My rant about a blog post that really ticked me off

anger-477044_1280Recently I read a blog post that really ticked me off. It was written by another writer who has a fairly popular blog about writing.

The post in question was discussing writing advice – bad writing advice to be more specific.  The blogger stated that there is alot of bad advice being given to writers, which is true.  But, the blogger then went on to state an example of bad writing advice and the example cited was advice I have given to you.

What was the example?  Get it done!  That was it!

To be fair, this blogger is writing to book authors and their task is more complex than what we booklet authors have to do.  But even book authors can’t afford to dilly dally for too long.

I’m a big advocate of done is better than perfect because you’ll never reach perfect.  Even if you could your booklet wouldn’t be perfect for long because things change so fast.

The vast majority of people will talk your ears off about how much they want to do something but they’ll never take any action toward achieving it – either because they’re afraid to start or because they’re waiting for the perfect time, or to have more money to put into their project, or they’re waiting until after their vacation, or maybe until Hell freezes over.

So yes!  I say get it done!  Just start.  Stop talking, waiting and wishing and start doing!  You might mess it up.  You might fall flat on your face.  And if you do you’ll learn from the experience and be the better for it.  But, you might just surprise yourself and come out a winner.  It happens all the time.  But it can only happen if you start, follow through and GET IT DONE!!!

Comments anyone?

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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