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Discover The REAL Payoff That Comes From Booklets

So you’ve created a booklet and it’s doing well.  That’s great!  What’s next?  Create more booklets and other products.

So, you’ve created more booklets and other products, and you’re making more money and things are going great.  You’ve built the business of your dreams.  Good for you!  What’s next?

Once you’ve got your business going the way you want it and things are running smoothly, and you’re making good money, it’s time to think about giving something back – not to your customers because you should be doing that anyway in the form of great information – but to your family, your community, and the world.

As a business owner who is making more than the average Joe you have the most wonderful opportunity to change lives and make a difference.  No, you probably won’t be able to make a huge impact on a global scale, but you can make a difference to someone.

Maybe you’ll help your grand daughter with college expenses, or you might give to a charity that has touched your heart.  Maybe you’ll help the homeless, or pregnant teens, or children who are in foster care, or the elderly.

And if you’re not there yet – with a booming business and making more money than Joe Average – you can still make a difference.  Just start right where you are.  Maybe you can’t donate a lot of money, but you can donate a little.  That little bit when added to everyone else’s little bit will still add up to a lot!  And if you absolutely can’t give money you can always offer a little time.  Whatever you can do – do that!

Why give?  Because it not only helps someone else, it makes you feel good!  In fact, it’s addictive once you get started.  Try it and see!

I have a special account at my bank that I deposit money into several times a month for the sole purpose of giving.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to give to my family, my friends and my community when a need arises, as well as having money to donate for things such as charities and natural disasters.

You might want to open a special account at your bank for such a purpose.  You can put into it whatever you can afford, and if you add to it regularly you’ll find that the amount grows and you’ll always have money to give when you want to or when a need arises.

I don’t know if one person can change the entire world, but I do know that each of us has the power to make a difference in at least a small but significant way.  And if enough of us are doing our part then together we can make the world a better place for all of us!

The only reason to own any business, booklets included, is to make yourself rich.  But the real payoff is being able to afford to give.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone who couldn’t have done “it” with out you!

To your riches!


Kim Hillman

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Feeling Buried By Your Work? Here’s How To Dig Your way Out!

I’m a big believer in to-do lists.  I use one every day for getting things done.  If I didn’t, I’d probably get nothing done.  I work in an environment that can have some pretty crazy distractions – many of them caused by my son who is disabled, but the rest of the family can be equally distracting!

It’s my fault, really.  I was the one who wanted an office in an open space.  There’s a back wall and two side walls, but no front wall.  From my desk, looking straight ahead, I see the door to my older daughter’s bedroom (a nice arrangement, by the way, as she’s a teenager!), and the stairs.  And though I can’t see the other bedroom doors, nobody gets past me coming or going!

But, this also means that everyone stops in to tell me of their latest crisis, or who’s done what to whom.  And each distraction gets me out of my “vibe” and it takes me about a good 20 minutes to get back into it.

You know how it is when you’re on roll and really into the work you’re doing – whether it’s writing or making calls or whatever.  And when you get interrupted that intrusion makes your mind do a 180.  Yeah.

Now try to imagine that happening several times a day.  Some days maybe three or four times in an hour. It’s tough.  Without my lists I’d be lucky to remember what business I was in let alone what I was doing 10 minutes ago!

But, there’s a downside to lists too.  If you’ve ever made out a list I’m sure you can relate.  You sit down and think of everything you want to accomplish in your day and before you know it you’ve got 20 items on your list.  And some of them are big, time consuming things.

Of course you prioritize putting the most important item at the top, and then the next most important item and so on down the list.

And then you go through your day and begin to check off those items, but by the time you’ve finished lunch you realize that there’s no way you’re going to get to all those things today.  And that’s when the stress begins.

After a while I finally got to the point where I just figured that what didn’t get done today could go on tomorrow’s list.  But, the problem with that is each day has it’s own things that need to get done.  And some of that stuff from yesterday just keeps getting pushed further and further down the list and never gets done.

And let’s face it, when you’re in business even the small stuff matters.

So, I’ve come up with a new strategy.  I’m now making smaller lists.  Instead of filling my sheet of paper with items to do, I’m only writing down a handful of items.

Today’s list, for example, had just two items on it.  There was no stress, no feeling of being overwhelmed or buried by the work I had to get done.  Just two items.  It was manageable and freeing!

Of course, if I get those two items finished early I can always do more.  But seeing just a couple of items on my list was energizing and I was ready to dig right in.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list, cut it down.  Try filling just half a page instead of a full page.  Or, give yourself a limit such as no more than four items on your list.  Then, watch your productivity go up!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The Most Important Writing You Will Ever Do In Your Life

Weekends, for me, are a time to spend relaxing with family.  It’s a time when we are all together for meals, and I cook special foods for my family and I to enjoy. Often we’ll play a game of cards after dinner or work on a puzzle together. In short, weekends at my house are like a holiday – food, family and a bit of fun.

My family is important to me, and as time has gone on and I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize just how precious each moment spent with my family is – especially my older relatives who I don’t see as often as I should or as I’d like to.

These days I only have a few older relatives left.  Most of them are gone now.  The chance to visit with them, to hear their their stories, to get to know them better is gone forever.  I’m left only with a few memories and photos.  Or so I thought.

This past weekend I happened upon a stack of greeting cards that were kept together with a rubber band.  It was a stack of cards I didn’t know I had.

As I tried to remove the rubber band it broke – after doing it’s job of holding all those cards together for 30 years!

I looked at the first card in the stack and quickly realized that these were cards given to me when I graduated high school – cards from family members long gone, and from old friends who I hadn’t seen in years.

I began reading the things people wrote to me in each card.  Nice sentiments for a bright time in a young person’s life.  And then I came upon a card from my grandmother who passed away last August.  She only wrote a paragraph, but it moved me to tears.  It was almost as if she were standing beside me, telling me again how much she believed in me, and how much she loved me.  It was such a precious treasure to find!

But, a couple of cards further into the stack I found another treasure equally as precious.  It was a card from my other grandmother – my paternal grandmother. I didn’t know her very well growing up as she lived 3,000 miles away from me. We had visited her only a handful of times when I was young.  But, she always send cards for my birthdays, for holidays, and for my graduation.  Where all those cards are today no one knows.  But I now have one.

I eagerly opened the card hoping to find a message inside.  But, there was only her signature.  I though to myself, “Well, I don’t remember ever writing to her so I guess it’s only fair she wrote nothing to me.”  And I closed the card.

But then, I flipped the card over to put it on top of the cards I had already looked at and there it was!  Her sentiments to me!  She had filled the entire back side of the card with words of care, and love, and a bit of sorrow at not being able to be at my graduation ceremony.

Oh what bliss!  She had died 22 years ago, yet what she wrote to me in that card seemed fresh – I having forgotten it from so long ago when she first sent me the card.

And that’s when I realized that the most important writing any of us will ever do isn’t our booklets, books, blogs, or other projects.  We do those things to help people and to make money and that’s good.  We need to do those things.  And they have their place, and they are important.  But they aren’t the most important.  No.  That place of grandeur is reserved for something far more special – the cards and letters we give and send to our loved ones.

It’s mind blowing how much thought we’ll put into our booklets, books, and other products and how little thought we give to the writing that really matters most – the writing that will outlast us and be cherished by future generations – our sentiments for our loved ones.

Cards and letters are often kept and cherished by those who receive them – especially when you write something in them besides your signature.

If you’ve ever simply signed a card and sealed the envelope, write a little note inside next time.

And if you usually do write a little note, put a little more thought into it and make it a little longer next time.

You never know.  Someday, long after you are gone, one of your loved ones may happen upon that very card and open it again longing to hear from you!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The Secret To Getting Your Booklet DONE!

It happens everyday.  Somewhere, someone comes up with a great idea for a book.  And then they imagine what it would be like to be a writer and live a successful writer’s life.

For many people that’s as far as they’ll ever get to realizing that dream.  It’s just a passing thought, a daydream.

But, other people will sit down and try to write something.  They might even get a chapter or two done.  These people really do want to write their book – at least until something else comes along that they really want to do.  Then, they’ll abandon their “book” project in favor of the next exciting project.  Or, they’ll just get busy – too busy to work on their book.

Everyone has a book inside them, but not everyone will actually write one.  Most people don’t fancy themselves writers.  And even of those who do, precious few will ever see their work in print.

Because you read this blog you already know that booklets have a huge advantage over books in that they are so quick to write.  You can literally make a decision to write a booklet today and have a completed manuscript tomorrow if you want to. But, even so there are plenty of people who say they would like to write one and don’t.

What makes one writer write and another writer procrastinate forever?  Why does one writer finish a booklet, book or other project while another writer writes forever but never gets the writing done?  Why does one writer stay focused while another abandons their project for something else?

The answer is that the one who succeeds is the one who has the most pressure to get it done.

Most people would probably say they don’t like to work under pressure.  This is true.  Procrastination, smelling the roses, dillydallying, daydreaming and playing are all human nature.  We like doing what’s easy, and we like doing what’s fun even more.  And writing takes discipline as well as some thought, skill and just plain work.  Even little booklets require some thought and the discipline to see the project through.

But what creates that pressure?  How can you become pressured enough to actually get your booklet done?

Some might say they need the money and that’s enough to pressure.  But, how many of those writers who don’t finish what they write need money?  All of them do because they didn’t finish their book or booklet and they have nothing to sell!

How many Americans need money but would rather sit in front of the TV after dinner than go and do something to earn that money?  Most people would rather complain about their circumstances than do what’s necessary to actually change them.  

So, no, money is not enough pressure although it can be a motivating factor.

How do you create that pressure for yourself?  Deadlines!  You give yourself deadlines for reaching your goals and getting things done.

Just creating a deadline helps change your thinking.  Suddenly there’s a finish line and you need to get there on time!  And while it may not seem like this would work because you were the one who created the deadline for yourself, it actually does.  Your mind locks in that date and/or time that you set and you feel the pressure to get it together and get it DONE!

If you’re having trouble getting your manuscript done (or started!), or if you need a push to complete another project (your taxes perhaps?) try giving yourself a deadline and sticking to it and see how much you get done!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Is Your Online Profile Helping Or Hurting Your Sales?

How many times have you typed a search term into Google, clicked on a link, and the page didn’t come up?  Or, it did come up but it was so outdated that you couldn’t use the information?  Or, the information that came up just wasn’t what you expected?  It happens.  But, don’t let it happen to you!

It’s a good idea to Google your own name once in a while.  I realize many of you know this, but if you have never done this, or you haven’t done it in a long time, you might be surprised at what comes up.

Do you remember what you were doing online five, ten, or fifteen years ago? Google does.  And Google is happy to give that information to anyone who requests it through a simple search.

Now I know you might be thinking, “So what!  I’ve never done anything wrong or bad online.  I’ve behaved myself.  Who cares what comes up in Google!”  Well, you should if you’re trying to build a reputation as an expert in your booklet’s subject matter.

Imagine this.  John Smith is searching for you online after visiting your website.  He’s looking for more information about you and the subject of your booklet, trying to decide whether he wants to make a purchase from you.

And what does Google bring him?  Aside from your website which Mr. Smith has already visited, he finds a political article you wrote, some posts by you to a religious forum you’ve long forgotten about, a blog you started about your cat, and your personal Facebook page.

Do any of these things promote you as an expert?  Do they uphold the image of you and your business you project on your website?  Absolutely not.  While there’s nothing wrong with having a personal Facebook page or participating in a forum, you don’t want your potential buyers and readers to be confused about what you stand for.

The solution?  Google your name and if you have a business name google that too.  You should also google the names of your booklets, books and other products.  Watch what comes up, and then you need to clean up the mess if there is one.

Don’t just look at the first page that Google brings up.  Go at least 10 pages deep, and 15 or 20 is even better. People who are really searching for information will go past the first page of Google if they don’t find what they are looking for, but almost nobody will go to page 20 and chances are you don’t have enough information online to fill that many pages on Google anyway.

You want to make sure that not only can people find you, but that what they find presents you, your booklets and your business in the most professional way possible.

Do it now!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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