How To Find Booklet Ideas And Easily Create Booklets And Books

Yesterday, while waiting for a prescription to be filled, I strolled over to the book section at my local Rite Aid to browse the titles they had on the self.  Whenever I’ve got a few minutes to kill and I’m anywhere near books, they attract me like a magnet!

I can’t say the same, however, for ebooks.  Though I could read on my phone, I prefer the printed edition.  It’s simple as opposed to technological.  I don’t have to push any buttons or worry about my battery going dead, or worse – my screen suddenly going dark! – in the middle reading something good.

On this particular day there wasn’t much to pique my interest.  I picked up a book that I had seen advertised on TV.  Maybe you’ve seen it too.  It had thousands of simple solutions to everyday problems.  The solutions were items found around the average household.

While the title of this book didn’t particularly interest me, when I looked at the table of contents a light bulb went off!  Every chapter of this book would make a great booklet!  Each chapter could have easily stood alone as it’s own publication.

I thumbed through the pages a bit, looking at chapter after chapter.  Each chapter had short, numbered blurbs – about a paragraph in length – to describe each solution.  The problem was presented as a simple headline next to the number, with the solution underneath.

It was such a simple book – straight to the point without any fluff – just the way a booklet should be.

What does this mean?  It means that you can find ideas for booklets anywhere, and that if you have enough booklets created you can combine them to make a full length book.  Why do it the hard way – taking a long time to write and edit and get published when you can make money as you go?

If you are looking for that next booklet idea keep your eyes open.  It’s out there!  You never know what will spark an idea!

And if you have authored several booklet titles, consider combining them to create a new product!

And, this works in reverse too!  If you have a book but no booklet, consider whether your chapters might each be able to stand alone and create booklets from the ones that can!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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