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How To Sell Your Booklets And Make Money Online Without A Website

buy-686337_1280A couple of days ago I was talking with a lady, named Jean,  who is very interested in becoming a booklet author.  She’s got some fabulous ideas for booklets.  But, she had no clue how to offer her booklets online once they’re written.

Jean doesn’t have a website, and right now she can’t afford to have one created.  She wanted my advice as to how she could get her booklets online without having to pay anything up front and without a website.

I understand where Jean is coming from because I’ve been there too.  When I began my own booklet adventure I was just like Jean – no money to sink into a website.  And, even if I had the money at the time, I wanted to be sure that my business was going to fly BEFORE I sunk a lot of money into it.

I needed a platform that would be easy to use and that would get my booklets online as a digital download so I could get paid, without having to pay any money up front.  And, that platform needed to be very easy to use.  I’m no techie and I didn’t want to deal with any technical frustration.  I just wanted to be able to easily upload my digital product and create a sales page for it.

After doing some research I found a wonderful company called Zaxaa.  You might have heard me talk about them before.  That’s because I can’t sing their praises highly enough!

Zaxaa let me sign up for free, and I didn’t pay a penny until I made a sale.  And then, they only took 3% of my selling price.

I found it extremely easy to upload my e-book to Zaxaa’s platform, and they have wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor so I could write my sales page and see exactly how it would look as I wrote it -no code needed!

And, Zaxaa connects to Paypal, so that made it easy for me to get paid!

If you’re planning to create booklets and other products and you would like to offer them digitally as a download, but you don’t have the money to create a website, Zaxaa is a great way to go!  You can sign up for a free account and start selling right away, once you’ve uploaded your product and created your sales page.  It’s so easy!  And they even let you upload an unlimited number of products for free!

And let me stress, the free account is NOT a trial offer.  It’s free FOREVER!  The only time you will ever pay anything is when a sale is made.  There are no set-up fees and no monthly fees with the free account.

Zaxaa also offers a premium level, and if that interests you I urge you to grab it today as the price for this is going up on May 12th.  I wanted to be sure to get this information to you right away before that happens, because once you’re in the price you’ve paid is the price you will ALWAYS pay.  So if you do decide you want the premium level, if you get it before the price goes up you won’t have to pay the higher price.

I recently created a website which will be launching soon.  It’s taken five months and a lot of work and literally thousands of dollars to do it right.  I’m so glad I started with Zaxaa first!

If you don’t have a website, you owe it to yourself to at least check Zaxaa out and see if it’s right for you!

Here’s my affiliate link:

In full disclosure, I am a Zaxaa affiliate, which means that if you use my link and sign up, I get a few dollars for referring you.  If you do sign up, I highly encourage you to get your own referral link.  That way when you tell others about Zaxaa you’ll get a few dollars too!  That’s another thing I love about Zaxaa!

One last thing.  I’ve never had any technical issues with this platform – ever.  It’s always worked.

I don’t recommend things I haven’t personally used or that I don’t know much about.  I will always only give my personal recommendation to the very best products and services that you will find truly helpful.

Jean signed up for Zaxaa on the spot.  She now has a selling platform.  Problem solved!  How about You?

Here’s that link for you again:

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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Are You Missing Out On This More Than 91 Million Dollar Piece Of The Pie?

It used to be that when writers thought about becoming authors, they thought in terms of printed books.  Printed books will always have a market, but e-books have quickly caught up to their printed counterparts.

The Way It Was

Once upon a time, back in the days before the home pc, books existed as something tangible that you could pull off a shelf, hold in your hand, and read.  They took a long time for the author to write, and once the manuscript was finished the author had no guarantee that his or her work would be published. Publishing was big business, and publishers were choosy about the authors whose work they accepted.  They had to be, because books were very costly to produce, and the publishers needed to be fairly certain they would get a return on their investment.

In time, authors began to publish their own works.  But, it was such a costly endeavor that few could afford to do so.  Self publishing was a HUGE undertaking of both time and money.  Just a few years ago an author could easily expect to spend a minimum of $10,000 for between 3,000 – 5,000 books, which was the minimum print run for most book printers.

Even worse than the price of printing the books was the slap in the face when those books didn’t sell the way the author hoped they would. Suddenly, dreams of having a book on the New York best seller list came crashing down to the reality of having spent all that time and money for nothing, and leaving the author to wonder just what to do with all those books that were taking up space in the garage.

The Way It Is

The computer changed the publishing industry.  After the internet came online, it was said that the computer had finally leveled the playing field between the big corporations and the little guy trying to eek out a living from his kitchen table.  Nowhere was this more true than in the publishing industry, as the computer allowed anyone to become an author easily and inexpensively, through a variety of venues other than printed books.

But, that playing field didn’t stay level for long.  It was only a matter of time before the little guy overcame the big guys, and many of the large publishers folded up or were bought out by even larger publishers.  At last count, there were only six of the major publishers left in the United States.

What was it that was directly responsible for the shift?  It was the availability of publishing options for authors.  They no longer needed the big publishers, and they no longer had to worry about exorbitant fees to self publish.  Publishing was brought down to a level that anyone could afford, as long as they had access to a computer.

Today many authors become self published in the form of e-books, or in our case, e-booklets.  It used to be that e-books and booklets were frowned upon by authors and the publishing industry at large. In the dawn of the e-book, they were few and far between and they sold for very little.  The small price was what made the publishing industry adverse to creating them.  Yet, the small price was exactly the thing which attracted the public and enticed them to buy.

The Way It Will Be

Industry statistics now indicate that, in the first quarter of 2010, wholesale trade e-book sales reached an all time high of $91,000,000.  That figure does not include retail sales, which could be as much as double that amount.  Also, this figure is only inclusive of U.S. sales.  If you were to look at global figures, the number would be much higher.

Compare that figure above to sales back in the first quarter of 2002, with sales of just over 1.5 million dollars.  As you can see, sales of e-books have dramatically increased to over 90 million dollars in just the past eight years. The popularity of the e-book is rising, and is expected to continue to do so.

What does all of this mean for you?  It means that you have options.  It means that you can produce a booklet today, and literally sell it tomorrow.  It means that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to produce your work.  And, it means that you can publish for so little that you can afford to make a mistake and not have to worry about tying up thousands of dollars in inventory that doesn’t move.  It means that even if you create a printed booklet, you had better create an e-version too.

There will always be a market for printed booklets, but the market for e-booklets is growing.  Wouldn’t you like to get your slice of that pie?

To your riches!


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Seven Reasons An Ebooklet Deserves Your Consideration

Back in December of 2009, ebooks hit the mainstream when Amazon sold more ebooks than printed books.  If you haven’t considered producing an e-version of your booklet, you might want to give it some serious thought.  Here are some other reasons an ebooklet deserves your attention.

1) When producing a printed booklet, the files are already there for an ebooklet.  This is an easy way to get two separate products without any extra cost.

2) An e-booklet is a great way to test your product before investing in printed copies.

3) An e-booklet can be emailed to a prospective quantity buyer, getting it to them moments after a conversation while that conversation is still fresh in their mind, and saving you the cost of postage and possibly a trip to the post office.

4) Ebooklets don’t require any physical storage space.

5) An ebooklet solves the instant gratification problem.  Buy it now and have it in seconds.

6) There are several places online where you can publish your ebooklet for FREE!

7) You can add clickable links that work to your ebooklet, whereas you can only print those websites in a printed booklet.

To your riches!


PS: Much of what applies to printed booklets also applies to ebooklets and vice versa.  If you want to get your booklet project off on the right foot, whether your planning to offer printed copies or ebooklets or both, click here!

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Three Ways To Offer Your Booklet To Your Audience That DON’T Include Paper And Ink

A booklet is more than paper and ink.  It is thoughts, creativity, ideas and facts.  And each of these can be expressed in a variety of ways.  Paper and ink is only one of them.

The E-booklet

E-books have been around for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be disappearing any time soon.  In fact, the popularity of the e-book is growing.

One thing about e-books that makes them so popular is that they (usually) cost less than a printed book. An e-book doesn’t require the physical elements of a printed book – paper and ink – and because it’s delivered electronically it doesn’t require postage either.

Another reason the e-book has risen in popularity is it’s length.  E-books tend to be shorter than printed books. Most of the time they have fewer pages than the average book, and even when their page count is higher you’ll often find larger print and plenty of white space.  This not only makes e-books easier to read on the computer, it also speeds up the assimilation of the material by the reader.

Booklets make wonderful e-books because they ARE shorter than books. Your booklet can be offered as an e-book (e-booklet) in it’s own right, or you can opt to give your audience a choice as to whether they would prefer printed hard copies or e-booklets.

The Audio Booklet

Another way you can offer your booklet to your audience is in audio format.  This can be an MP3 which, like an e-book, can be downloaded on the computer, or it can be a physical product in CD format.  Or, it could be both.

Audio booklets are great for those who don’t have time to sit down and read a booklet.  But, there are some who actually prefer to listen rather than read either because this is their preferred method of assimilating information, or because of vision impairment, or simply because some people find it difficult to read on a computer for any length of time.

The Visual Booklet

With the availability of technology today, it’s possible for you to create a visual booklet.  This might take the form of an online video, or a DVD.

There are some real advantages to creating visual booklets as opposed to only printed or audio formats.  One advantage is that with a visual format, you can show as well as tell. You can get concepts and ideas across more easily because the audience doesn’t just read or hear the information.  They can hear it and see it at the same time.

For example, if you’re giving information on how to train a dog to fetch, the audience won’t just read about throwing the stick, and they won’t just hear you tell them to throw the stick, they will see you throw the stick.  You will be able to demonstrate for them exactly how to throw the stick and what to expect when they do.

While this is a simplified example, it gets the point across.  Not all booklets are suitable for a visual format, but if yours is it is certainly worth considering.

E-booklets, audio booklets and visual booklets are not only different ways of offering your information to your audience, they can each become products in and of themselves, thereby expanding your product line with little to no extra work on your part.

But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned print either.  When all is said and done, there’s still something exciting about the smell of fresh ink that permeates the air and stirs the heart of an author!

To your riches!


PS: Would you like to discover exactly how to create a printed booklet?  For step-by-step instructions click here!

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Why The Opportunity For E-Riches Is HUGE

Many authors tend to think that ebooks don’t have any real merit or value.  They consider the market for ebooks too small to be worth their time.  These authors feel that in order to have the credit they deserve as a writer, it’s best to avoid writing ebooks and stick to printed books.

According to The Association Of American Publishers, ebook sales rose 136.2% for the month of June 2009, for a total of $14 million dollars. The market for ebooks is already large, and it’s continuing to grow at a rapid pace.  So much for what all those other authors believe.  Now, the only question you should be asking is how you can capitalize on this growing market.

Ebooklets – The Fastest Way To Publish And Make Money

The absolute fastest way to break into booklet publishing is with an ebooklet.  An ebooklet affords you the opportunity to create a product very quickly for practically no cash up front.  It literally lets you go from idea to sale within 24 hours or less in some cases, and usually within no more than a week.

As if that weren’t temptation enough to create an ebooklet, the market for your ebooklet is online already – right where your ebooklet will be sold.  This makes sales a snap!

What About All Those Free Ebooks Online?

You may be thinking that people won’t buy your ebooklet because so many authors and website owners offer their ebooks for free, which has spoiled the market.  But, as you can see above, the statistics show otherwise.  Authors are discovering that they don’t have to give away their information for free simply because it is in the form of an ebook or ebooklet.  People are willing to pay for good information no matter what format the information is in.

Why Any Author Can Benefit From Writing An Ebooklet

Creating an ebooklet has several advantages for you even if you plan to create a printed booklet.  In fact, even if you plan to write a full length book, you can still benefit from having an ebooklet online.

An ebooklet gives you a chance to test your market and see how they respond to your subject idea before you spend money on the printed version of your work.  If your ebooklet isn’t well received, chances are your printed version won’t be either.  But, unlike with printed copies, you can easily make changes to your ebooklet and give it another go.

Another advantage of an ebooklet, which is for those who plan to write a full length book, is that you can give your audience a small taste of the whole, enticing them to buy your book once it’s published.  The ebooklet will do the marketing for you by generating interest.  Most book authors have an online audience they market to.  An ebooklet will help with that.

So go ahead and give it go!  With an ebooklet, you’ve got nothing to lose and a market that is already out there – waiting to discover your product!

To your riches,


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