Are You Ready To Break Out Of The Mainstream And Forge Your Own Path?

A fellow writer recently asked me what a booklet is.  I told him that a booklet is an opportunity to break out of the mainstream publishing box and forge your own path.

There is a certain mindset that many writers have when it comes to self-publishing.  They feel that if they self-publish, nobody will recognize their work. They talk about how the New York Times won’t review self published works, or how this reviewer or that tv show or this publication or that society won’t accept them or their writing.

You can’t control what someone else does.  If they don’t want to talk to you because you’ve self-published or they don’t want to admit you into their club, that’s their right.  But, they can’t stop you from trying somewhere else.  That’s YOUR right!

Personally, I prefer to bypass this hogwash all together, and booklets are a great way to do that.  Booklets are not mainstream publications, so it makes sense that you don’t use mainstream media to promote them.  That means that you get to skip all this trivial dribble about caring whether any particular person or publication wants to interview you.

What really matters is that you get your information into the hands of your audience, and you make money doing it.   Then you can laugh at those reviewers and societies and publications all the way to the bank!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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