Facing A Challenge In Your Booklet Adventure? Here’s How To Triumph!

success-663328_1280When you write a booklet, you set into motion a chain of events that seems almost tangible.  You’ve started the ball rolling and now it’s snowballed, growing larger and larger and taking on a life of its own.  Don’t fear it, embrace it!

Like a jockey on a racehorse coming around the track at full speed, you want to loosen the reins, not tighten them.  Your business is growing – let it happen!

Often we worry when things begin to happen because we don’t think we’re ready for them or we don’t think we know enough.  An example of this would be when someone buys your booklet and the next thing you know you’re offered a speaking gig.  Don’t turn it down just because you’ve never done it.  Say yes!  After all, you wrote the booklet – and the person who asked you to speak read it and LIKED it!  So it stands to reason they’ll also like your speech! And once you say yes you’ll find that you get it together and pull it off without a hitch!  And then you’ll get more speaking gigs!

Another example – your business has grown and you know it’s time for you to create a website.  But, you can’t do this on your own and your budget is limited.  You’re inclined to put it off.  Don’t!  Do what you can for now, and make it better later when you have more funds available.

If you had never written that first booklet, neither the speaking gig nor the need for a website would have happened.  These things were set in motion at the very start of your adventure.  Each presents you with a challenge, but also an opportunity.  It’s amazing the power surge you feel each time you triumph over the challenge and grab the opportunity!  And that power surge will help you grow your business because it gives you the energy you need to create!

One day you’ll look at the empire you’ve created and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.  And just think – it all started with one little booklet!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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