How To Get Your Booklet Noticed And Sold

I see it all the time online – bad advice given to writers.  The latest?  That you can’t make your book (or booklet, as the case may be!) stand out because it wasn’t published by one of the major publishing houses.

Of all the writers in the U.S. only a tiny handful will ever be published by a major publishing company.  The rest will either settle for a smaller publisher, self-publish or quit writing and find other work.

Fortunately, I’ve got a lot of moxie and I never bothered with a major publisher.  Heck, I didn’t even publish a full length book.  And I never believed that a major publisher would solve all my publishing woes, make my work a best seller and write me a big, fat check.  That’s the stuff they put in movies but it’s a far cry from reality.

What I did believe in was me.  I knew that I could get my work noticed.  I didn’t think twice about it.  I created it and I put it in front of the right people – the people I created it for.  And that’s what you’ve gotta do too.

You’ve gotta grab your prospective readers (or mega buyers) by the throat, shove your work in their face and say, “This is for you!  Just for you!  And if you don’t grab it now you’re going to kick yourself later because this will change your life.  If you don’t buy it you’ll be making the biggest mistake of your life!”

Ok, so you’re not really going to grab ’em by the throat, but you’re work should make them feel exactly the way I described above.  If it doesn’t you’re doing something wrong.  And, this applies whether you’re writing a booklet, book, or creating a made for TV movie of the week.  If people don’t feel that it’s just for them and exactly what they are looking for (even if they didn’t know they were looking for it), they’ll move on to something else.

Think about the things you buy.  Would you buy a pair of shoes that didn’t fit?  How about a shirt that was an unappealing color to you?  Or, would you go to a pizza place for your 20th wedding anniversary?  When you make a purchase, you purchase what appeals to you or fits the occasion or solves your problem.  Your readers make their purchases for the same reasons.  But, you can’t purchase what you don’t know exists or what you miss.  And that’s where you need to let your readers know that you’ve got what they want.

You don’t need a big publishing house, or even a small one, and you don’t need to be a celebrity like Oprah, Donald Trump or JK Rowling to get started (though you might very well end up one before you’re finished!).  You just need to get your booklet (or book) in front of the right audience and let them know you’ve got what they want.  As long as what you’ve created is just for them, they’ll notice.  And more importantly, they’ll buy.

You can do it!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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