A Self-Publishing Tragedy And How Booklets Solve The Problem

It happened again today and it made me want to cry – not for myself but for the poor author who had worked so hard to write his book and get it on the market.

Like so many others he spent years perfecting his manuscript.  He decided to self-publish, and he put his book on Amazon.  And there it died.

Oh, he did sell a tiny handful of copies.  Three to be exact.  And for that he made a whopping $9.17.

Why did this tragedy happen?  It happened for a couple of reasons.

First, the author went into this not really knowing what to expect or what he was doing.  He had an idea for a book.  To his credit, he followed through, wrote his book, and got it out there.  That’s more than most people with an idea for a book will ever do.

But, he didn’t have a solid plan for how he was going to sell his book once it was done.  Throwing your book on Amazon or any other site that sells books isn’t a plan.  It’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Why?  Because, as this poor author discovered, there is a TON of competition out there – especially online.

The other reason his book didn’t do well also has to do with the competition.  Book prices on Amazon and other online book sellers has gone down – especially for e-books.  You can’t make any real money if your book is only selling for pennies.  People mistakenly think that they’ll sell hundreds of thousands or even millions of copies simply because their book is on Amazon, but it doesn’t happen that way.  In the end they’ve only sold a handful of copies, if any, and they’ve only made a few dollars.

E-books have been especially devalued in the eyes of consumers due to them being offered for 99 cents and under on Amazon.  This is bad news for authors hoping to make money from online book selling platforms.

But, printed books haven’t fared much better.  Prices on printed books are discounted, sometimes to rock bottom, and by the time the author pays all of his fees there is little, if any, profit left.

This is why I love booklets.

First, there is almost no direct competition.  Although booklets have been around for practically forever, people don’t think about them much.  You’ve probably been the recipient of a booklet or two at some point in your life.  Perhaps it was a government booklet or a hand-out you received, or you might have even gotten one in your mailbox.  But, you probably didn’t think to yourself, “Oh yay!  A booklet!  Gee, this is a great idea.  I should write one of these!”

There is no focus on booklets.  The focus is, and always has been, on books.  But, this is a good thing for booklet authors, because right now there’s almost no competition.  But, it’s not going to be that way forever.  That’s why it’s good that you’re here – thinking about booklets – now.  Because you’ve got the advantage of a head start!

Booklets are catching on and it’s only a matter of time before there are alot more booklets on the market.

Another thing to love about booklets is the price you can charge.  Since you’re not competing with a bunch of other authors writing about the same topic and selling their work for pennies, you can charge more and that means you make more money for less work!

In other words, you get paid what your booklet is worth based on its content and your audience.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  You shouldn’t have to lower your priced to pennies just because everyone else is.  And with booklets you don’t have to!

If you’ve been thinking about writing a booklet it’s time to stop thinking because the time to do it is now – now, before the booklet market becomes more crowded as more authors become aware of this opportunity.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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