The Secret To Getting Your Booklet DONE!

It happens everyday.  Somewhere, someone comes up with a great idea for a book.  And then they imagine what it would be like to be a writer and live a successful writer’s life.

For many people that’s as far as they’ll ever get to realizing that dream.  It’s just a passing thought, a daydream.

But, other people will sit down and try to write something.  They might even get a chapter or two done.  These people really do want to write their book – at least until something else comes along that they really want to do.  Then, they’ll abandon their “book” project in favor of the next exciting project.  Or, they’ll just get busy – too busy to work on their book.

Everyone has a book inside them, but not everyone will actually write one.  Most people don’t fancy themselves writers.  And even of those who do, precious few will ever see their work in print.

Because you read this blog you already know that booklets have a huge advantage over books in that they are so quick to write.  You can literally make a decision to write a booklet today and have a completed manuscript tomorrow if you want to. But, even so there are plenty of people who say they would like to write one and don’t.

What makes one writer write and another writer procrastinate forever?  Why does one writer finish a booklet, book or other project while another writer writes forever but never gets the writing done?  Why does one writer stay focused while another abandons their project for something else?

The answer is that the one who succeeds is the one who has the most pressure to get it done.

Most people would probably say they don’t like to work under pressure.  This is true.  Procrastination, smelling the roses, dillydallying, daydreaming and playing are all human nature.  We like doing what’s easy, and we like doing what’s fun even more.  And writing takes discipline as well as some thought, skill and just plain work.  Even little booklets require some thought and the discipline to see the project through.

But what creates that pressure?  How can you become pressured enough to actually get your booklet done?

Some might say they need the money and that’s enough to pressure.  But, how many of those writers who don’t finish what they write need money?  All of them do because they didn’t finish their book or booklet and they have nothing to sell!

How many Americans need money but would rather sit in front of the TV after dinner than go and do something to earn that money?  Most people would rather complain about their circumstances than do what’s necessary to actually change them.  

So, no, money is not enough pressure although it can be a motivating factor.

How do you create that pressure for yourself?  Deadlines!  You give yourself deadlines for reaching your goals and getting things done.

Just creating a deadline helps change your thinking.  Suddenly there’s a finish line and you need to get there on time!  And while it may not seem like this would work because you were the one who created the deadline for yourself, it actually does.  Your mind locks in that date and/or time that you set and you feel the pressure to get it together and get it DONE!

If you’re having trouble getting your manuscript done (or started!), or if you need a push to complete another project (your taxes perhaps?) try giving yourself a deadline and sticking to it and see how much you get done!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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