doing well.  Congratulations!  It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  But, if you’re not leveraging your booklet by spinning it off into other products you’re leaving money on the table!

Here are four ways you can spin off your booklet to make more money:

1)  Create a second booklet with more information to cross sell with your first one.  You’ve got a market that’s buying your booklet.  Why not sell them another one?

2)  Create an e-version of your printed booklet.  Or create a printed version of your e-booklet.  Different customers prefer their information different ways.  Creating a new version of your booklet will appeal to another segment of your market and create more revenue for you!

3)  Record your booklet to a cd or mp3.  With today’s technology this is so easy to do and costs little to nothing.  This is an easy way to expand your product line with very little extra work.

4) Teach a class or give a talk based on your booklet.  This is a great way to create interest in your subject matter and in your business, and it gives you a chance to interact with those in your market, giving you new ideas for more booklets and other products.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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How To Make More Money In 2014 In Three Easy Steps

Everyone wants to make more money in the coming year – from the large corporations to the solo-preneur.  The difference between the ones who will do it and the ones who won’t comes down to having a plan.

The good news is writing a plan for the year is easy!  Not only that, it’s kind of fun because you can see exactly what you’re going to be accomplishing over the next year!  And, it’s not set in stone so if something doesn’t work you can change it.  

Here’s how I create my own plan in just three easy steps and how you can do it too!

1)  Make a list of everything you would like to accomplish over the next year in your business.  That might be writing your first booklet and getting it on the market, or it might be expanding what you’ve already got into new products and markets.

2)  Break down your list by month.  For January write what you want to get done first, then for February write down what you want to do next and so on.  You might not have enough on your list to fill every month if you’re just starting out.  That’s ok.  You can always add more later as things come to mind.

3)  Now look at each month and break it down by the week.  Each accomplishment you want to achieve can probably be broken down into steps.  Decide which steps and how many steps you will do each week.

That’s it!  Now all you will need to do is look at what you’re going to accomplish each week and decide what to do each day – and you can do that for each week at the end of the previous week.

If you haven’t already, spend some time creating your plan for 2014 over the weekend.  You’ll be amazed at how much you can come up with that you would like to accomplish and how well this tactic will keep you on track toward reaching your goals!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Why Multiple Streams Of Income Are A Must

Just a few decades ago the American dream was about getting an education, getting a job, and being able to retire from that job with seniority, perhaps receiving a gold watch on your way out the door.

Over the past several years this dream has had to adapt to a new culture with a new way of thinking, new politics, and an exorbitant amount of inflation.

Few people today, if any, graduate college with the intention of finding a job and holding on to it until they retire.  Today’s culture is one of constant striving for self improvement, bettering not only one’s self but also one’s position and one’s finances.  A job is only good until one has outgrown it or needs something more – more room for advancement, more room for personal growth, more money.

Climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the goal.  Today everyone wants to climb the ladder of success.  A corporate job, or any job, is just another rung on the ladder, on the way to the top – the top being whatever goal the individual has set for themselves as their American dream.

Unfortunately, most people never achieve their American dream due to their inability to plan for it, and to change that plan as the need arises.

Today’s world is a fast paced one.  There is no straight path to success for anyone.  You have to be willing to do some zigging and zagging to get to where you want to be.

Several decades ago people put all their eggs into one basket and came out winners.  Today, you not only need more eggs, you need more baskets too.

All of this boils down to one simple concept.  You need more than one stream of income.  The more streams of income you have the better, because at any time an income stream can dry up, and if that’s your only one, you’re left with nothing.

Booklets lend themselves to multiple streams of income very well.  One booklet can be a single stream of income, or provide multiple streams of income by virtue of how it is packaged, promoted and sold.  And because of their quick production time, booklets can provide those streams of income very fast.

As a booklet author you have the opportunity to create a single booklet and promote it in a variety of ways, or create a series of booklets – each one an income stream unto itself.

You also have opportunities for advancing beyond the booklet with your market – into speaking, into the creation of other products based on your material, and even into creating full length books.  Each of these becomes a new stream of income, and should any one of them dry up for any reason, the others will still be there, still working for you.

You have to start somewhere.  That somewhere is with your first booklet.  Where you go from there is up to you – and that’s the adventure!

I welcome your thoughts and comments as always!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman


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Keys To Building A Successful Business – The Single, Most Important Thing You MUST Know In Order To Make Money In Booklet Publishing

Today I want to discuss with you what is probably the single, most important factor to building a strong, successful publishing business.  While all the keys I have mentioned are important, if you miss this one, your business will never get off the ground and your booklet adventure will come to a screeching halt!

The Statistics Are Grim

Approximately 81% of people alive today would like to write a book.  Most will never get started.  A handful will start and never finish, and fewer still will actually complete their work and end up with a book to place on the market.  Of those who do complete their book, the majority will sell less than 500 copies.

Why are the statistics so grim?  Because like most entrepreneurs who go into business for themselves, the writers focus on what they love to do – write – and forget that what they are really doing is starting a business. Anytime you create a product or service to offer to the public, you are starting a business.  Writing books or booklets and offering them to a particular audience is a business, and it can be a very lucrative one, but you MUST be able to look beyond the writing and the finished product before you ever write a single word.

Why The Most Important Thing Is NOT Writing

As a booklet author, you probably think that the most important thing you do in your business is your writing.  After all, if you didn’t write your booklet(s), you would not have a product to sell.  But, the writing is really only a small fraction of your business.  There is something far more important that you need to focus on in order to make your booklet adventure a success.  What is it?  It’s the math.

Before you publish your first booklet, there are some numbers you should know.  These numbers are extremely important because without them you can’t make a profit, and a business without profit dies.  Profit is the lifeline of any business, and the larger the profit you can bring in the better your business will do – and the more successful you will be!

The Most Important Number You Need To Know

What are these numbers you need to know?  First, you need to know your production costs. If you were writing a book, I would say you would also want to figure in your time for creating your work, but booklets take very little time to write.  So, production costs are first on the list.  Why is this important?  Because you can’t figure out how much profit you will make if you don’t know your production costs.

Many authors overlook this.  They look at the sticker price of their book or booklet, and not until AFTER production is finished do they realize that they won’t be making as much per booklet as they originally thought they would.  Knowing the cost of production up front will help you price your booklet so that you make a profit rather than breaking even or worse, accepting a loss of revenue.

Other Numbers You Need To Know

While the cost of production is an extremely important number to know, it’s not the only one you need in order to be a successful booklet publisher.  You should also know the size of your market, how much competition you have, how much your market buys from competitors, and how much each new customer you get is worth to you in terms of lifetime sales. Will a customer buy from you only once, or are they likely return for more?

Other numbers you should consider are the costs of reaching your market and product delivery. These numbers can range from very small to very great, depending on your budget and the methods you choose to use.

Knowing your numbers up front will help you keep costs down and profits up.  Doing the math may not be as fun as doing the writing, but it’s essential if you want to make serious money.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Quick Tip: How To Get A Second Stream Of Income From The Same Booklet

All the big guys do it – from Google to the most recent addition: Twitter.  Of course, they do it online, but you can copy their lead online or off.  I’m talking about advertising and the BIG money it brings in.

This isn’t the kind of advertising you pay for.  It’s the kind where others pay you.  And, they’ll pay handsomely to reach your audience.

If you’ve ever picked up a magazine and looked through it, you’ve seen countless ads.  And, in days gone by, people depended upon the newspaper’s classified ads to find things they needed or wanted to sell.  You can do the same thing with your booklet.

Think of your booklet like a magazine, where you can sell advertising space to interested parties.  Now, you’ve got another steam of income from the same booklet.  You’re making money on the booklet’s sales, and on the ads placed inside.

To your riches!


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Two Simple Ways To Generate More Income From Your Booklet

You’ve created your first booklet and made a few sales.  Things are going well, but they could always be better.   You want to generate more income.  But how?  There are two ways you can do this.

The Easiest Way To Make More Money From Your Booklet

The easiest way to make more money from your booklet is to raise the price.  If you’re booklet is selling well, you know your information is good and it’s worth something to your market.  This means your information is valuable to a specific group of people, who would likely be willing to pay more than what you are currently asking for it.  It’s just a question of how much more they would be willing to pay.

If you’re concerned about raising your price, worried that it will scare some people away, don’t be.  Most people will be willing to pay more as long as your information is helpful to them.  The few that won’t pay more probably won’t pay your current price either.

More Choices For Your Market = More Income For You

Another way to generate more income from your booklet is to create other products from it.  You can use your current manuscript to create CD’s, MP3’s, and an e-booklet version of your printed booklet. This gives your readers more choices as to how they would like your information presented to them.

But, you don’t have to stop there.  You can get as creative as you would like to – perhaps creating a DVD version of your booklet, or writing spin-off titles that are related but have different information in them.  You might want to create a workbook or workbooklet to go along with your booklet, or you might even offer a class online or off for those who want further information after reading your booklet.  There’s no end to the possibilities of what you can create – and each item on the list adds to your inventory and your bank account!

It’s Not All Or Nothing – Why Not Do Both?

Of course, the best way to generate more income from your booklet is to do BOTH of the above.  Most people don’t charge enough for their goods or services.  You don’t have to raise your prices sky high.  Even a small hike in your pricing will generate significantly more income for you collectively.

Then, develop more products and broaden your product line so your readers can come back for more.  Your readers will be happy, and so will you!

To your riches!


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