Cool Tool You Can Have For Free

Work is good!  As I’m typing this to you, I’m sitting in a brand new, white leather, office chair in my office that I’ve been designing myself.  To my left are three large windows, all open, and it’s pouring down rain outside so hard it sounds like the ocean.  There’s nothing like a good, summer rain storm to put me in the writing mood!

Today I have a really cool mind mapping tool to share with you!  You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post.

If you don’t know what mind mapping is, think of a corporate flow chart or a genealogy pedigree.  Same idea, but you can create it online and use it for so many things!

Want to write a new booklet and see all your chapters and ideas for each one at a glance?  Mind map it.

Want to get all your thoughts down as to your entire product line or just a leg of it?  Mind map it.

Want to keep track of all your large quantity customers and clients and quickly be able to see exactly what each one is buying from you?  Mind map it!

Want to create a plan for next year for where your business is headed?  Yep!  Mind map it!

There are so many uses for this in both your business life and your personal life. I used to prefer outlining on paper, and I still use an outline for my writing projects, but I mind map them first and then write the outline to the map.

Also, I find that mind mapping allows me to get ideas down so I don’t forget them, and then I can come back to them later when I’m ready.

If you google free mind mapping you’ll come up with several options.  The one I’m giving you here is completely free, used online so there’s nothing to download, and I have no affiliation with the company at all.  I simply use the product myself and wanted to recommend it to you.

Now you have no excuse for not keeping track of all those booklet writing projects!

Here’s the link:

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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