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Facing A Challenge In Your Booklet Adventure? Here’s How To Triumph!

success-663328_1280When you write a booklet, you set into motion a chain of events that seems almost tangible.  You’ve started the ball rolling and now it’s snowballed, growing larger and larger and taking on a life of its own.  Don’t fear it, embrace it!

Like a jockey on a racehorse coming around the track at full speed, you want to loosen the reins, not tighten them.  Your business is growing – let it happen!

Often we worry when things begin to happen because we don’t think we’re ready for them or we don’t think we know enough.  An example of this would be when someone buys your booklet and the next thing you know you’re offered a speaking gig.  Don’t turn it down just because you’ve never done it.  Say yes!  After all, you wrote the booklet – and the person who asked you to speak read it and LIKED it!  So it stands to reason they’ll also like your speech! And once you say yes you’ll find that you get it together and pull it off without a hitch!  And then you’ll get more speaking gigs!

Another example – your business has grown and you know it’s time for you to create a website.  But, you can’t do this on your own and your budget is limited.  You’re inclined to put it off.  Don’t!  Do what you can for now, and make it better later when you have more funds available.

If you had never written that first booklet, neither the speaking gig nor the need for a website would have happened.  These things were set in motion at the very start of your adventure.  Each presents you with a challenge, but also an opportunity.  It’s amazing the power surge you feel each time you triumph over the challenge and grab the opportunity!  And that power surge will help you grow your business because it gives you the energy you need to create!

One day you’ll look at the empire you’ve created and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.  And just think – it all started with one little booklet!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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Thinking of writing for more than one genre? You better read this first!

Not too long ago someone asked me a very good question about writing booklets.  They wanted to know if they had to stick to one genre.  They said they had so many ideas, which fell into several different genres, and they couldn’t imagine only choosing one and sticking with it.

If this scenario describes you listen to me carefully.  Can you write booklets, books, and create other products for more than one genre?  Yes.  You absolutely can.  But should you?

The answer to the second question depends on how much you want to be known as an expert, how much time and money you have, and how much you want your business to grow.

Few people are known as experts in more than one area.  You’ve probably heard the expression, “He’s the go-to guy for x.”  That go-to guy is only the go-to guy for one thing, but he knows that one thing inside and out and can give you exactly what you need.  You know that old saying about the Jack of all trades being the master of none?  Jack is never the go-to guy.  He just happens to be around when you need someone – anyone.  But, it’s the go-to guy that makes the real money.

This is something that doctors and lawyers know very well.  That’s why your family doctor or general practitioner doesn’t make as much money as the podiatrist or the brain surgeon.  And that’s why when you need a lawyer you see listings for every possible kind – from the bankruptcy attorney to the entertainment lawyer to the family law lawyer.  Ever wonder why lawyers can get away with charging so much?  Now you know!  They’re specialists.

Another thing to consider is your time and money.  Marketing takes both.  If you write for more than one genre, you’re writing for more than one market and reaching out to both is going to cost you twice as much as reaching out to only one.

Also, if you follow your first booklet with a second one on the same subject and therefore the same genre, you can leverage your marketing dollars because now you’ve got two booklets to offer the same market rather than two booklets for two different markets.  Your market got to know you with your first booklet.  They like you and they like your work.  Now you can offer them your next booklet, and you can cross sell the two booklets to new customers.  This is something you can’t do when you have two booklets for two completely different markets.

Marketing is what makes your business grow.  Your business is only as big as your customer list.  It doesn’t matter how many products you have if they’re not selling.  You’re not doing business if your products are sitting.  and that’s precisely what they’ll be doing if you’re spreading yourself and your money too thin.  You won’t be able to do justice to either booklet in the marketing arena and that will stunt, and more likely stop, your business’ growth.

Writing for more than one genre may sound more exciting, but once you really get going with your business you’ll find you have plenty to keep you busy!  And there’s so much you can sell to just one market.  The idea is to go deep rather than wide.  In other words, keep coming up with new booklet and product ideas for the market that’s currently buying from you rather than trying to continually sell new items to new markets.

Is there ever a time to sell to a new market?  Yes.  When your booklet has been selling to your current market and has done very well, you can then take that same booklet and sell it to another market.  For example, your vegetable garden tips booklet has been selling very well to individuals, and now you want to target garden clubs.  The advantage here is that you’ve already got your booklet, and possibly more, to offer the new market without having to spend more time and money to create the new booklets and other products.   You can focus on marketing to the new market, and you’ll have more money to spend on your marketing because your booklet has been doing so well with your first market.

Sticking with one basic topic and one genre makes the most sense from the standpoints of time and money.  It sounds like it would be limiting, but when you consider other businesses out there and what they do, you’ll find that they also stick to one thing.  Wal-Mart sells to families and budget conscious consumers.  Nordstrom sells to the lower rung of high end consumers.  You won’t find Wal-Mart selling to high end consumers, nor Nordstrom marketing to the budget conscious.  McDonalds sells fast food for cheap.  Ruth’s Chris is an expensive steak house.  Neither establishment will cross over to the other’s market.

Stick to one topic in one genre and become the expert.  Create more products to suit your market.  Then watch your profits and your business grow!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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Why Your Challenges Are The Key To Creating The Business And Life Of Your Dreams

Over the past several months I’ve been through some difficult things including a car accident involving myself and my three children, the death of my grandmother, and then, just last week I discovered that two of my children might have melanoma (skin cancer – see my facebook page for updates on that).

Life is full of ups and downs and the two never seem to level out.  You’re either up and everything is fine or even great, or your down and things aren’t going so well.  And while you may not have control over things that happen in your life you always have control over how you deal with them mentally, emotionally, and perhaps even physically.  When something major happens in your life your reaction is what determines how that event will affect you.

I’ve always believed that each of us is more than we think we are – that we are capable of far more than we realize.  I believe that we are born with an unlimited amount of potential and that as long as we’re grounded in reality we can not only reach for the stars, but we can grab them by the handful.  The old saying that if you believe you can, you can is true.

I’ve been through many trials in my lifetime and I’m sure you’ve had your share as well.  I’ve found that each one has made me stronger and helped to shape who I am today.  It’s because of the difficult times that I can run a business.  Running a business isn’t for the weak.  It takes a great amount of strength and courage.  When you start a business there will be difficulties from the very beginning and, just as in life, there will be ups and downs throughout the life of your business.  And each time you make it through a crisis in your business you’ll have learned something and gathered more strength to fight the next battle or make your next best decision.

Our greatest achievements don’t happen without some kind of struggle.  We wrestle with the intangible to achieve the seemingly impossible – and then once we do achieve our goal we’re on to the next challenge.  As long as we’re in business and as long as we live the challenges never end.  We may get to rest for a little while in between, but that rest will soon be replaced by the next hurdle we must get over.

Be thankful for the hurdles.  They give you the insight and strength you need to create the kind of business and life you want.

If you’re wondering if you can write a booklet and sell a million copies – you can. If you’re wondering if you can create an entire booklet publishing empire with many different series of booklets – you can.  And if you’re wondering if you can create a publishing business that offers not only booklets but also books and other information products – you can.  There will be struggles but there will also be great rewards for your efforts.

You are more than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can do.  You don’t even need to believe that to get started.  Just start from where you are and watch yourself and your business grow into more than you ever thought possible!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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How To Keep The Holidays From Throwing You Off Track

It’s holiday time again and that means it’s time to focus harder than you have over all the rest of this year!  Why?  Because business tends to slow down this time of year as the holidays can be very distracting for everyone.

Decision makers go on vacation, your phone calls don’t get returned, and it can be very discouraging.  Things were going well and now, all of a sudden, everything has stopped and the silence is deafening.

But, take heart!  Things may be slow but you can still keep the momentum building.  Now is the time for you to make plans for next year, and to refine your ideas and your latest booklet or product you’ve been working on.  Doing these things will help you stay connected to your business and keep your energy up – which will help you create even more and build even more momentum so that when the holidays are over things will continue to happen for you.

But, how do you keep writing and keep working on your goals for your business with so many extra things to get done on your list?  And how will you get everything done for the holidays if you continue devoting so much time to your writing and your business?

The answer is to scale back on your business, but don’t stop working for more than a day or two.  You need to stay connected to your business even if you’re only doing the bare minimum each day.  Otherwise your focus will be completely gone, your business will stall, and you may find it tough to get going again when you’re ready to go back to it.

Does this mean you can’t ever take a vacation?  A week or two off?  No, it doesn’t.  The point of owning your own business is to be able to live the kind of life you want to and have the freedom to travel, take time off and do what you want to do. But, during those times, you still need to check in with your business and keep tabs on things to make sure things are running smoothly while you’re gone.

And, if your business is still in the start up phase and doesn’t need you to check in, you might stay connected by doing a little writing while you’re on vacation, or by doing some related reading.  It doesn’t need to be much, just enough to keep you excited about getting back into the swing of things when you are ready to return.

This advice comes from my own firsthand experience.  I’ve found that if I am away from my business for more than a couple of days it’s much more difficult to pick up where I left off than if I stay connected.  Of course, there have been times when extreme circumstances forced me to be away, such as a death in my family or when I moved.  In those cases it was impossible for me to work for a few days.  But, as soon as I could I got right back to work and started building up the momentum again.

Don’t let the holidays throw you off track.  Stay focused.  Do what you need to for the holidays, but make sure you’re getting your work done too – even if you’re only able to do a little.  Take off a day if you want or need to, but don’t stay away for too long.  When you stay connected the momentum you’ve worked so hard to create will keep building and things will continue to happen.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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What To Focus On So Your Booklet Publishing Business Will Grow, Prosper And Last

I know a man named Jack who started a business in commercial real estate several years ago and today he does ok.  But, he could be doing much better. What’s Jack doing wrong?  His focus is not on the right things.

When Jack started his business he decided that he wanted to impress his potential clients.  So, he rented an expensive corner office which had a waterfront view of the harbor, and beyond that the city, and far in the distance the mountains.

Next Jack decided he needed some impressive office furniture.  He bought a large executive desk and a nice leather chair.  He bought a leather sofa, and a couple of matching chairs for his clients to sit in, as well as a marble cocktail table on which he displayed some picture books of the city and surrounding area.

Once all that was done Jack purchased some wall art and some spendy lighting for his office.

Then, Jack hired a secretary.  After all, in order to live up to his new image he needed to have a secretary.

And finally, Jack bought a new car.  His reasoning was that it would never do for him to have such a fine office and secretary, but have to take clients to view properties in his old car.  He had created his image, and now he needed to live up to it in the eyes of his clients.

The problem is Jack had spent all this money on his business and he hadn’t even made a dime yet.  Instead of taking money from the business, the business was taking money from him!

What Jack should have focused on from the start was how he could make money with the business – not how he would look to his clients.  As long as he was honest in his dealings his clients would have been happy to work with him.  Instead Jack focused on the superficial and it delayed any profit he might have made for several years.

And so it is with booklets.  So many new authors focus on the wrong things.  They worry about things like their booklet’s cover, or how many pages their booklet should contain.  They wonder if their own image will measure up – either through their words or their appearance.  And they spend time thinking about all the what if’s – what if this happened or didn’t happen, what if they did this or that. But none of these things are where your main focus should be – especially if you’ve just begun your booklet adventure.

The most important thing you can focus on with your booklets is how to make money.  That’s it.  That’s number one because if you’re not making money what are you doing?  You’re wasting your time.

Your focus needs to be on your marketing, advertising and sales first.  These are the most important areas of your business.  Without these things your business can’t prosper and grow.

Of course your writing is important.  And of course you want your booklets and other products to look pleasing and professional.  But there is no point to any of that if you have no audience.

Focus most of your time and energy (about 80%) on those activities that will help your business to grow and make money.  Focus the rest on your writing, product creation, and all the little details that need tending to.  That’s how you will create a business that grows, prospers and lasts!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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How To Get Unstuck, Resolve Your Issues And Move Forward In Your Booklet Adventure

Today I happened to come across a quote from the President and CEO of Yahoo.  She said, “Get in over your head.”  She’s right.

Back when I created my first booklet I was both excited and terrified.  I was excited about how this booklet would change my life, and I was terrified of how this booklet would change my life.  And an even more terrifying thought was what if nothing happened?  What if nobody liked the booklet and it flopped?

At the time I felt like I had gotten into something that I wasn’t quite prepared for.  I was in over my head and it scared me but, it also gave me the motivation I needed to get to the next stage in my booklet adventure.  There’s nothing like 1,000 booklets staring you in the face to get reality to set in fast.  You’re either going to sell those booklets or your going to lose your investment.

You’re never going to be fully prepared for everything you attempt in life.  You do the best you can to get ready, but at some point you have to start.  You have to take action.  Once you do it can scare you, but that kind of fear is also exhilerating.  It’s the kind of fear that causes you to say, “What have I done?  How am I going to deal with this?  What am I going to do now?”  And once you answer that question, you’ve taken the next step – a step you would not have taken without that fear to move you forward.

Getting in over your head will cause you and your business to grow.  It will give you new goals to strive for and new levels to achieve.  If you never make the leap or jump in with both feet you won’t go anywhere.  You’ll stay stuck in the same place with the same issue(s), and they will never get resolved.

Whatever you’re faced with in your booklet adventure, it’s time to move forward.  Whether it’s writing your first manuscript, making your first sale or widening your market reach just get out there and do it.  One thing leads to the next, and if you feel like you’re in over your head remember that’s a good thing!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Why Starting Small Is Often The Wisest Thing You Can Do

Booklets.  They’re not a new phenomenon.  They’ve been around for a long time. You purchase a new blender.  It comes with a booklet that explains how to use it and contains a few recipes in the back.  Or, you purchase a new stereo and you receive a booklet telling you how to set it up and trouble shoot.  Booklets of this kind have been included with purchases for many years.

And then there are government booklets of every type you can think of – from how to apply for financial aid for college to how to become a US citizen.  Most, if not all, of these can now be found online as well as in printed form.

But, booklets within the publishing world – as in authors creating them and publishing them for the purpose of selling them to their own audience – is virtually unheard of.  What aspiring writer hopes to become the author of a booklet?  Isn’t it every writer’s dream to become the author of the next great American novel?  Doesn’t every writer hope to get on the New York Times best sellers list?

Only a tiny handful of authors will ever become famous for writing a great novel. A few more will make the best sellers list but the fame and glory (and money!) from it won’t last – leaving these authors to try and do it all over again.  Consider J.K. Rowling.  While she’s certainly had great success with her Harry Potter series, I can’t help but wonder about the kind of pressure she has been under to continue creating that kind of momentum.  Does she worry about her next title being a flop?  What if the public suddenly decides they like something else?

As outside witnesses to her fame, we see her success.  But, success is never easy. It comes only after hard work and usually a fair amount of stress.

And so it is with booklets too.  Success won’t be overnight.  And it won’t be easy. Writing booklets is no more for the couch potato than is writing the next Gone With The Wind.  Writing booklets takes less time, and you can make money faster than you can with a book, but it isn’t easy.  There is still work to do.  The one who is ready to dig in their heals and do what must be done is the one who will make it.  Wimps need not apply.

But, faster money aside, there is another advantage to booklets – the advantage of being able to start small.  If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the process of writing a book and getting it published (published via any means available), chances are you will welcome the opportunity to downsize to a booklet.  Starting small is often a much wiser proposition.  It allows you to test your audience, your market place, before creating a larger and more costly product.  It allows to you start where you are and grow from there.

When you write a booklet you’re not just creating a smaller publication.  And you’re not just saving yourself time and money.  And you’re not just making things happen faster for yourself.  You’re also giving yourself the time you need to mentally process what you’re doing and where you want to go.  You’re allowing yourself time to plan, and then you can see where that plan will take you.  You can start with just one booklet and use it to build your audience.  From there you may decide to create more booklets, or you may decide to branch out in other areas – from full length books to speaking to a range of products and services in between.

There’s nothing wrong with starting small.  Often it is the wisest thing you can do.  Large corporations will often test a new product or service in a small area before going national with it.  Movies are usually viewed at film festivals first, before going into a handful of small, independently owned theatres, and from there to theatres nationwide.  We see it over and over again – new products introduced slowly and/or in small quantities, or in some cases only for a limited time.  And when these new offerings are snapped up or rejected by the market place, the sellers of these items are behind the scenes taking notes, making plans to reintroduce the offering at a later time as well as related products and services.

Booklets are small, but they are a beginning to something big.  What that something will be is up to you.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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