How A Young, First-Time Author Became Wildly Successful And How You Can Use The Same Formula She Did To Skyrocket Your Readership, Your Business And Your Profits

rocket-41470_1280Today as I was browsing the news I saw a story that I just had to share.  You might have seen it too.  It was about a young woman named Ella Woodward who published a cookbook back in January, her first book ever, and it has become the fastest selling debut cookbook ever in the UK according to Yahoo News.

Even more amazing, Ella admits that she’s always hated cooking and was never very good at it.  And, to top it off, though she graduated college with a masters degree that degree is in art history, not culinary arts!

How does this happen?  And more importantly, how can this happen for you?

In Ella’s case, she was diagnosed with a rare illness that doctors were not able to cure.  So, out of desperation, Ella changed her diet.  That led to a chain of events that brought her where is she today.

But, there is a formula which led to Ella’s success that you can use too – and without changing your diet!  Here it is:

1)  Ella took action.  She didn’t just accept what the doctors were telling her.  She truly wanted to be well and she searched for a way to do that.  Likewise, if you truly want to write a booklet and build a business from it you’re going to need to take action.  It’s not going to happen while you’re sitting in your EZ chair watching NCIS or The Simpsons.

2)  Ella started a blog to document her dietary and lifestyle changes.  At first, she kept her blog private.  But she was posting recipes and uploading photos to her blog, and it wasn’t long before her friends and family were sharing her recipes and photos and her readership began to grow.  You can start a blog too!  In fact, that’s how my own business started – with a free blog!  Invite your friends and family to read your blog and ask them to comment and share!

3)  Ella promoted her blog.  While at first her promotion came from friends and family, Ella branched out shortly thereafter and began sharing her photos and recipes on other sites which helped to grow her readership.  You can do this too, and the best part is it’s free!  Find a few other sites that have something in common with what you write about.

4)  Ella saw an opportunity to use her blog as a springboard for bigger things.  Once her readership had grown significantly she decided to write a cookbook.  She also offers cooking classes (yeah – this from a young woman who couldn’t cook!) and supper and brunch clubs.  At one point her waiting list grew to over 600 people for her classes, and she had to change the way she signed people up.  She’s also planning to offer health retreats in the near future and she created an app which offers more than 100 recipes and sells for just over $5.00 per download.  Your own blog can be a springboard to other products and services as well!  What would your audience be interested in that you could offer them?  

5)  Ella inspired others as well as her doctor.  Ella has received comments on her blog from a range of people suffering various illnesses who are using her recipes and information to change their own diets and lifestyles.  Her doctor was amazed at her progress and was considering using Ella’s diet with some of his other patients in a case study.  Ella didn’t start out to inspire others.  She simply wanted to be well.  But, by putting her information out there – online and in print – she inspired others to take charge of their health.  How might your information inspire others?

So now you can see just how simple it is!  And for Ella, all of this happened within just two years.  She literally went from being an art history major in 2013 and being very ill to now owning a business that encompasses writing, health, and living better.

If this recent college grad can do all of this in such a short time, what’s stopping you?  Ella’s diet is completely vegan – no gluten, diary, meat, sugar or processed foods.  She could easily have said to herself, “There are a lot of people doing that already and I’ve got nothing new to offer.”  But, she didn’t.  She just started a blog and it became her passion.  What really pulled people in is Ella’s unique story.

How about you?  What are you passionate about?  Not really passionate about anything?  Ella hated cooking, remember?  She wasn’t passionate about it.  That came later.  Maybe there is something in your own life that you need to change, or maybe you just want to go in a new direction.  What’s your unique story?  Use that.  See where it takes you.

Take action.  Start something – a blog, a booklet, something.  Put it out there and see what happens.  Once you start getting people interested, create bigger things and inspire others.  Create the business you want and the life you want and help others at the same time.  Can it get any better than that?

You can read more about Ella at her website here:

The yahoo story which inspired me to write this post is here:

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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