How Do Your Customers Rate You?

When you create a booklet, you’re not just creating an information product to help others, you’re creating a new business and a new future for yourself.

And, one of the most important aspects of your new business is customer service.  Customer service is one of those things that can make you or break you.

While the internet has leveled the playing field, so to speak, it has also created competition you otherwise might not have.  Consumers can now compare products, prices and even check reviews about products and companies with the click of a button.  If you and your competition offer similar products at similar prices to the marketplace, the only thing left to set you apart is the overall customer experience.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience both the kind of customer service that is over the top and takes all the stress out of your day, and the kind of customer service that adds stress to your day.

Company A is an online company that offers contract services to businesses.  While I had no issue with the services performed, I found their website extremely unintuitive and difficult to use.  I managed to muddle my way through it, but decided to take the time to write to the company afterward about my frustration with their website.

My email went to their customer support department, but instead of getting a response from a qualified individual, I received a reply from someone who worked in website support, and their reply was very uncaring, technical and cold.  The funny part is, I got an invitation, automatically sent by their system, a couple of days later asking me to fill out a survey to let them know how they are doing!  Did I fill it out?  You bet I did – and I never heard from them again!  Not because of anything I said (it was multiple choice with no space for comments), but because as far as they (or their system) was concerned, their dealings with me were completed.

This company missed a golden opportunity because the email I originally sent them gave them very specific information as to how they could fine tune their website and make the overall experience better for their customers.  There are companies who pay hefty sums for this kind of information – information that I had taken time out of my day to offer for free.

Not only did this company lose out on an opportunity to learn from a user of their website how they can improve, they also lost this customer.

Company B, on the other hand, was quite a different experience.  I ordered from them a set of dishes.  When the dishes arrived, I found that one of the cups had a deep crack in the bottom.  About a month went by before I emailed the company about it (after all, it was just one measly cup and life can get pretty busy!).

In my email I told the customer service person that I was thrilled with my new dishes, with the exception of the broken cup, and I needed to know how to proceed to replace it.  I did not give an order number, name the pattern I ordered, nor give any of my contact information.

In their response, I was told that a new cup was on it’s way- at no charge to me – and to simply discard the broken one.  They said they were sorry for the inconvenience and I was thanked for my business.  This email just blew me away!  Someone actually TOOK THE TIME TO LOOK UP MY ORDER and send out a new cup!  Wow!  So, by the time they emailed me back the problem was already taken care of, no need to call anyone or give any further information.

That company, by the way, was Mikasa, and if you are looking for a new set of dishes I would highly recommend them!

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences of both kinds with things you have purchased.  In your own business it is wise to remember them and how they made you feel.  You want your customers and clients to be elated with how they’ve been treated as well as with your booklets and other products.  When they are, they’ll recommend you to others and keep coming back to you for more!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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