My Foolproof Recipe For Success

I admit I’m not a small thinker.  When I think of success I want it all – not just success in my business but success in every area of my life.  I want to live my life to the fullest in every way.  Don’t you?  Of course you do!  Here, then, is my foolproof recipe for success:

1)  Get healthy and stay in shape.  It doesn’t matter how much success you have in the rest of your life if you’re not well enough to enjoy it.  If you need to lose weight do it.  Put together a healthy eating plan and add some kind of exercise that you will enjoy.  Your health and well being are the very foundation for all the success you will ever have in your life.  It’s important.  Make it your top priority.

2)  Get enough sleep.  This is part of staying healthy and it’s so basic, yet how many of us don’t get enough sleep?  You can’t be successful if you’re slogging through your day with your eyelids half shut.   You should probably get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night, and it’s a proven fact that sleep before midnight is better quality sleep than after midnight so try to get to bed no later than 11pm – at least most nights.  Then you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!

3)  Deal with your negative stress.  Don’t ignore it.  Stress is unhealthy and can be a killer.  When something has you really stressed do something to relax so you can work on a solution to the problem.  Take a walk, chat with a friend, listen to some music, meditate, go for a scenic drive or do some other relaxing activity.  Don’t think about the problem or how stressed you are while you’re doing the activity.  Just relax as if you haven’t got a care in the world.  Afterward, when your mind is refreshed and body is relaxed, then think about a solution.

4)  Don’t put off important decisions.  Procrastination only serves to keep you stuck right where you are.  Put a little time and thought into your toughest decisions but once you’ve weighed the pros and cons it’s time to decide what you’re going to do so that you can move forward.

5)  Take action.  Most people are not where they want to be in life because that haven’t taken the action necessary to get them there.  When you decide to do something you must ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DECISION WITH ACTION. That’s how things get done!

6)  Don’t spend everything you make.  Save a portion of your income for emergencies, vacations and fun, and the unexpected.  It doesn’t hurt to invest a little too!  Knowing you’ve got money in the bank will go a long way toward helping you keep stress down and you’ll be prepared for whatever life brings you.

7)  Give.  Successful people give of their time and money.  It feels good to give and feeling good adds to your overall success and well being.

8)  Cultivate your faith.  Take time for study, prayer, meditation, going to services or doing whatever is appropriate for your particular faith.  Your faith is a big part of who you are.  It strengthens you and builds your confidence so that you can be successful in other areas of your life.

9)  Spend quality time with family.  Time goes so fast.  Before you know it your children are grown and gone, your grandchildren are in college and you’re wondering where the time went.  Make it a point to spend time with your family and make that time meaningful.  Turn off the tv and take the kids out where you can sit down with them and chat.  TV does nothing to foster communication.  If you have older relatives pay them a visit.  It will mean the world to them and you might just learn something about your family that you didn’t know before.

10)  Make time for fun.  You know the expression about all work and no play.  Fun is a necessity of life.  Without fun there’s no point in striving for success.  Fun could be a family outing, a movie with a friend, or doing something you enjoy alone.  Fun also helps you to de-stress, connect with your loved ones and be your best self!

11)  Reward yourself and celebrate your success.  Did you reach an important business or life goal?  Treat yourself to something special!  Make your reward fit the occasion such as a new outfit or a massage for reaching a weight loss goal, or a decorative object for your desk or office for completing a business goal.

Would you like to add anything to this list?  Your comments are always welcome!

To your success!

Kim Hillman

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