The Big Secret About Marketing Your Book Or Booklet That Nobody Ever Tells You

Someone once said that writing is the easy part – it’s the marketing that’s tough. But, that’s only half right.

Marketing IS tough – especially for the newbie. But, like anything else it can be learned and if learned correctly it gets easier. It will never be foolproof nor will it ever be 100% easy because people are such curious creatures and it can be tough to figure them out! But, if you know your market well and you know how to market, then the marketing does get easier.

But, what about the writing?  Is that really easy?  It is if you’re just writing.  Writing, in and of itself, is easy for those of us who call ourselves writers or authors.

When you write a booklet (or a book), however, the writing itself is part of the marketing. You HAVE to remember that. You can have a fabulous website, and an entire marketing campaign that literally grabs ’em by their shirt tails and gets them to buy your booklet. But, once they have that book or booklet, unless it’s the only one you ever plan to write, it’s got to sell them on buying more from you.

It’s all connected. That’s the big secret that nobody ever tells you. Everything you do from the moment you decide to write a book on whatever your particular topic is – from that very moment it’s all about marketing.

Marketing isn’t something you do after your project is finished.  It’s something you do continually – from the conception of your first booklet to your business name to making the sale.  As the owner of a business (and as a booklet author you do own a business), marketing is your first priority.  Everything else is second because without the marketing everything else is for nothing.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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