Here’s My Definition Of What It Means To Be Rich. What’s Yours?

Recently one of my e-course students wrote to me asking for my definition of rich.  He wanted to know whether I was sincere when I said that a booklet can make you rich.

I responded by telling him that the word rich means different things to different people, and I could only give him my definition.   So, here is my definition of what it means to be rich:  It means having more than enough, and having the freedom to enjoy it.  Simple as that.

There are some people who have piles of money but they’re always working.  They never have time to enjoy their money.  Rather than their work providing them with the kind of lifestyle they would like to live, their work has become their lifestyle.  What’s the point of amassing a fortune if you’re not going to enjoy it?  Once the bills are paid off it doesn’t matter how much you earn if all the money you make just sits – even if it’s earning interest or dividends.

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I’m not saying you should blow every cent you make.  It is wise to invest some of your money, maybe even most of it.  But, life is uncertain and nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.  So, at least in my book, it’s a good idea to enjoy a little of your money.  Take a nice vacation, throw a backyard barbeque party and invite some friends over, take your kids or grandkids on a special outing, or treat your spouse to dinner at the nicest, most expensive restaurant in town.  splurge a little once in a while.

Most entrepreneurs enjoy what they do.  They’ve built their businesses from the ground up because they believed in themselves and what they were doing.  And sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the business that you forget to take a little time off and splurge a little.  In fact, sometimes the entrepreneur doesn’t even want to take time off because they enjoy what they do so much.  I know this to be especially true for those of us who write.

But, writing is what you do.  It’s a big part of who you are, but it isn’t all of who you are.  And, when you spend too much time with any one area of your life the other areas will suffer.  The key is balance.

Taking time off once in a while is good for you and your business.  It helps you rejuvenate so you can return to your business refreshed and full of new ideas.  This is part of being rich, as far as I’m concerned, because you don’t have the freedom to do this when you work for someone else.  You can’t waltz in on Monday and tell them you’re taking the rest of the week off.  But, when you’re in booklet publishing you can – at least in the early stages of your business.  And even down the road, with a little planning you can easily take time off.

Money is only part of the equation.  Freedom is an absolute must.  And not only the freedom to take time off and do things you want to do, but also the freedom to run your business the way you see fit, and the freedom to make more money.  It’s all connected.

True wealth isn’t just money in the bank.  It’s not limousines and mansions, though it can include that.  But it’s so much more.  It’s the total picture – having more than enough so you can give to others, and having the freedom to enjoy vibrant living – your way!

What does rich mean to you?  I welcome your comments!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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