Why You’re Not Making Sales And What You Can Do About It

You’ve created a booklet, or perhaps your latest and greatest product yet.  You’ve put it out there in the marketplace and shouted to your audience that it’s available.  In short, you’ve done everything you could think of to get your audience to take notice but they’re not budging.  Your sales are few or worse -nonexistent.  What happened?

Here’s a quick list of potential problems and how you can make it better:

1)  You’re not marketing to the right people.  Knowing who you’re writing for or who is most likely to purchase what you have to offer is an essential marketing component for any product.  It could be that your product is fantastic but you’ve got the wrong audience.  Take a closer look at the audience you’re marketing to.  What else are they buying?  Are they buying similar items? If not you make need to find another market.

2)  You’re not using the right media.  It may be that you’ve got the right audience but the wrong media.  For example, are you trying to reach seniors through twitter?  Forget it!  Studies have shown that seniors prefer Facebook!  But if you really want to see an impact in your sales to seniors you’ll be marketing to them offline because that’s the best way to get response from this age group.   Take a look at what your audience pays attention to and how they communicate, then communicate to them through the same means.

3)  You didn’t say the magic words.  Knowing what your audience buys and which sales channels they pay attention to most is only part of the process.  You also need to know what kind of message they respond to.  You might be dangling the carat right in front of their nose but if they think it’s a carrot they’ll walk away and never come back.   Look at your sales presentation.  Is there anything in it that your audience might be turned off by?  Did you forget to include something important?  What big problem does your audience have that you can solve for them?  Did you tell them that in your sales presentation and make it crystal clear?

So many business owners and authors today think that all they need to do is come up with a product or write a book, put it online and presto!  Instant money!  But, more often than not, people are finding out that – just like in the offline world – it’s not quite that easy.

Knowing who your audience is, what kind of message they will respond to and how you can reach them are the most basic, most important essentials to making sales.  These three are the foundation on which everything else is built.  If you’re not making sales chances are one or more of these three fundamentals is the culprit.

Comments anyone?

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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