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Warning: This WILL Happen To You. How Will You Handle It When It Does?

A few days ago I was reminded just how “touchy” some individuals can be. Someone made a religious remark on a social media page – a remark that was incorrect, proven by historical evidence and fact.  Since I personally knew the person who made the remark I commented on it with the correction.  What ensued next was that person, as well as another person I didn’t know, attacking me and publicly “shaming” me on that platform.

The fact that the original remark was religious doesn’t matter.  It could just as easily have been a political remark.  And, I didn’t say anything I felt was provocative.  I was simply trying to correct an error and I pointed out the historical facts, which anyone could look up easily.  But, some people don’t care about the facts.  They have an agenda that is all their own.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because as an author you’re in the public eye, and as a non-fiction author you’ve got opinions you’re putting on the line.  Those opinions will come through in your booklets and other products as well as online in your social media and on your website.

You may believe that you’re safe because you’re writing about house-training your new puppy, but believe me someone out there one day will think you’re doing it wrong, or that house-training a puppy is cruelty to an animal, or maybe they’ll just want to bring you down because your method didn’t work for them and they’ve got an ax to grind anyway.

And if your booklet is of a religious or political nature – even from a historically proven perspective – you’re really asking for trouble!

How many times have you heard about a comedian taking the heat from the mainstream media for a joke that was poorly timed – such as a joke about a tragedy and the tragedy was still pretty fresh in people’s minds?  There have been plenty of such cases.

How many times has a movie script been canned because producers didn’t feel the movie going audience was ready to see the film?  I know of a film that was never released because it finished production on the heels of 911, and although the film had nothing to do with 911 in its story, there was a terrorist attack in the film.

You may feel that the producers made the right call in the case of the film, and that comedians who crack jokes about tragedies have poor taste and should be chastised, but my point is that nobody in the public eye is exempt.  Whether it’s an average Joe who is offended by something you wrote (even if you didn’t mean it to be offensive) or a mainstream reporter looking for a hot story –  sooner or later it will happen to you.

What can you do?  The only thing you can do is grow a thick skin, don’t take it personally, and keep going.  Your views are your views and they are what make you unique.  Without them you wouldn’t be able to write.  You’re never going to get everyone to agree with you so there is no point in trying.  You’re going to offend people when you put your writing out there and some people are very easily offended.

If you’ve made a mistake or said or written something you shouldn’t have, apologize.  But, if that’s not the case and someone takes issue with you anyway just let it slide.  There’s no reason to waste your valuable time and energy on it. Getting into a battle of I’m right and you’re wrong will only sap your strength and energy, and it might even depress you.  It will certainly derail your focus from more pleasing activities and things you need to do.  It’s not worth your time and trouble.

In my case, I was writing to someone I had known for years and thought was a friend.  I was surprised by their attack on me but I didn’t allow it to hurt me emotionally.  I just kept going in spite of the things they said.  And I would have done the same thing had they been writing something about one of my booklets or products.  In fact, I would do my best in that case to use their comments to my advantage for marketing purposes.

Grow a thick skin, don’t get emotional or take it personally and keep going!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Don’t Ruminate, Motivate!

No matter what you’re working on in your booklet adventure there’s one thing you need to remember. You need to motivate your audience to do something.  Information is a cheap commodity these days, but information that motivates people to action is rare.

When people buy information products, booklets or otherwise, they aren’t putting down their hard earned cash to learn about something.  They’re putting down their hard earned cash because they expect that information to change something for them, and the only way that change can take place is if they DO something to make that change happen.  But, it’s easier to read than it is to do. Your job is to motivate the reader to take action.

You can’t control whether people will take action or not.  But, if you get them fired up about it they’ll believe in you and your products and they’ll continue to buy them.

To your riches!


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How To Be An Author Worth Paying Attention To

When you start your booklet adventure, you’re doing more than just writing a booklet or starting a business.  You are creating your reputation with your audience.

Your Cover Creates A First Impression

When you put your first booklet on the market, that booklet will give an impression to anyone who sees it.  They will instantly form an opinion of your booklet just by seeing the cover. In that moment, they will decide whether they want to consider your booklet as something of interest to them, or move on to something else.

This is why having a professional cover is so important.  Your cover creates that all important first impression, but you don’t want it to be the last impression.  You want those people who were interested enough to look at your booklet’s cover to continue to consider it as something they need, and then make a purchase.

A Professional Layout Is Important Too

If your cover is professional and grabs attention, the next thing a prospective buyer will do is open the booklet to see what’s inside. They will want to know the contents of the booklet before they buy.  But, they will also want to see  a professional layout.

If you’re selling to individuals, they may not consciously think about the layout, but they will be able to tell if the layout isn’t professional. It’s one of those things where if it looks good, nobody notices.  But, if it looks bad, everybody notices.

A quantity buyer will be particularly concerned with layout. If a potential quantity prospect sees anything less than a professional job, it will cost you that sale – a sale that you don’t want to lose!

Does Your Booklet Deliver On Its Promises?

When looking over the content of your booklet, your audience will be trying to figure out if your booklet delivers what it promises.  If it does, and they were interested enough to get past the front cover, you’ve probably made a sale.  But, if your booklet doesn’t deliver what it promised, you’ve not only lost the sale but you’ve lost the trust of your potential customers as well.

People only buy from people they know, like and trust.  If you’ve lost their trust, they won’t be willing to buy from you in the future.

It’s your name and your reputation on the line.  When your booklet is top notch and you’ve done your best to create a professional product that delivers what it promises, you won’t have any trouble making sales.  Your audience will come to trust you and see you as an author worth paying attention to.

To your riches!


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Three Simple Rules For Creating A Top-Notch Booklet That Sells

Creating a booklet as a salable product is as easy as 1-2-3 when you follow these three simple rules!

Make It Short

A booklet is a small publication.  That’s its edge.  That’s what gives it power over a full length book.  It’s more in depth than a short article, but far less so than a book.

If your booklet is too long, it’s a book.  That’s ok if writing a book is your intention, but then you lose the power of a booklet.

Few people read books today.  The average american never gets past the first chapter.  In fact, statistics have shown that only about 2% of Americans ever finish a book.

This is why booklets are appreciated.  They’re a quick, short read.  It gives the reader information almost instantly, without having to sift through tons of pages to find what they really need.

Make It Complete

Although your booklet is a short publication, it should still be complete.  Just as a sentence is a complete thought, your booklet should be a complete read.  You don’t need to give every last detail about your subject.  That’s what books are for.  But, you should give enough information so that the reader is able to take that information and apply it to their own life in some way.

A book is made of several chapters.  Think of a booklet as just one of those chapters. It’s complete in and of itself.  It may be an overview of the entire subject, pulling out the most important details, or it may focus on one aspect of the subject and give concentrated, more detailed information in that specific area.

Make It Professional

Unless you’re a professional who does layout and artwork for others, it’s best to leave the design and layout of your booklet to someone who does this for a living.

Of course, you can direct this person as to what you want the finished product to look like.  In fact, it’s best if you do because even the best artist or designer will have difficulty coming up with just the right look if they’re trying to work from a blank slate. Their goal is to please you, and in order to do that they’ll need YOUR input.

Your goal is to have a professional product to offer your market.  You don’t want to cut corners in any area that will affect your product’s professionalism. You want a top-notch booklet inside and out!

Make it short, make it complete, and make it professional, and you’ll have a top-notch booklet that makes you a winner!

To your riches!


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11 Free Tools To Help You Write A Better Booklet

Even the most savvy writer must continue to hone their craft in order to stay sharp.  As a booklet author, it is especially important that you continue to polish your skills so that your booklets grab your audience’s attention and speak to them with bold clarity.

Here are 11 free tools you can use to help you write a better booklet.

Grammar Girl – Not sure whether to use who or whom?  Don’t know if something will affect you or effect you?  Grammar Girl to the rescue!  This is a great website that offers short, simple, easy to remember tips to help you write like a pro!

Using English Punctuation Correctly – Should you use a hyphen or a dash?  A semi-colon or a colon?  You’ll find the answer here.  This web page will give you a quick rundown of punctuation rules.

Guide To Grammar And Writing – This is a fantastic, easy to navigate, website that covers everything from sentence structure to writer’s block!  If you have a writing problem, you’ll probably solve it here!

Style Guide – Brief and to the point, you’ll find information here about things like jargon and tone that you may not find on other sites.

Technical Writing – Are you writing a technical style booklet?  This website is for you!

Common Errors In English Usage – Literally an A-Z list of common errors.  Very useful!

Visuwords – This website is like a thesaurus but it gives you a diagram instead of a definition. Type in a word and several other, associated words will come up with it in an interesting web of colored circles.  This could prove useful for writer’s block by helping you see other alternatives in a diverse and unique sort of way.

Visual Dictionary – Do you need to see a picture of the definition of a word?  This website can help!  This is really useful if you’re writing about something technical or you just need to get in image in your mind so you can put it into words.

Orangoo Free Spell Check – Don’t have a spell checker and need to check the spelling in your manuscript?  Copy and paste it here.  This site is easy to use and will even check the spelling of the text on your website for you!

Word Web – A  downloadable dictionary and thesaurus for your computer.

Word Counter – This is just cool!  Use this tool to find any words in your text that you have over-used, or to find keywords within your text.  Just copy and paste in your text.

Got a free resource or tool you would like to add?  Please leave your comments below!

To your riches!


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How Embracing The Ways Of The Past Can Help You Rake In The Gold

Once upon a time customer service was just that – service, and it was done because the business owner or company truly cared about their customers.  Times have changed, and there’s gold here for the author who is willing to embrace the ways of the past.

The Way It Was

There used to be a day when you could go into a department store and as soon as you took an item off the rack you would have a sales person by your side offering to start you a dressing room. That was back in the day when gas stations offered full service – where they’d pump your gas, check your oil and wash your windshield.  And if you went to the bakery and bought a dozen doughnuts they’d throw in an extra one for free.

Over the course of time department stores hired less people, gas stations decided people would rather pump their own gas for a cheaper price, and bakeries stopped giving out free doughnuts.  Genuine customer service became a thing of the past as companies began to focus more on their own bottom line.

The Way It Is

Today it’s difficult to find a company that cares – even in micro-businesses where the owner is the business.  It’s not about the customer anymore.  It’s all about money – and the customer knows it.

People are skeptical of anything that seems genuine these days because they have learned that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And in most cases they’re right.  There are alot of snake oil salesmen out there waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.  Nobody really cares about the customer anymore.  The customer has to look out for himself.

What It Means For You

What does all of this mean to you as a booklet author?  It means that when you conceive the idea for your booklet, you’re thinking, first, about how your information will help people, and money will always take a back seat to that.  It means that you write your booklet with care – thinking of what your audience needs or wants from you.

You’re not going to be like all those other companies and business people (and authors) out there who don’t care.  You’re going to be someone who does care.  You’re going to stand behind what you put into the marketplace and truly help people as much as you can. You’re going to be genuine – the real deal.

And do you know what will happen when you do this?  People will discover that there really is someone who cares about what they need or want.  There really is someone who is offering a genuine product and is willing to stand behind it.  And then they’ll want to buy from you over and over again, and they’ll tell everyone they know because you are such are rare find in the marketplace today.

Write your booklet because you care. It’s such a basic, simple concept and people WILL respond to it.  Put that care into everything you do – from your booklet manuscript to your marketing and sales – and you won’t have to worry about money.   You’ll be so set apart from everyone else you’ll literally rake in the gold!

To your riches!


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How Well Do You Know Your Subject Matter?

When you came up with a topic for your booklet, you probably did it off the top of your head and from your own experience.  But, how well do you really know your subject matter?

In order to successfully reap riches from your product, you need to know that product well. Since you’re an author and your product is your booklet, you need to know your subject matter inside and out.

Look Beyond Your Experience

Having personal experience with your subject matter is a very good start to really understanding it.  This is why it’s best to write from personal experience.  But, everyone’s experience is a little different. If you have two chess players playing together, each one’s experience and thoughts about that experience will be different.

What you need to do as an author is not only look at your own experience, but look deeper and try to get a broader view of your subject. Your own view is narrow and limited, regardless of how many years experience you have.  You want the total picture, or as much of it as you can possibly get.

The Only Reason They Will Buy From You

Going deeper into your subject matter and knowing it from a broader viewpoint is extremely important because it helps you define how your booklet will help the reader.  If you can’t tell your audience how your booklet will help them, they won’t be interested.

Your audience will be interested in buying your booklet for one reason only.  They want to know what’s in it for them. They want to know how your booklet will improve their life or help them change their circumstances.  They won’t care about your personal experience very much.  They may not even be able to relate to that.  This doesn’t mean your own experience doesn’t count.  It does.  It just means that you shouldn’t focus on it too much or make it the only thing you draw your information from.

What It Really Boils Down To

What it really boils down to is knowing your product. When you have a thorough understanding of your subject matter and you know all the angles, or at least several of them, it gives you something to bring to the table.  It gives the impression that you know your stuff and therefore your booklet must be good and worth investing a few dollars in.

When you take the time to research and discover other angles with your subject, even if you don’t include them in your booklet, it adds to your expertise. You can then use that expertise in a variety of ways – from creating other booklets to making sales.

Knowing your product – your booklet’s subject matter – inside and out is fundamental to being a successful booklet author.  Look beyond your own experience and try to get a sense of the bigger picture.  It will only add to your riches.

To your riches!


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