Three Simple Things That Will Help You Take Your Business To The Top

Have you ever wondered why People like Oprah, JK Rowling, Donald Trump and Bill Gates have had so much success while you seem to toil in obscurity?  The answer may surprise you, but I assure you it’s something anyone can do.

And here it is.  What Oprah, JK Rowling, Donald Trump and Bill Gates all have in common are the following three things.

1) Self discipline.  This one seems like such a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  Yet it’s something most of us struggle with.  People like Oprah  and Donald Trump have the self discipline to show up for work regardless of what may come up, with the exception of maybe a natural disaster or some other horrific event that prevents them from it.  Without self discipline you can’t get your work done because something more fun or seemingly more pressing will always come up.  Master this and you’ll start getting things done and making progress.

2) Commitment.  This one works hand in hand with self discipline.  Self discipline says, “Yes, I would love to go out on my friend’s boat today.  It’s a beautiful day.  But, I can’t.  Today is a scheduled work day for me and I need to get some things done.  And then commitment steps in and says, “And, I made a commitment to myself, my family and my fans.  I can’t let them down.  I need to uphold my end of the bargain.

Commitment is also what pulls you through your projects and helps you get each one finished.  It’s what tells you that, “No, I can’t move on to project B because project A isn’t done yet.  I’m going to finish project A first, and then I can move on to project B.”  With self discipline and commitment you’re almost unstoppable!  But, there’s one more thing you need….

3) Ritual.  This is what keeps you on track.  It’s your system or your way of doing things that same way over and over.  It’s something you’ve tried and kept what worked, threw out what didn’t and added what you needed to in order to make up the difference.  Your ritual is completely your own.

Your particular ritual will consist of the following:

  • The time you get up each morning and your daily morning routine.
  • How you begin your work day.  Do you start with phone calls, working on that new booklet, getting your social media out of the way, email, or ???
  • When and where you take your lunch.
  • What you do after lunch.  Do you take a walk to clear your mind?  Jump right in to your next project?
  • What time you stop your work day.
  • What you do for relaxation after your work day is over.

This is a very basic example, but your ritual is basically your routine way of going about your day.  It’s how you handle your time.  If you’re not getting things done and you’ve mastered self discipline and commitment, chances are it’s your ritual or routine that’s holding you back.

Master each of these things and you’ll soon be at the top.  You’ll find that projects are getting done, bringing in profit, building your business and making you smile!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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