Update On My New Website

www-350195_1280Back on December 22 I hired a designer/developer to create my new website and I was relieved to finally get this project off the ground.  But, on December 31st, having barely begun, I lost my developer.  I didn’t fret, however.  Instead, I went and got my nails done.  I wanted to end 2014 on a positive note.

I knew I’d find someone else and everything would work out for the best, and it did!  A couple of weeks later I hired a company not only to create my site, but to handle all the branding that goes into it as well.  It’s been a wild ride ever since!

When you create a website there’s so much that goes into it – especially if you’re any kind of public figure such as a speaker, coach, writer/author, etc.  You need a website that represents you and your company, but also speaks to your audience.  From the moment you start marketing yourself and your work you are creating your brand.  When you create a website you have to condense that brand into something easily definable and almost tangible.  It’s a tough process but it’s what separates you from everyone else on the internet.

I’m nearing the end of the branding process now and will be entering the development process shortly.  There’s still a lot of work ahead, but it’s getting done and that’s the exciting part!

I can’t wait to unveil the site!  Until then,  I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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