How To Offer Your Market A New Product Without Doing Any Extra Writing


A recent study suggests that readers prefer longer e-books rather then shorter ones.  100,000 words and up seemed to be the tipping point toward higher sales.  But, does this mean you should stop selling your e-booklets and start writing lengthier e-books?  Not at all.  But, it does mean you might try a new strategy.

Everyone likes to have a choice.  Too many choices and customers become confused and don’t buy.   A single choice will bring sales, but you’ll lose some too because one choice isn’t right for everyone.  You know what they say about two heads?  The same is often true for the marketplace.  Two choices are better than one.

But, how can you offer two choices when all you have are little booklets?  Simple.  Create a series.  Picture this.  You have a series of 10 booklets.  You offer each one for sale individually.  But, you also offer them together as a package deal – bound together as it were – to make a longer e-book.  It’s the same information, but now your marketplace has a choice.  They can buy a short booklet and come back for more when they’re ready, or they can get all of your great information on the topic in e-book form.

It’s the best of both worlds and a smart marketing move.  It’s also a smart sales move because you stand to make more money this way for two reasons.  First, those who want more than just a little booklet will now have the option of purchasing your e-book.  And second, those who purchase your e-book will be spending more money up front, and those who don’t will spend even more money over the long haul because if you price your e-booklets correctly, then buying all of them separately will cost more than the price of your e-book.

Offering your booklets together as an e-book also helps you in another way.  It gives you a completely new product to offer, thus expanding your product line.  Now you offer e-booklets and e-books.  And it didn’t even require any extra writing!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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