How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

So, here we are at the start of the first full week of the new year.  You’ve got plans.  You’ve got ideas.  You’ve got goals.  And you know this is going to be your year – the year it all comes together and things really start to happen.  But it seems like such a long way to get from where you are to where you want to be. How will you ever make it?  Where do you start?

If the above describes how you’re feeling you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.  Plenty of others have gone before you.  They had dreams too – dreams they turned into reality.

Consider, for example,  a young orphan who was adopted by a very poor family. He later went to college but dropped out after just a year and a half.  Having nowhere to live and no money, this young man slept on the floors of his friends’ dorm rooms and turned in pop bottles to recyclers just to get a little change.  It was during this time that Steve Jobs decided to start a technology company from his parent’s garage – and Apple Computers was born.

And then, once upon a time, a baby girl was born to an unwed teenage mother. Growing up in poverty and having to overcome sexual abuse this child was told that the most she could ever hope for in life was to become a maid.  But, she saw a brighter future for herself and today Oprah Winfrey is the owner of several entities including her own magazine and television network.

There have been companies, too, that didn’t have a great beginning and yet they grew into something larger than anyone could ever have imagined.

Have you ever heard of Facemash?  It was a website which presented photos of two college students, and voters could choose which student they thought was prettier or more handsome.  Such were the humble beginnings of Facebook – now a company worth billions.

And did you know that Youtube began as a video dating site?

Each of these people and companies have something in common – they started where they were.  And that’s exactly where you need to start.

You can plan and dream and set goals, but until you take that first step nothing will happen.  You’re dreams will never be realized.  You may be starting from humble beginnings or you may not.  But, where ever you are the point is to start.

If you haven’t started writing your first booklet it’s time to start writing.  If you’ve got that first booklet behind you it’s time to start your next project – whether that’s another booklet or a different product or creating a new market for the products you already have.

Start where you are.  Ask yourself what your next step is and then take that step.  That’s how you will get from where you are to where you want to be – one step at a time.

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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