Why Your Challenges Are The Key To Creating The Business And Life Of Your Dreams

Over the past several months I’ve been through some difficult things including a car accident involving myself and my three children, the death of my grandmother, and then, just last week I discovered that two of my children might have melanoma (skin cancer – see my facebook page for updates on that).

Life is full of ups and downs and the two never seem to level out.  You’re either up and everything is fine or even great, or your down and things aren’t going so well.  And while you may not have control over things that happen in your life you always have control over how you deal with them mentally, emotionally, and perhaps even physically.  When something major happens in your life your reaction is what determines how that event will affect you.

I’ve always believed that each of us is more than we think we are – that we are capable of far more than we realize.  I believe that we are born with an unlimited amount of potential and that as long as we’re grounded in reality we can not only reach for the stars, but we can grab them by the handful.  The old saying that if you believe you can, you can is true.

I’ve been through many trials in my lifetime and I’m sure you’ve had your share as well.  I’ve found that each one has made me stronger and helped to shape who I am today.  It’s because of the difficult times that I can run a business.  Running a business isn’t for the weak.  It takes a great amount of strength and courage.  When you start a business there will be difficulties from the very beginning and, just as in life, there will be ups and downs throughout the life of your business.  And each time you make it through a crisis in your business you’ll have learned something and gathered more strength to fight the next battle or make your next best decision.

Our greatest achievements don’t happen without some kind of struggle.  We wrestle with the intangible to achieve the seemingly impossible – and then once we do achieve our goal we’re on to the next challenge.  As long as we’re in business and as long as we live the challenges never end.  We may get to rest for a little while in between, but that rest will soon be replaced by the next hurdle we must get over.

Be thankful for the hurdles.  They give you the insight and strength you need to create the kind of business and life you want.

If you’re wondering if you can write a booklet and sell a million copies – you can. If you’re wondering if you can create an entire booklet publishing empire with many different series of booklets – you can.  And if you’re wondering if you can create a publishing business that offers not only booklets but also books and other information products – you can.  There will be struggles but there will also be great rewards for your efforts.

You are more than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can do.  You don’t even need to believe that to get started.  Just start from where you are and watch yourself and your business grow into more than you ever thought possible!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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4 responses to “Why Your Challenges Are The Key To Creating The Business And Life Of Your Dreams

  1. Inspiring! I agree with you wholeheartedly that we are much more than we think. Not beliving that used to stop me from growing and reaching for personal and career aspirations. Finally seeing that “impossible” is just a challenge has led me on a journey to become my greatest self.

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