The Way To Success Is Paved With….Frustration???

Today is Monday, the start of a new week, and I’m already so frustrated with a new project I can hardly see straight!

A Google search tells me that frustration is simply poorly expressed anger.  Am I mad?  Yeah!  I’m mad!  But why?  What’s it really all about?

Usually we get angry about situations we cannot change or that we have little to no control over.  For example, you’re supposed to meet with someone and they don’t show up on time.  As each minute ticks by – turning to five, then ten, then fifteen minutes late – you’re emotions will become more intense in a variety of ways depending upon who it is you’re meeting.  If it’s a teenage son or daughter, you’re angry for just a few minutes.  Why can’t they be more responsible?  But, it doesn’t take long for worry to settle in, especially if you’re the mother!

But, if the person you’re waiting for is someone you’re paying to show up – a private contractor or employee – you’re reaction will be quite different.   Chances are you won’t become worried about them.  You’re anger will only grow with each passing minute that they don’t show up and don’t call to at least let you know where they are.

Your booklet adventure will come with a host of different frustrations at various times.  Sometimes it’s a money issue.  Other times it’s having to depend on someone to do something for you – and that person doesn’t do the work the way you want it done or on time.  And still other times it may be a deal you thought you had worked out, only to have the person on the other end change something or back out all together.  It happens.  The question is how will you deal with it when it does?

For myself, if it’s a situation that I can’t change at the moment (most things in business can or will be changed at some point!) then I’ll move on to another area and come back to it at a later time.  I’m still frustrated with it, but working on something else helps me to put things in perspective and focus on something positive.  On any given day, there is always going to be something going right even if something else is going terribly wrong.   All it takes is one victory in any area of my business and I’ve got a smile on my face again!

How about you?  How do you deal with frustration?

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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