About This Blog


Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I started this blog in June of 2008 to help other writers discover the very lucrative, but little known, arena of booklet publishing.  Since then, to my delight, the blog’s readership has grown steadily.

I encourage you to not only to read the posts here, but also to participate by leaving your comments.  I welcome all comments, both friendly and critical, as long as they are helpful, constructive, and not malicious in nature.

That said, there is one kind of comment that I will ALWAYS delete, and that is the comment that is left on this blog for commercial purposes.  If you come to this blog and you want to leave a comment that is vague and an obvious attempt at promoting a link to your website, please save yourself the time and trouble and do it elsewhere.  I will only accept comments on this blog that promote the sense of community that the readers of this blog enjoy.

Thanks and I hope this blog inspires you to write booklets and reap those riches!


PS: Be sure to subscribe to this blog by clicking on one of the links at the top right of this page so you never miss a single, important post!  Remember, it only takes ONE idea to start the riches flowing to you!


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