The Three Essential Keys To Making Money With Booklets

keys-366422_1280So you’ve been hanging out here on the blog for a while and you’re now ready to write your booklet.  Great!  Congratulations!  Here are three essential keys for making money in your booklet adventure:

1)  Be willing to learn.  There’s so much to discover when you’re a booklet newbie.  New opportunities will present themselves to you, giving you new learning experiences.  Some experiences may be more pleasant than others, but take it all in and at the end of the day ask yourself what you’ve learned.  Everything you learn will further your experience so you’ll be that much more ahead your next time around!

2) Be willing to invest in your booklet adventure.  Sometimes you’ll need to invest a little of your time.  Other times it will be a monetary investment.  Your booklet adventure is a business.  The more you are willing to invest in it the more you’ll get back out of it.  Every business owner, including myself, invests in their business.  I, personally, invest my time in writing blog posts (like this one!), in developing new products, and in marketing among other things.  And, I invest my money into books, business services such as web hosting, and training so I can stay up on the latest.  Start small, and grow your investment as you can.  That’s how your business will grow!

3) Have patience.  While you will get your booklet completed and on the market very quickly, growing a business takes time.  Be patient with yourself and your business.  Do all you can to facilitate growth, but realize that you won’t go from zero to a million overnight.  Building a steady following of customers takes a little time.  Stay the course, and work on it every day.  Each day you’ll make progress, and before you know it you’ll have the business of your dreams!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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