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Worried Your Booklet Manuscript Isn’t Good Enough? Here’s What To Do About It…

Recently I was reading an article in a trade magazine for marketers which contained an A-Z checklist for corporate executives to consider before they take their products to the development stage.  While the article did have some merit (it’s always a good idea to know your audience and create a product for them that you are willing to stand behind), it listed so many different things to consider (I kid you not – this was literally an A-Z checklist with A being for Addle and Z being for zig zag, and every letter in between being for something) that if you really stopped to consider every last item on the list your product would never get past the planning stage!

This is the way Corporate America works.  Everything takes a long time because nobody can seem to get past the planning stage.  Product ideas are presented, and if the idea gets a green light that may be the ONLY light it sees for a very long time.  Why? Because the executives involved are so busy trying to check off everything on the A-Z list that they forget why they started the project in the first place!

Sadly, many writers have the same problem.  While you probably don’t have a literal checklist in front of you, you do have your own criteria for what you believe makes a good book or booklet, or other product.  If you’re a seasoned author, your criteria is probably worth considering as you create your product. If you’re a first time author, it’s far better to get your booklet finished than it is to worry about whether it’s good enough to put on the market.  After all, you can always make changes to it in the next printing.

As long as your manuscript is legible, understandable, and the grammar is the best you can make it you’re good to go.  I’m talking about booklets here, not book manuscripts that you want to send to a publishing house.   That’s a completely different matter and a far more complicated one at that.

The bottom line is this – you want to create the best booklet you can without worrying yourself to death over every last detail.  Even seasoned professionals make mistakes.  It’s going to happen, but as long as you’re making money the mistakes really don’t matter.  Just keep going.  Learn from your mistakes, correct what you can, and write another booklet!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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