Four Ways You Can Spin Off Your Booklet And Make More Money

Your booklet is on the market and doing well.  Congratulations!  It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  But, if you’re not leveraging your booklet by spinning it off into other products you’re leaving money on the table!

Here are four ways you can spin off your booklet to make more money:

1)  Create a second booklet with more information to cross sell with your first one.  You’ve got a market that’s buying your booklet.  Why not sell them another one?

2)  Create an e-version of your printed booklet.  Or create a printed version of your e-booklet.  Different customers prefer their information different ways.  Creating a new version of your booklet will appeal to another segment of your market and create more revenue for you!

3)  Record your booklet to a cd or mp3.  With today’s technology this is so easy to do and costs little to nothing.  This is an easy way to expand your product line with very little extra work.

4) Teach a class or give a talk based on your booklet.  This is a great way to create interest in your subject matter and in your business, and it gives you a chance to interact with those in your market, giving you new ideas for more booklets and other products.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  I welcome your comments as always!

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