The Two Things You Must Do To Make Money With Booklets

So, you want to write a booklet and make lots of money.  Yeah?  Well, you can!  But, if you don’t do it right your booklet won’t sell.

There are two things you absolutely must do – no exceptions – in order for you to make money with your booklet.  Do these things and you’ll do well.  They may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore them!

First you must make sure that your booklet will be wanted.  If you create a booklet about how to teach your canary to sing but nobody wants to teach their canary to sing you’re not going to have any money coming in.

There needs to be a hungry market for what you’ve got to offer.  In its most basic sense, a booklet is information.  You must make sure that the information you’re offering is information that people want.  Not everyone will want your booklet, but you need to make sure that enough people do or it won’t be worth your time to create it.

Second, you must create a booklet that is helpful or useful.  Have you ever purchased a book thinking it was exactly what you were looking for only to receive it and find out it didn’t contain any real information?  You want to avoid this at all costs with your booklet.

Your booklet should be exactly what your particular audience needs and is looking for.  It should speak directly to them about their problem and give them solid information they can use.

Imagine you’re taking a road trip.  You pack up your car and head off down the road with your map in your hand.  But, when you open the map you find it gives directions for how to get someplace other than where you’re going.  How useful would that map be then?

Or, what if you opened the map and found the inside was just a blank piece of paper?  What kind of impression would that give you of the company that sold you the “map?”

Your booklet is a representation of you and your company.  Make it shine!  When your booklets are helpful to people they’ll want to come back to you for more, and they’ll recommend your booklets and other products to those in their circle of influence.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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