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Why Booklets Are A Versatile Meduim And How That Can Make You Rich

Booklets, in and of themselves, are a great little money maker.  But, one of the best things about booklets is how easily they lend themselves to other formats. This is great news for you as a booklet author because it means more money for almost no more work!

Which Format Should You Choose?

Once your manuscript is created your main job is finished.  Now you just need to decide how to format it.  You can deliver it to your audience in hard copies, online as an ebooklet, or via cd or mp3.

Each method has it’s own set of pluses and minuses, and your audience will determine which method is most profitable for you.  But, given that there are always some within any market who don’t adhere to the norm, there’s nothing wrong with doing it all.

Your main format will provide you with the dollars, but why not pick up that pocket change as well?  After all, even a large jar of pennies adds up quickly!  And in this case, that pocket change could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales for you. Do you really want to leave all that on the table?

More Formats Means More Products

A single booklet can be formatted at least four different ways, and probably even more.  That means you write the manuscript one time, and POOF!!!  You’ve got four different products to offer your market!

Being able to create four products that will sell over and over again, from only doing something one time (writing your manuscript) is S-M-A-R-T.  It sets you ahead of the pack.  Most authors write a book.  That takes a long time.  Then, if it sells, they write another book – a sequel perhaps.  This is the slow way to riches if you ever get there at all.

Because booklets are a smaller publication, they are easily spun into different formats, giving you more products to sell and therefore more choices for your customers – which equals more sales for you!

Expanding Your Business And Your Riches The Easy Way

Creating a single manuscript and extending it into different formats is an easy way to expand your business.  Do this with every booklet you write and you’ll never have to worry about having fresh, new products to offer your market. And, if you don’t want to repeat the entire manuscript in every product, you can dissect it into different pieces and offer some of it in one format and some in another.

With booklets you have options.  You’re never stuck with one format or one way of offering your information.  In fact, the more creative you can be the better.  Don’t be afraid to expand your product offerings by giving your audience more choices.  It’s so easy to do, and you’ll be the richer for it!

To your riches!


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