Here’s The Lowdown On Books And Booklets

Booklets are simple.  Books, more complicated, and often books are made more complicated than they need to be.  Here’s a quick comparison for you:

Books                                                     Booklets

Take a long time to write                                       Can be finished in a few days

Need editing by a pro                                              Need proofreading by you

Need a lot of rewriting                                             You correct errors one time

Might need agent                                                       No agent needed

Submit to publishers                                               Publish yourself

High cost to self publish                                        Low cost to self publish

High competition from other books                Almost no competition

High cost to promote                                             Low cost to promote

Take a long time to get to market                    Can be on the market in a month

Take a long time to recoup investment         Can start making money right away

Have short shelf and possibly sales life         Can sell for years and years

Lots of red tape from publishing industry    No dealing with publishing industry

Publisher keeps most of profits                         You keep all profits

This list could be much longer, but for the sake of brevity here I’ve listed the main concerns.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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