What I’ve Been Up To

Hey everyone!

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet.  I know it’s been rather quiet here on the blog lately, but that’s because I’ve been super busy creating some things behind the scenes!

First, I’ve been working on a 12 day ecourse called, “12 Ways A Booklet Can Turn Your Writing Into Cash!”  Click here to get it now free!

I’ve also been putting together an online newsletter called Booklets 101 to give you information, tips and ideas for creating booklets and growing your business!  You’ll get it automatically when you sign up for my free e-course!

Also, I’ve created a facebook page so we can keep in touch better.   Click here to like my page!

And, I’ve got a twitter page too!    You can find me on Twitter here.

And, I’ll be moving this blog one day soon, but I haven’t decided quite where yet.  I’ve got options, and I’m looking at them all very carefully.

I’ve also got plans for a book in the works.  Yes, a book!  A real, honest to goodness book that will be sold on Amazon.  It will be about – what else? – booklets of course!  More on that as it develops.

Finally, in the not too distant future, I will have a website created for you.  My goal is to help you create the lifestyle of your dreams doing what you enjoy – writing!  And booklets are such a great vehicle for this!  They can be the beginning of something much larger, as in my own case, or they can be an entire business empire in and of themselves.

So much to do!  I’m so excited I can’t sleep at night!

So please stay tuned!  I’m looking forward to sharing the adventure together with you!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman


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