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Stop Thinking. Start Writing!


I’m back at work after a couple of months off to do the “mom” thing.   My older daughter was in her senior year of high school and there was quite alot to do for her prom, graduation, and then helping her with driver’s ed and getting a car.  If you’d like more details you can read all about it on my facebook page.  Just click the link below in my signature!

It’s so wonderful to be able to take time for family when I need to.  I wasn’t always so fortunate.  Back in my late teens and early 20’s I worked in the corporate world and my days were spent toiling for someone else, making them money while they took all kinds of trips and time off for family.  I, on the other hand, had to ask if I needed to leave my desk!  Thankfully those days are long gone!

I became an entrepreneur after my first child was born.  I had never liked working for someone else.  The entrepreneur profile seemed to fit me very well.  I was a self starter, someone who actually enjoyed coming up with ideas and then taking action on them.  And I really liked running my own show too.  I loved the freedom it gave me to make decisions for my company and, ultimately, my own future.

And that’s why it’s good to own a business!  Making money is the number one goal of any business, but freedom is the reason behind starting a business in the first place.  

No, you won’t have much freedom at first.  In the very beginning you will work harder than most people working a regular job.  It takes alot of action to get things going.  But, if you’re anything like me you won’t mind.  In fact you’ll be so excited about what you’re doing you’ll find it hard to quit working at the end of the day!

But, once things get going and are running smoothly you’ll be able to take off a few of those hats you’re wearing and hand them over to someone else.  And then you’ll have more freedom to take those long vacations you’ve been dreaming of, or to fly out of town to go to a family reunion.

If you’re someone who is creative, likes acting on your ideas and thrives on challenge then you’ve got what it takes to start a business!  And if you like to write non-fiction on top of all that then you’ve got all the makings of a booklet author and publisher!

Money is important.  It keeps us in business.  It pays the rent or house payment, keeps food on the table and clothes on our backs.  But we could get money from a regular job.  Not as much money, of course, but enough to take care of the basics and at least some wants.  And some jobs do pay pretty well.

But it’s not just about the money.  When you work for someone else that money represents your life.  It’s compensation for the time you spent working for them – time you will never get back.   So many people are missing out on time with their children or grandchildren, time with friends, and time being able to do something they’ve always wanted to do because they’re working for someone else and they have to be at that job when they’re told to be there.   But, that’s not the way it is when you’re running the show!

Yes, you do have to show up for work when you own a business.  But, you get to choose when you show up!  I’ve shown up at the office well after midnight because it suited my schedule!  And, when you show up you’ll be able to get more done than you would working a regular job because you’re running the show.  You don’t have to go through your supervisor who has to go through her boss who has to get approval from the CEO before you can execute something.  You can do what you want or need to whenever you are ready!  So, things can move along as fast or as slow as you need them to!

To sum it up, if you’ve been reading this and you’ve already got your booklet business well under way give yourself a pat on the back and keep moving forward.

And, if you’ve been thinking about writing that first booklet it’s time to stop thinking and start writing!

I welcome your comments as always!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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Warning: This WILL Happen To You. How Will You Handle It When It Does?

A few days ago I was reminded just how “touchy” some individuals can be. Someone made a religious remark on a social media page – a remark that was incorrect, proven by historical evidence and fact.  Since I personally knew the person who made the remark I commented on it with the correction.  What ensued next was that person, as well as another person I didn’t know, attacking me and publicly “shaming” me on that platform.

The fact that the original remark was religious doesn’t matter.  It could just as easily have been a political remark.  And, I didn’t say anything I felt was provocative.  I was simply trying to correct an error and I pointed out the historical facts, which anyone could look up easily.  But, some people don’t care about the facts.  They have an agenda that is all their own.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because as an author you’re in the public eye, and as a non-fiction author you’ve got opinions you’re putting on the line.  Those opinions will come through in your booklets and other products as well as online in your social media and on your website.

You may believe that you’re safe because you’re writing about house-training your new puppy, but believe me someone out there one day will think you’re doing it wrong, or that house-training a puppy is cruelty to an animal, or maybe they’ll just want to bring you down because your method didn’t work for them and they’ve got an ax to grind anyway.

And if your booklet is of a religious or political nature – even from a historically proven perspective – you’re really asking for trouble!

How many times have you heard about a comedian taking the heat from the mainstream media for a joke that was poorly timed – such as a joke about a tragedy and the tragedy was still pretty fresh in people’s minds?  There have been plenty of such cases.

How many times has a movie script been canned because producers didn’t feel the movie going audience was ready to see the film?  I know of a film that was never released because it finished production on the heels of 911, and although the film had nothing to do with 911 in its story, there was a terrorist attack in the film.

You may feel that the producers made the right call in the case of the film, and that comedians who crack jokes about tragedies have poor taste and should be chastised, but my point is that nobody in the public eye is exempt.  Whether it’s an average Joe who is offended by something you wrote (even if you didn’t mean it to be offensive) or a mainstream reporter looking for a hot story –  sooner or later it will happen to you.

What can you do?  The only thing you can do is grow a thick skin, don’t take it personally, and keep going.  Your views are your views and they are what make you unique.  Without them you wouldn’t be able to write.  You’re never going to get everyone to agree with you so there is no point in trying.  You’re going to offend people when you put your writing out there and some people are very easily offended.

If you’ve made a mistake or said or written something you shouldn’t have, apologize.  But, if that’s not the case and someone takes issue with you anyway just let it slide.  There’s no reason to waste your valuable time and energy on it. Getting into a battle of I’m right and you’re wrong will only sap your strength and energy, and it might even depress you.  It will certainly derail your focus from more pleasing activities and things you need to do.  It’s not worth your time and trouble.

In my case, I was writing to someone I had known for years and thought was a friend.  I was surprised by their attack on me but I didn’t allow it to hurt me emotionally.  I just kept going in spite of the things they said.  And I would have done the same thing had they been writing something about one of my booklets or products.  In fact, I would do my best in that case to use their comments to my advantage for marketing purposes.

Grow a thick skin, don’t get emotional or take it personally and keep going!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Discover The REAL Payoff That Comes From Booklets

So you’ve created a booklet and it’s doing well.  That’s great!  What’s next?  Create more booklets and other products.

So, you’ve created more booklets and other products, and you’re making more money and things are going great.  You’ve built the business of your dreams.  Good for you!  What’s next?

Once you’ve got your business going the way you want it and things are running smoothly, and you’re making good money, it’s time to think about giving something back – not to your customers because you should be doing that anyway in the form of great information – but to your family, your community, and the world.

As a business owner who is making more than the average Joe you have the most wonderful opportunity to change lives and make a difference.  No, you probably won’t be able to make a huge impact on a global scale, but you can make a difference to someone.

Maybe you’ll help your grand daughter with college expenses, or you might give to a charity that has touched your heart.  Maybe you’ll help the homeless, or pregnant teens, or children who are in foster care, or the elderly.

And if you’re not there yet – with a booming business and making more money than Joe Average – you can still make a difference.  Just start right where you are.  Maybe you can’t donate a lot of money, but you can donate a little.  That little bit when added to everyone else’s little bit will still add up to a lot!  And if you absolutely can’t give money you can always offer a little time.  Whatever you can do – do that!

Why give?  Because it not only helps someone else, it makes you feel good!  In fact, it’s addictive once you get started.  Try it and see!

I have a special account at my bank that I deposit money into several times a month for the sole purpose of giving.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to give to my family, my friends and my community when a need arises, as well as having money to donate for things such as charities and natural disasters.

You might want to open a special account at your bank for such a purpose.  You can put into it whatever you can afford, and if you add to it regularly you’ll find that the amount grows and you’ll always have money to give when you want to or when a need arises.

I don’t know if one person can change the entire world, but I do know that each of us has the power to make a difference in at least a small but significant way.  And if enough of us are doing our part then together we can make the world a better place for all of us!

The only reason to own any business, booklets included, is to make yourself rich.  But the real payoff is being able to afford to give.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone who couldn’t have done “it” with out you!

To your riches!


Kim Hillman

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The Most Important Writing You Will Ever Do In Your Life

Weekends, for me, are a time to spend relaxing with family.  It’s a time when we are all together for meals, and I cook special foods for my family and I to enjoy. Often we’ll play a game of cards after dinner or work on a puzzle together. In short, weekends at my house are like a holiday – food, family and a bit of fun.

My family is important to me, and as time has gone on and I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize just how precious each moment spent with my family is – especially my older relatives who I don’t see as often as I should or as I’d like to.

These days I only have a few older relatives left.  Most of them are gone now.  The chance to visit with them, to hear their their stories, to get to know them better is gone forever.  I’m left only with a few memories and photos.  Or so I thought.

This past weekend I happened upon a stack of greeting cards that were kept together with a rubber band.  It was a stack of cards I didn’t know I had.

As I tried to remove the rubber band it broke – after doing it’s job of holding all those cards together for 30 years!

I looked at the first card in the stack and quickly realized that these were cards given to me when I graduated high school – cards from family members long gone, and from old friends who I hadn’t seen in years.

I began reading the things people wrote to me in each card.  Nice sentiments for a bright time in a young person’s life.  And then I came upon a card from my grandmother who passed away last August.  She only wrote a paragraph, but it moved me to tears.  It was almost as if she were standing beside me, telling me again how much she believed in me, and how much she loved me.  It was such a precious treasure to find!

But, a couple of cards further into the stack I found another treasure equally as precious.  It was a card from my other grandmother – my paternal grandmother. I didn’t know her very well growing up as she lived 3,000 miles away from me. We had visited her only a handful of times when I was young.  But, she always send cards for my birthdays, for holidays, and for my graduation.  Where all those cards are today no one knows.  But I now have one.

I eagerly opened the card hoping to find a message inside.  But, there was only her signature.  I though to myself, “Well, I don’t remember ever writing to her so I guess it’s only fair she wrote nothing to me.”  And I closed the card.

But then, I flipped the card over to put it on top of the cards I had already looked at and there it was!  Her sentiments to me!  She had filled the entire back side of the card with words of care, and love, and a bit of sorrow at not being able to be at my graduation ceremony.

Oh what bliss!  She had died 22 years ago, yet what she wrote to me in that card seemed fresh – I having forgotten it from so long ago when she first sent me the card.

And that’s when I realized that the most important writing any of us will ever do isn’t our booklets, books, blogs, or other projects.  We do those things to help people and to make money and that’s good.  We need to do those things.  And they have their place, and they are important.  But they aren’t the most important.  No.  That place of grandeur is reserved for something far more special – the cards and letters we give and send to our loved ones.

It’s mind blowing how much thought we’ll put into our booklets, books, and other products and how little thought we give to the writing that really matters most – the writing that will outlast us and be cherished by future generations – our sentiments for our loved ones.

Cards and letters are often kept and cherished by those who receive them – especially when you write something in them besides your signature.

If you’ve ever simply signed a card and sealed the envelope, write a little note inside next time.

And if you usually do write a little note, put a little more thought into it and make it a little longer next time.

You never know.  Someday, long after you are gone, one of your loved ones may happen upon that very card and open it again longing to hear from you!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The One Thing You Absolutely MUST HAVE In Order To Make A Profit This Year

You’ve probably thought about it before.  Most entrepreneurs do regardless of what kind of business they’re in.  But many, if not most, fail to narrow it down and make it precise.  What is it?  It’s your monetary target – your desired income– for the year.  That’s right!  We’re going to start this year off with a concrete figure of how much money you would like to make.

Why You Need A Monetary Target

But before we get down to business and pick a number, it’s important to know WHY you need it.  After all, why not just create your booklets and/or other products and just sit back and see what happens?  Why not just let the money come rolling in?  Who cares how much it is, as long as you’ve got it in the bank?

It’s important because without a monetary target you’ve got nothing to shoot for.  You might make a few dollars, but you’ll never make what you could have if you had only had a fixed number in your mind to achieve.

Imagine going to a job interview.  The boss asks how much you made at your last job, and how much you need to make at this one should he hire you.  Would you reply, “Oh, it doesn’t matter.  Just throw me something every now and then.  Any amount will do.”  Of course you wouldn’t!  That’s not only laughable, it’s financial suicide!  And yet, if you don’t decide how much you would like to make this year from your booklet business, YOU’RE DOING THE SAME THING!

Also, having that number helps to keep you on track and focused.  It gives you a certain kind of clarity and lets you know how you’re doing so that six months down the road from now you can see how much you’ve made and determine whether you’re doing enough to reach the income level you desire.

Choose Your Desired Income Level

Now that you know why you need a target income for the year, let’s get down to business and pick a number.  You want to pick a number that is attainable for you.  It shouldn’t be too low, but it shouldn’t be in the mega millions either.  You need a number that makes sense for you to be able to achieve by the end of this year.

A good number to shoot for is either one that replaces your current income if you have a day job (so that you can quit your day job ), or one that doubles your current income if you’re not working for someone else  and you are working in your business full time.  Whatever this number is for you, it’s a good place to start.  Then, you can increase it each year, or even sooner if you reach your goal before the year is done.  Just make sure the number you pick is a realistic goal for you.

Ok, pick that number!

Next week we’ll break this number down so that you’ll know EXACTLY how much an hour of your time is worth.  Trust me, it’s not what you think!  You’re really going to be amazed when you see the true, monetary value of one hour of your time!

Until then,

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Scary Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success – Is Stupidity Standing In Your Way?

Recently I’ve written quite a bit on this blog about what to do when you don’t know what your next step is.  Today, I want to go the other direction and tell you about another really scary mistake that can kill your business – knowing what to do and NOT doing it.

Why Some Will Not Take That Next Step

You might wonder why anyone would not take that next step when they know exactly what that next step is.  There are several reasons for this.  They may not have the funds to do it, or they may have a personal issue standing in their way, or, and this is the worst of all, they may be afraid.

If lack of funds is the problem, one only needs to find a way to overcome that.  There are many ways to do this and since this is a broad topic I won’t deal with it here as it’s out of the scope of this post.  Suffice it to say that when it comes to money, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Personal issues can range from lack of funds, mentioned above, to family disputes – such as going through a divorce – to an illness of oneself or a close family member, to losing one’s day job, and the list goes on.  These issues are not as easily tackled and may take time to resolve.  But, once resolved you absolutely MUST pick yourself up and get going again.  You must take that next step.  You may need to regain some lost ground while you were dealing with personal issues, but once that ground is recovered you need to move on.

It’s All Up To You

Fear is the worst of these reasons because there isn’t anything holding you back except for your own mindset.  That next step might seem like a doosy, and it might scare you half to death to take it, but if you don’t do it you might as well pack up and go home.  You’re business will never grow.

So many wanna be booklet authors have had big dreams and high hopes when they started out.  But, their dreams were shattered and their hopes were dashed because they couldn’t get beyond a certain point in their own thinking.

Nobody else can make you a success.  It doesn’t matter how much education you have or how many self-help or whiz bang, million dollar business products you buy or books you read.  If you’re not willing to do what it takes then you will fail.  Nobody else can do it for you.

The True Meaning Of Stupidity

Not taking that next step when you know what it is really amounts to stupidity.  Stupidity is not like being uneducated.  The uneducated are willing, but they lack the knowledge needed.  This is remedied easily enough by seeking out the information or education that is needed.  But, in the case of stupidity, the information is there, the next step is known, and it is not taken due to fear of the unknown, or fear of something big happening – something good, but something that will change everything.

Stupidity is NOT when there is a personal issue or lack of funds.  In these cases the next step may be put on hold, but the plan is to overcome the obstacles in the way and then move forward once those obstacles are removed.  Stupidity is when you hold yourself back for no reason other than being afraid to move forward.  It means that everything you’ve done up to now, which has brought you to this point, has been for nothing.  You’ve worked hard for what – to throw it all away now that you’re standing on the precipice of something really big?

Don’t let stupidity stand in your way.  Take that leap.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are.  You deserve to take that next step!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Scary Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success – Are Your Expectations Too Low?

Remember when you first decided to write a booklet?  What did you expect to happen as a result of that action?  Were you expecting to sell alot of copies and make some serious money?  Or, did you expect to just get your feet wet and maybe sell a few copies and make a little spare change?  Or, perhaps you really didn’t expect anything to happen – you wrote the booklet with a wait and see approach.

Why Your Booklet Will Do Well

One of the scariest mistakes you can make in ANY business is having low expectations of yourself, your work, and those around you such as vendors or employees.  When you have low expectations, it’s like setting yourself up to fail.

When you write your booklet or produce other products, chances are your motive for doing so is to enhance the lives of others.  This means that you want to make your booklet and other products the best you possibly can.  This is a good thing.  Why should that fail?  Why should you expect it won’t do well?  If what you are creating is needed or desired, then you have every reason to believe it will do well.

Are You Creating Positive Or Negative Energy?

Your belief about what you are creating will give you energy – either positive or negative.  If you believe in what you’re doing from a positive aspect, that positive belief will pump you up and help you get through the next step and the next – the end result being that you’ll sell more copies or products.

But, if your belief about what you’re doing is negative and you really don’t think much will come from your actions in creating your booklet or other products, then that belief will drag you down like a self fulfilling prophecy.  If that is the case, why bother creating the booklet or whatever project you’re working on at all?  If you’re not going to be able to give it your maximum effort and enthusiasm, there isn’t much point because you’ve failed before you’ve even begun.

Don’t make the mistake of having low expectations.  Expect the best, and you’ll find that’s exactly what you get!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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