Why Offering Pre-Orders Gives You A Big Advantage


Have you ever gone to Amazon’s website and clicked on a book that interested you, and you saw that it wasn’t available yet but you could pre-order it?

Pre-ordering gives the seller a big advantage – whether that seller is a large publisher or a small, one person entity like you.  The big advantage is that you get paid up front.

A lot of people make plans for how they’ll sell their product after it comes out on the market.  But, what if you could get a head start on those sales and sell before it’s even finished?  Or, in the case of your booklets, before it’s even written?

There is another advantage to pre-orders.  You get there first – before your competition.  It’s been said that the guy who shows up first takes the lion’s share of the profits.  Consider Starbucks.  They came on the scene and then, shortly thereafter came Tully’s, Big Food Java, and all the other copy cats.  And none of them are nearly as big as Starbucks.

If you’ve got a unique booklet, or a unique take on your topic, getting there first is a big advantage.  It means you are the one that your marketplace will associate that idea with.  If I say fast food hamburgers, what immediately pops into your mind?  Isn’t it McDonalds?

What works for books often works for booklets and this is true for pre-orders.  You can start accepting pre-orders a few weeks or a few months before your release date.  Just make sure that your release date is known to those who order from you so they’ll know when to expect delivery.

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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