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An Easy Way To Market Your Booklets And Yourself For Free

Free Neon-SignIt has recently come to my attention that some authors are questioning whether or not they should start a blog.  I find this unfathomable – first because these are writers we’re talking about and second because authors of every variety need as many marketing avenues as they can get that they can afford – and blogs are free!

Blogging is an essential part of your marketing.  Not only does it allow you to reach your audience for free, but they read it!

Think about all the marketing shoved in your direction every day.  Do you sit down and watch tv for the commercials?  No.  When the commercials come on, that’s when you get up to use the bathroom or grab something to eat or drink.  How about the billboards?  Do you drive around looking for them specifically?  No!  You probably don’t even notice them most of the time.  What about the advertising you see in magazines?  Is that why you read the magazine?  No!  You ignore the ads.  Close the magazine and you don’t remember which ads were in it.  How about the ads you see online?  Can you name one ad you saw yesterday?  How about since you turned on your computer today?  In the past 20 minutes?  I thought not.

All of the advertising methods above are expensive, with the exception of some online advertising.  And it’s all a big waste of money.  The only point to any of that is for a big company to get their logo in front of your face enough times for you to remember it.  It costs them millions of dollars, and it’s not all that effective.  For your own purposes it’s not even worth thinking about.

But, even the big companies blog.  In spite of all the money they waste on ineffective advertising, they do recognize a good thing when they see it.  And so should you!

A blog gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that you can’t with other advertising and marketing methods.  It allows you to have your say, to persuade, to teach, to show your expertise, to sparkle and to gain the trust of your audience.  It helps your audience get to know you and what you’re all about.  And, did I mention you can do this for free?!

You can sign up for all the rest of the social media you want to – facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and all the rest – but none of them can get your message across to your audience the way a blog can because each of these are set up for quick looks or 2 second reads.  You can’t go into any real depth with your subject matter.

As an example, if you go to my facebook page, you’ll see links to my blog posts but you won’t see any posts.  A post on facebook would be inappropriate because that’s not what the facebook platform is for.  I’ve seen people write lengthy posts on facebook, but they don’t get read.  That’s not why people go there.  People go to facebook to see what’s new or to get an overview of something, someone or a business.  They don’t go there to actually read anything.

But your blog – yeah!  They’ll read it all because that’s what they expect to do.  Of course you want to have content worth reading and break it up with some fun stuff and not make it too long….which this post is getting to be!

So blog!  If you don’t have a blog choose a blogging platform you like and start an account.  Then start writing and watch what happens!  Soon you’ll be getting comments and connecting with your audience – helping them to know, like and trust you more!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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The Best Free Blogging Platforms

One thing every writer should be doing is blogging – especially if you’re going to become an author of booklets.  Why?  Because:

1)  Those blog posts will help create an audience for your booklets

2)  Your posts can become the basis for new booklets and other products

3)  You can get feedback from your audience regarding what you write about

If you don’t have a blog yet, hop on over to this article where you can find a wonderful write-up and comparison of the top 10 free online blogging platforms.  Click here to go to the article.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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