The Real Reason For Starting Your Promotional Efforts Early

Marketing StrategyI’ve heard it so many times and it makes me want to scream!  I bet you’ve heard it too.  It’s the advice given to book authors regarding promotion.  The question is:  When should you start promoting your book?  The answer that’s always given is:  Before you’ve finished writing.

Actually, there’s some leeway with the answer.  Sometimes you’ll hear six months before you finish writing, or six months before you go to press.  But that’s not what gets my dander up.  What gets me is the reason why this advice is given.  The reason for this lovely piece of nonsense is that other authors writing on the same subject matter as you, or in the same genre as you, will get to market with all their little promotional ducks in a row and get a huge head start.  As if that really matters!

Here’s the thing.  The marketplace is vast.  There’s room for everyone and I do mean EVERYONE!  Writing a book or booklet isn’t a race.  There is no finish line.

And, if it were true that everyone else was getting a head start, you’d be out of the running before you ever wrote a word because pretty much every subject under the sun has been written about at some point in time, probably long before you were even born.

There is a time when you DO want to get a head start, and that time is when you’re writing about something happening now – something very current – such as something making headlines in the news.  But, chances are if you’re reading this blog and contemplating writing a booklet, or you’ve got a few under your belt already, that’s not you.

The REAL reason you want to start thinking about your promotion before your book (or booklet) is finished is because you don’t want to get your ebook on a website or have printed copies created, and then not have a clue what you’re going to do next.

You want to have some kind of marketing plan in place so that you can get your booklet on the market and start making money.  That’s the reason for having a promotional plan before your booklet is finished.  And by the way, I’ll tell you now that you should have some kind of marketing plan in place before you ever write the first word of your booklet.  Knowing who you’re marketing to will help you write your booklet.  And then when that booklet is finished you’ll have a plan in place for getting it sold.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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