Penguin Group Publishes Booklets For Dr. Who Fans

Dr WhoMy daughter received an intriguing gift over the holidays.  It’s a collection of booklets – 12 to be exact – which contain stories about the fictional character Dr. Who.  Each booklet contains 1 story about 1 doctor (there have been twelve doctors).  The first booklet contains a story about the first doctor, the second booklet contains a story about the second doctor and so on.

The booklets are published by Penguin Group.  Each booklet is about 49 pages long.  The print is rather large – like that which you would see in a book for third graders.  And each booklet was written by a different author.

Most likely this booklet set was done as a single project through Penguin Group – meaning they knew who they wanted to author them.  Some of the booklets are authored by writers who are well known among the Dr. Who fan base.

The booklets are being marketed as a set of “mini paperbacks” rather than booklets, and sells for just over $24.00 on Amazon.

There’s so much you can do with booklets!  This is a great example of booklets created in a fictional genre.   Here are some key take-away ideas you can use from this example (even if you’re writing non-fiction):

1) You can create your own booklet set.  You can have a set of three booklets, or five, or ten or even twenty.  There are no hard and fast rules for booklets.  And your page count could be anywhere from 12 to about 70 pages each.

2) You can team up with other authors to create a set of booklets.  Each time a set is sold, each author gets a cut of the profit.  The advantage here is that each author is promoting the set, so your booklet gets more exposure.

3)  How you position your booklets in the marketplace will determine your price.  Do you want your booklets to be presented as low priced, timely advice at your fingertips?  Call it a booklet.  Or, if you really want to stress low price, call it a pamphlet.  Do you want to command a higher price?  Add a few pages and call it a mini-book or mini-paperback.  And if you really want to add value, make it a collectors’ edition!

Can you think of some more ideas to add to this list?  Send me a comment!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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