What To Focus On So Your Booklet Publishing Business Will Grow, Prosper And Last

I know a man named Jack who started a business in commercial real estate several years ago and today he does ok.  But, he could be doing much better. What’s Jack doing wrong?  His focus is not on the right things.

When Jack started his business he decided that he wanted to impress his potential clients.  So, he rented an expensive corner office which had a waterfront view of the harbor, and beyond that the city, and far in the distance the mountains.

Next Jack decided he needed some impressive office furniture.  He bought a large executive desk and a nice leather chair.  He bought a leather sofa, and a couple of matching chairs for his clients to sit in, as well as a marble cocktail table on which he displayed some picture books of the city and surrounding area.

Once all that was done Jack purchased some wall art and some spendy lighting for his office.

Then, Jack hired a secretary.  After all, in order to live up to his new image he needed to have a secretary.

And finally, Jack bought a new car.  His reasoning was that it would never do for him to have such a fine office and secretary, but have to take clients to view properties in his old car.  He had created his image, and now he needed to live up to it in the eyes of his clients.

The problem is Jack had spent all this money on his business and he hadn’t even made a dime yet.  Instead of taking money from the business, the business was taking money from him!

What Jack should have focused on from the start was how he could make money with the business – not how he would look to his clients.  As long as he was honest in his dealings his clients would have been happy to work with him.  Instead Jack focused on the superficial and it delayed any profit he might have made for several years.

And so it is with booklets.  So many new authors focus on the wrong things.  They worry about things like their booklet’s cover, or how many pages their booklet should contain.  They wonder if their own image will measure up – either through their words or their appearance.  And they spend time thinking about all the what if’s – what if this happened or didn’t happen, what if they did this or that. But none of these things are where your main focus should be – especially if you’ve just begun your booklet adventure.

The most important thing you can focus on with your booklets is how to make money.  That’s it.  That’s number one because if you’re not making money what are you doing?  You’re wasting your time.

Your focus needs to be on your marketing, advertising and sales first.  These are the most important areas of your business.  Without these things your business can’t prosper and grow.

Of course your writing is important.  And of course you want your booklets and other products to look pleasing and professional.  But there is no point to any of that if you have no audience.

Focus most of your time and energy (about 80%) on those activities that will help your business to grow and make money.  Focus the rest on your writing, product creation, and all the little details that need tending to.  That’s how you will create a business that grows, prospers and lasts!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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