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Warning: This WILL Happen To You. How Will You Handle It When It Does?

A few days ago I was reminded just how “touchy” some individuals can be. Someone made a religious remark on a social media page – a remark that was incorrect, proven by historical evidence and fact.  Since I personally knew the person who made the remark I commented on it with the correction.  What ensued next was that person, as well as another person I didn’t know, attacking me and publicly “shaming” me on that platform.

The fact that the original remark was religious doesn’t matter.  It could just as easily have been a political remark.  And, I didn’t say anything I felt was provocative.  I was simply trying to correct an error and I pointed out the historical facts, which anyone could look up easily.  But, some people don’t care about the facts.  They have an agenda that is all their own.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because as an author you’re in the public eye, and as a non-fiction author you’ve got opinions you’re putting on the line.  Those opinions will come through in your booklets and other products as well as online in your social media and on your website.

You may believe that you’re safe because you’re writing about house-training your new puppy, but believe me someone out there one day will think you’re doing it wrong, or that house-training a puppy is cruelty to an animal, or maybe they’ll just want to bring you down because your method didn’t work for them and they’ve got an ax to grind anyway.

And if your booklet is of a religious or political nature – even from a historically proven perspective – you’re really asking for trouble!

How many times have you heard about a comedian taking the heat from the mainstream media for a joke that was poorly timed – such as a joke about a tragedy and the tragedy was still pretty fresh in people’s minds?  There have been plenty of such cases.

How many times has a movie script been canned because producers didn’t feel the movie going audience was ready to see the film?  I know of a film that was never released because it finished production on the heels of 911, and although the film had nothing to do with 911 in its story, there was a terrorist attack in the film.

You may feel that the producers made the right call in the case of the film, and that comedians who crack jokes about tragedies have poor taste and should be chastised, but my point is that nobody in the public eye is exempt.  Whether it’s an average Joe who is offended by something you wrote (even if you didn’t mean it to be offensive) or a mainstream reporter looking for a hot story –  sooner or later it will happen to you.

What can you do?  The only thing you can do is grow a thick skin, don’t take it personally, and keep going.  Your views are your views and they are what make you unique.  Without them you wouldn’t be able to write.  You’re never going to get everyone to agree with you so there is no point in trying.  You’re going to offend people when you put your writing out there and some people are very easily offended.

If you’ve made a mistake or said or written something you shouldn’t have, apologize.  But, if that’s not the case and someone takes issue with you anyway just let it slide.  There’s no reason to waste your valuable time and energy on it. Getting into a battle of I’m right and you’re wrong will only sap your strength and energy, and it might even depress you.  It will certainly derail your focus from more pleasing activities and things you need to do.  It’s not worth your time and trouble.

In my case, I was writing to someone I had known for years and thought was a friend.  I was surprised by their attack on me but I didn’t allow it to hurt me emotionally.  I just kept going in spite of the things they said.  And I would have done the same thing had they been writing something about one of my booklets or products.  In fact, I would do my best in that case to use their comments to my advantage for marketing purposes.

Grow a thick skin, don’t get emotional or take it personally and keep going!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Out Of The Ordinary, But Truly Extraordinary

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to click on.  But, before you rush right down to it, let me explain.

Most of the things I post to this blog are about booklets, period.  But, once in a while I come across something so extraordinary that I feel compelled to share it even if it doesn’t directly apply.

I am continually amazed by the creative potential that we, as human beings possess.  Writing is one way of expressing creativity.  Drawing is another.  And music is another still.  But recently I came across something truly new and unique – something so strange and yet so wonderful I had to share it because I know it will stretch your imagination to see beyond the limits you have set for yourself. It certainly did for me!

Here is what you will see – It’s a video, about 8 minutes long, of a pretty girl – Ksenia Simonova, age 24 –  who uses her fingers to draw with sand on an illuminated board.  Just sand and nothing else.  But wait, she doesn’t just draw one picture.  She draws one after another, telling a story and turning it into a stunning performance!

Even more amazing is what she draws!  She depicts the effects of WWII on ordinary people during the German invasion.  Yeah – and she does this with SAND!

Since this video is not in English, let me tell you about the pictures you will see.

First, she draws a happy couple sitting on a bench, but then the war planes appear and the scene is destroyed.

Next, she draws a woman’s face with tears, but then she draws a baby and the woman’s tears turn to a smile.

War returns and a young woman appears, but she is quickly turned into an old widdow with a sad, wrinkled face.  From this, a monument is created as a memorial.

After this, an outdoor scene is created and is framed in a window, as if you are inside looking out.

And last, a mother and child appear inside the window, with a man standing outside – his hands against the window – saying goodbye.

Is there a tie in to booklets here?  You bet!  If someone can do this with sand and affect people around the world (this was filmed during a contest, which this young lady won, and she moved the audience to tears!), your booklet can have a big impact too!

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe you should include a few in your booklet.  Hey, after watching this I think you could even forget the words altogether IF you wanted to!


Click HERE to watch this imaginative, and extraordinary video!

To your riches,


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From Booklet Author To Playwrite – How Writing Booklets Can Lead To Other Opportunities

I’ve often said that you never know where a booklet will take you, and it’s true.  Last week I was talking with a lady of an organization who knows that I am a booklet author.  We were having a friendly chat and I happened to mention that I have a background in acting.  Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she had an idea.  “With your acting background and writing ability, you could write a play for our organization!”  A play?  Sure!  Why not?  It will be fun!

The Advantage Of Owning A Publishing Company

Since I own a publishing company, I will be able to publish the play and offer it to other, similar organizations that would like to use it.  I would be able to sell copies just as I would with my booklets.  I won’t have to bother with royalties, which is just a small pittance of the money made from sales.  I will be able to collect the entire profit from the venture.  And, since each actor portraying a character in the play will need a copy, as well as the director, assistant director and possibly the stage manager as well, I’ll be selling multiple copies for each sale.

The Advantage Of Having An Audience View Or Read Your Work Prior To Publication

Writing the play for this lady will give me a chance to see how it is received before I put it into the market place.  This will give me the opportunity to work out any rough spots before I publish the play.  It is akin to having people read your booklet before you go to press.  Those people can really save your credibility and reputation as an author.

What Happens For Me Can Happen For You

No matter what your background is, and no matter what kind of booklet you want to write, be ready for new opportunities to come your way.  It has happened for me many times, and it will happen for you too.  Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities that interest you.  When you write a booklet and start your own booklet business or publishing company, you just never know what lies waiting for you down the road or around the bend.  The opportunities are there.  Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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Why You Should Always Give People The Benefit Of Hearing About Your Booklets, Even If You Don’t Think They’ll Be Interested

As a booklet author, the opportunities for sales are endless!   There are so many ways you can sell booklets, and one of those ways is through other people.

My son has a disability, and yesterday his state caseworker came to my home to re-evaluate the services that my son is being provided with through the state.  This is something that is done on a yearly basis, and this caseworker is a new one for my son.

During the course of the evaluation I happened to mention my gluten and dairy free booklets.   I have done this with every caseworker who has come to our home in the past, but each person is different with their own unique set of contacts, and so none of the previous caseworkers were particularly interested.  But, never give up because you just never know when you’ll hit on the right person!

When I mentioned my booklets to this caseworker, she stopped typing on her laptop and gave me her full attention.  Her eyes lit up and I could tell she was very interested.  Once I explained what my booklets were about and who they were for, she said she knew of three people who would be interested in the booklets, and that she would contact them as well as give me their contact information.  The real kicker is that all three people are potential quantity buyers, who would purchase from me on a regular basis.

There is a big discovery in this lesson and it’s this.  You never know who someone knows.  You may have talked to four or five people who have held the same job, and they all may not have been interested in your booklet, but number six might just be the one with the right connections.   And this doesn’t just apply to people in a particular position either.  It also applies to other people you know and meet, no matter what they do for a living.

Had I discounted this state worker because none of the other state workers were interested, I would have missed out on a very rich opportunity.   Remember this when you’re talking with people you meet for the first time.  Always give them the benefit of hearing about your booklets, even if you don’t think they’ll be interested.  They just might know someone else who is!

To your riches,


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Poem Hidden For More Than 30 Years Could Bring Untold Riches To Its Author

I recently consulted with a lady who wrote a very beautiful story for children in the form of a poem.  She created it back in the 1970’s, and has wanted to publish it ever since.  But, life got in the way and publishing was put off until “someday.”  For more than 30 years her beautiful story was inside an envelope in a drawer, unread and unpublished, and unenjoyed.

Now she’s ready to move forward with her story so that it can finally be enjoyed.  She needed some direction as to how to proceed.  I suggested we do it as a very special kind of booklet, and the more we collaborated, the more ideas we came up with for creating her booklet and getting it out into the marketplace.

I mostly refer to information booklets on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t advocate writing a booklet of fiction.  There are markets for fiction booklets too.  I believe that it is easier to market informative booklets most of the time, but sometimes a fictional booklet can do quite well if it is very well written, has a very specific market niche, and the market affords enough outlets through which to sell the booklet.

In the case of the lady I mentioned above, we’ll be pursuing several large quantity opportunities for her title and she’s already got an idea for a series based on the ending of the first booklet.  Not only that, but there is an entire product line that could be created to go along with the story.  I believe her booklet, subsequent series and other products will do extremely well in terms of sales, and it all began with a poem tucked away in a drawer for more than 30 years!

To your riches,


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Has This Happened To You?

When you embark on your booklet adventure, you are setting in motion a series of events – things too wonderful for you to even dream about.  You envision yourself writing booklets and making money, but there is so much more that you can’t imagine until it unfolds before you in time.  These are the things that dreams and fantasy are made of, and if you could imagine them you would never believe they could happen.  But they do.  They happen for every booklet author, including me.

When I began my own booklet adventure, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have more than one booklet published.  I now have six.  I couldn’t have imagined I would own a publishing company, but I now do.  I couldn’t have imagined anyone would be interested in 600,000 copies of one of my titles, but someone was.  I couldn’t have imagined a multi-millionaire would be interested in doing business with me, but he is.  And I couldn’t have imagined that my booklets would sell to the medical community given that I have no credentials in any medical field, but they have and they are.  And then, last night, something else wonderful happened that may just take my booklets even farther, and do it faster than I ever dreamed.

Last night I received a message from a doctor that I have never met in person.  We both frequent the same forum, and I’ve gotten to know him a little online.  He’s interested in doing a joint venture.  I was so excited and thrilled at the prospect I barely knew how to answer his message!  Both his influence within the medical community and his experience will be a HUGE asset to me.  I can’t wait to work together!  He’s already got some great ideas that I am excited to try!

This is something that I never could have imagined happening for me.  A doctor wanting to get involved in promoting my booklets?  Buying them yes, but not promoting them.  Doctors are too busy for that.  They’ve got their own practices to think about.  And anyway, my booklets exist to help promote them, so why would they think of it the other way around?  But, this doctor did and I’m anxious to see where this path will lead.  I know we’ll both benefit from this, and I’m excited to see all the good things that come from it!

If you ever get the chance to do a joint venture with someone, and you probably will, do it!  You know the old saying, two heads are better than one.  In a joint venture, that is exactly what you have.  Two people working together to the benefit of both.  You will get something from it you could never have without it, and so will the other person.  There are all kinds of joint ventures, and I won’t go into that now.  But, each one presents you with new opportunities for making tons of money and getting your booklets into the hands of your audience.  It’s win, win, win!

Whether you’re still thinking about creating a booklet, or yours is finished and the ink is dry, keep moving forward.  You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  There are many good things waiting for you along the way of your own booklet adventure.  If they haven’t happened yet, don’t worry.  Just keep going.  They will.   Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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Lousy Sales Page. Crappy Sales Copy. Hideous Booklet Cover. And It Sold!

This morning when I checked my email I was shocked to see a message from Paypal telling me that Lulu had sent me money!  I was shocked because my Lulu page, just like my facebook page and my ning page, has been badly neglected.  I’ve got one product there, and it’s one I only promote as an afterthought in light of my new series, which is being promoted to a much more profitable market.

I had all but forgotten my account even existed at Lulu.  I had planned to go back in there, someday, and fix it up or delete it altogether.  But, I’ve had more pressing matters to attend to with my national promotion coming up for my new trio.

When I created that Lulu page, I was new to everything – booklets, marketing, and even Lulu itself.  I really had no clue what I was doing.  The sales page is lousy.  The sales copy, pretty crappy.  The cover for the booklet, hideous.  AND IT SOLD!!!

There’s a big nugget of gold in this for you, and here it is.  Get out there!  Try.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing at first.  You’ll improve.  But, you’ll also make some sales along the way!

You’ll never be ‘ready.’  You’ll never know everything there is to know to do it perfect, and even if you did life happens and things change.  Then, you have to start over again anyway.

So go on.  Just do it.  Write it.  Produce it.  Get it out there.  Do your best.  It will sell!

To your riches,


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