Seven Ideas That Will Give You More Hours In A Day

Is your writing suffering because there aren’t enough hours in a day?  Writing a booklet doesn’t take very long, but you still need to set aside a few days to a couple of weeks to get it done.  And, once it is done you’re going to need to set aside some time to market it and get it sold, then create another booklet and do it all over again.  In short, you need time to work on your business.

So, how do you find the time when you’re overwhelmed already?  Here are seven ideas to help you come up with more hours in a day to devote to your writing and your business.

1)  Get someone else to take over the house/yard work.  Vacuuming, dusting, weeding and mowing the lawn are simple tasks you can hand off to another family member or hire someone to do.  The money you pay someone to do these tasks will be money well spent.  It will buy you a few more hours per week!

2)  Turn off the TV.  Don’t have the TV running in the background during the day.  It’s distracting and you’ll lose time to it.  Instead, schedule your TV watching.  Maybe you’ll have an hour in the evening after your work day is finished.  And, along those lines, limit the time spent watching TV.  That’s time you could use for working!

3)  Schedule a time to handle email and social media.  If it takes you an hour, then schedule that hour and stick to it.  Don’t go back to it again once it’s done.  So much time gets sucked up with email and facebook and twitter.  It’s easy to spend an hour with these things and not even realize it!

4)  Unplug or turn off your phone.  The telephone is another thing that sucks up your time.  You’ve just sat down at the computer to work on your booklet when suddenly the phone rings.  You answer it and it’s your friend Suzy.  Before you know it you’ve been shootin’ the breeze for an hour!  Unplugging or turning your phone off will allow you to work without the interruption – meaning you’ll get more done.  And after you’ve finished you can plug your phone back in or turn it on again.

5)  Schedule your errands and grocery shopping for one day a week.  Or, better yet, have someone else do them for you!  Maybe your spouse can pick up the groceries on their way home from work.  If you’re running around several days a week you’re losing alot of time you could be putting into your writing and your business.  Do as little as you have to, and what you have to do try to schedule all at once as much as possible to get them out of the way and give you more free time.

6)  Create a work schedule.  Just like someone with a 9-5 job, you need a work schedule to help keep you on track.  When you know what hours you’re supposed to be working it makes it easier to get into a work mindset during those hours.  Also, you’ll be able to let your friends and family know when you’ll be available and when you won’t.

7)  Make the most of wait times.  If you’re at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, stuck in traffic, or waiting for a table at a local restaurant make the most of that time.  You can read, listen to a cd or mp3, take care of your social media with your phone, create notes, write your to-do list for tomorrow, etc.  Time spent waiting can be used constructively and I’ve personally found that if I show up at the doctor’s office with a good business book I am enjoying I always get called right away!  And that cuts down on my waiting time so I can get on to other things!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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