Where Are The Booklet Publishers?

Question MarkOne of the things writers often ask me about when I talk with them is where they can get their booklets published.  These writers have heard me talk about how simple it is to get a booklet written and on the market and they want in.  But, in order to enter this niche of the writing industry they will need to change their thinking.

Booklet publishers in the traditional sense of book publishers do not exist.  There is no big company publisher anywhere that is soliciting writers to send in booklet manuscripts.  But, that’s one of the reasons to embrace booklet publishing!

Booklet publishing, like self publishing a book, is a do-it-yourself affair.  This is an advantage because there are no rejection slips and you maintain full control over your work.  You are the one who will decide how many pages your booklet will have, what the layout and cover will look like, and when it will be available to your market.

Publishing your booklets yourself also means the entire process from start to finish happens very quickly.  There is no middle man to go through, nobody who needs to give their approval.  In short, there’s nobody standing between you and the marketplace.  You decide what you want to write, get it done, get it produced so it looks the way you want it to, and get it on the market.  It’s simple and quick.

Of course, booklet publishing isn’t for everyone.  If you want to go the traditional route and write a book and send it to publishers – if that’s where your heart is – by all means do it.  But, if you’ve been that route and you haven’t had any success, or if you’re looking for another way to make money with your writing, or if you just want to by-pass all the red tape, then booklet publishing might just be for you.

When you decide to publish a booklet you’re beginning an adventure.  You’re starting a business and doing something new, something fun and something profitable.  You’re leaving the highway and forging your own path.  In a sense, you’re a renegade writer.  You’re no longer playing by the old rule book.  Now, you’re making your own rules.

So, how about it?  Are you ready for an adventure?

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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