How To Write A Successful E-booklet Your Readers Will Love

HeartSome people will tell you that a successful e-book (or e-booklet), or a successful book, doesn’t need to make a lot of money.  These people’s definition of success is based on whether or not readers like the book or booklet.

While it is important to create an e-booklet that readers will enjoy or find handy, it is just as important, if not more so, to make money.  If your e-booklets, or any of your other products, are not bringing in money then you don’t have a business.  You have a hobby.  A business can only sustain itself (and you for that matter!) if it brings in money.

And, it needs to bring in a lot of money.  After all, what’s the point of being in business if you could make the same amount of money working for someone else?  It’s not easy being in business so if you’re not going to make it worth your while you might as well let someone else have the hassles and you can just collect your paycheck.

All that said, you do want to keep your readers and quantity buyers coming back for more, and that means creating quality products, booklets and e-booklets your readers will love.  So, how do you do that?  Here are three simple steps to help you create an e-booklet your readers will love:

1)  Know your audience.  Who is your ideal reader?  Create a profile of them and tailor your booklet just for them.

2)  What is your ideal reader’s biggest problem in the area of your subject that you can solve with your booklet?  People are willing to pay for information they can use to help them solve a problem.  When you target your booklet to your market’s needs they are more likely to buy.

3)  Make your information easy to understand and use.  The whole point of booklets is that they are a fast read – the most important information at your fingertips.  Don’t waste pages on introductions and other non-essential data. Pack every page with useful information.

Doing the above three things will help ensure that your e-booklet is successful and your readers will return for more!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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