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Cool Tool You Can Have For Free

Work is good!  As I’m typing this to you, I’m sitting in a brand new, white leather, office chair in my office that I’ve been designing myself.  To my left are three large windows, all open, and it’s pouring down rain outside so hard it sounds like the ocean.  There’s nothing like a good, summer rain storm to put me in the writing mood!

Today I have a really cool mind mapping tool to share with you!  You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post.

If you don’t know what mind mapping is, think of a corporate flow chart or a genealogy pedigree.  Same idea, but you can create it online and use it for so many things!

Want to write a new booklet and see all your chapters and ideas for each one at a glance?  Mind map it.

Want to get all your thoughts down as to your entire product line or just a leg of it?  Mind map it.

Want to keep track of all your large quantity customers and clients and quickly be able to see exactly what each one is buying from you?  Mind map it!

Want to create a plan for next year for where your business is headed?  Yep!  Mind map it!

There are so many uses for this in both your business life and your personal life. I used to prefer outlining on paper, and I still use an outline for my writing projects, but I mind map them first and then write the outline to the map.

Also, I find that mind mapping allows me to get ideas down so I don’t forget them, and then I can come back to them later when I’m ready.

If you google free mind mapping you’ll come up with several options.  The one I’m giving you here is completely free, used online so there’s nothing to download, and I have no affiliation with the company at all.  I simply use the product myself and wanted to recommend it to you.

Now you have no excuse for not keeping track of all those booklet writing projects!

Here’s the link:

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Why Multiple Streams Of Income Are A Must

Just a few decades ago the American dream was about getting an education, getting a job, and being able to retire from that job with seniority, perhaps receiving a gold watch on your way out the door.

Over the past several years this dream has had to adapt to a new culture with a new way of thinking, new politics, and an exorbitant amount of inflation.

Few people today, if any, graduate college with the intention of finding a job and holding on to it until they retire.  Today’s culture is one of constant striving for self improvement, bettering not only one’s self but also one’s position and one’s finances.  A job is only good until one has outgrown it or needs something more – more room for advancement, more room for personal growth, more money.

Climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the goal.  Today everyone wants to climb the ladder of success.  A corporate job, or any job, is just another rung on the ladder, on the way to the top – the top being whatever goal the individual has set for themselves as their American dream.

Unfortunately, most people never achieve their American dream due to their inability to plan for it, and to change that plan as the need arises.

Today’s world is a fast paced one.  There is no straight path to success for anyone.  You have to be willing to do some zigging and zagging to get to where you want to be.

Several decades ago people put all their eggs into one basket and came out winners.  Today, you not only need more eggs, you need more baskets too.

All of this boils down to one simple concept.  You need more than one stream of income.  The more streams of income you have the better, because at any time an income stream can dry up, and if that’s your only one, you’re left with nothing.

Booklets lend themselves to multiple streams of income very well.  One booklet can be a single stream of income, or provide multiple streams of income by virtue of how it is packaged, promoted and sold.  And because of their quick production time, booklets can provide those streams of income very fast.

As a booklet author you have the opportunity to create a single booklet and promote it in a variety of ways, or create a series of booklets – each one an income stream unto itself.

You also have opportunities for advancing beyond the booklet with your market – into speaking, into the creation of other products based on your material, and even into creating full length books.  Each of these becomes a new stream of income, and should any one of them dry up for any reason, the others will still be there, still working for you.

You have to start somewhere.  That somewhere is with your first booklet.  Where you go from there is up to you – and that’s the adventure!

I welcome your thoughts and comments as always!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman


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Here’s The Lowdown On Books And Booklets

Booklets are simple.  Books, more complicated, and often books are made more complicated than they need to be.  Here’s a quick comparison for you:

Books                                                     Booklets

Take a long time to write                                       Can be finished in a few days

Need editing by a pro                                              Need proofreading by you

Need a lot of rewriting                                             You correct errors one time

Might need agent                                                       No agent needed

Submit to publishers                                               Publish yourself

High cost to self publish                                        Low cost to self publish

High competition from other books                Almost no competition

High cost to promote                                             Low cost to promote

Take a long time to get to market                    Can be on the market in a month

Take a long time to recoup investment         Can start making money right away

Have short shelf and possibly sales life         Can sell for years and years

Lots of red tape from publishing industry    No dealing with publishing industry

Publisher keeps most of profits                         You keep all profits

This list could be much longer, but for the sake of brevity here I’ve listed the main concerns.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Prints Your Books

With so many different ways to self publish these days, many first time authors are concerned about who they choose to do their book printing.  They’re worried that their books won’t look professional, as in done by a publishing house and comparable to books you see on the shelf in your local Barnes and Noble.

My dear reader, listen up because I’m about to give you a very valuable piece of advice.  It doesn’t matter who prints your book, assuming the company you choose has good reviews and knows what they’re doing.  How can I say this?  Let me explain.

I’ve been to seminars where the speakers were well known and made TONS of money selling their “books” in the back of the room.  Some books were very professional, others were created by traditional publishing houses but the books didn’t really look like it.  And still others were not presented as books at all, but rather they were information printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper and put into a three ring binder, with a simple black and white cover that looked like something copied off in their office.  It all sold – the books and the other products – all of it.

It’s not the book (or booklet) people want.  It’s the information inside.  As long as the information is presented well and readable, people are happy.  Now, don’t mistake what I’m saying here.  I’m not saying that you should put out sloppy work or send out books or booklets that are not put together right.  They should look good.  But, what I am saying is that you don’t need to agonize over it.  Do your best and let it go.  Get it out there.

People don’t buy books for the cover and the paper.  They buy books for the content.

Got a comment?  I’d love to hear from you!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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How NOT To Sell Booklets

Today I’ve got a bit of a rant to share with you, and there’s a lesson at the end.

My son is graduating high school this month.  Since his father and I graduated from the same high school, we thought it would be nice for our son to wear his father’s gown.  But, my husband no longer has his cap.

The school gave me the website and phone number for the company through which all the caps and gowns are ordered.  Since I needed to order quickly to have the cap here in time for graduation, I decided to go to the website to place my order.  But, on the website they only offered caps and gowns as a package, not separately.

So, I tried giving the company a call.  Instead of getting a friendly, helpful person on the phone, I got their answering service with a recorded message, telling me to leave a message and someone would get back to me within 24-48 hours.   Then, the message said that if I needed faster service, to send an email.

To cover my bases I left a message with the answering service, and then I sent an email.  I received an email back, which was form email telling me to call the office.  Huh????

The following day a lady from the office called.  She told me that yes, I could order the cap without the gown (why wasn’t this on their website in the first place???), and that she could take my information over the phone.  I gave her my name, mailing address and credit card number.  Then, she told me that she would not be able to process the credit card (what???) – her supervisor would have to do that and he was out of the office.  She would have him call me when he returned.

A few hours later the supervisor called, but I was not available to take his call.  He left a message with a phone number for me to call him back.  But, do you think that phone number would get me to him personally?  No!  It was the same office phone number that told me to leave a message and someone would contact me within 24-48 hours!

There’s a big lesson in this story for all business owners, but it especially applies to booklet publishing because so many of us publishing booklets are dealing with busy executives and business people.  Even if you’re selling booklets to individuals this lesson applies!

So, here it is.

Number one.  Make sure you have everything you offer on your website and make sure it’s easy to find and easy to place an order.  Using Paypal is a good idea too, because people buying from a website for the first time often feel safer using Paypal than giving their credit card information over the website.

Number two.  If you provide a phone number for people to call, make sure they get a real person on the line.  If it is after business hours and you have an answering service that provides a recorded message be sure to let them know when they will be able to reach a live person, and that if they leave a message they will be contacted first thing the following day that you are open for business.  Then make good on your promise.

Number three.  If people do talk with a live person, whether you or someone else within your company, make sure that person is able to help them and/or complete their order.

Number four.  If you provide a call back number for someone regarding an order they want to place, make sure they get you or another real person on the line so they can place that order!

This is all good business practice.  It reassures the customer that they are doing business with a reputable company that knows what they are doing – and a company that cares about it’s customers.   These are the basics in the business world – the foundation.  Lose your foundation and your business will fall.

This company I have been trying to deal with obviously doesn’t care and thinks they are too big to go up in smoke because they serve (for lack of a better word) school districts in several states.

And there’s a fifth lesson in that.  If you think you’re too big to fall, too important to be replaced, think again!  Remember the old saying – the bigger they are the harder they fall!

One last thing.  The way that company is doing business might have been acceptable in the 80’s and 90’s (at least the answering service part, not the rest of it).  But, good business is no longer done that way.  With the internet, people expect more.  They expect to be able to place an order online and if they can’t, they expect immediate service by phone.  Anything else is substandard and will downgrade the customer experience, possibly making them angry, which can lead to bad feedback online for your business.

As for me, I’m about to look into getting a cap elsewhere for my son so I can have the satisfaction of telling that company (on their recording of course!) to CANCEL MY ORDER!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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The Best Free Blogging Platforms

One thing every writer should be doing is blogging – especially if you’re going to become an author of booklets.  Why?  Because:

1)  Those blog posts will help create an audience for your booklets

2)  Your posts can become the basis for new booklets and other products

3)  You can get feedback from your audience regarding what you write about

If you don’t have a blog yet, hop on over to this article where you can find a wonderful write-up and comparison of the top 10 free online blogging platforms.  Click here to go to the article.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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