How to stop procrastinating and get what you want

Since this is the last blog post of the month, and I’ve been posting about time management, I thought I would end this series of posts with an idea to really get you moving forward fast.

It’s human nature to procrastinate.  We put things off for many reasons, but the main reason we put off the big things, such as a lifestyle change (even when it’s positive!), is that we fear it.  You may dream of living a fabulous lifestyle with a beautiful home, a fancy car, two or more exotic vacations a year, and/or whatever else you desire, but deep down you actually fear achieving that goal and so you come up with ways to procrastinate.  That way, it can seem like you’re working toward it, but you never actually do.  What you’re doing is just busy work that never gets you anywhere.  Sound familiar?  I understand because I’ve been there too!

It’s easy to wish for something better.  Wishing and dreaming are cheap.  They don’t cost you anything.  It’s when you move past this stage and decided to take action that you pay the price.  That price may be time, or money, or factoring in a learning curve and making a few mistakes along the way, but no matter what you want or do in life there is a price to be paid.  Once you realize that, you can begin to put things into perspective.

You see, there is also a price to be paid for procrastination – and it’s a heavy one!  Ask yourself what it’s costing you to put off your goals and your dreams.  Make a list.  You don’t have to write anything down on paper.  Just do a mental checklist of all the things you really want out of life for yourself and your family, and then ask yourself if procrastinating is really worth the cost of not having those things.  If you continue to put things off, chances are you’ll never have those things you desire.  You’ll continue to exist from day to day, just as you are now and little or nothing will change.

This exercise is a good motivator because it helps you face reality.  So often we get caught up in the day to day minutia and we feel bogged down.  Putting off the things we need to do to move toward our goals becomes easy.  There’s always tomorrow.  But someday you’ll run out of tomorrows.  Will you have the same energy and drive ten years from now that you do today?  How about five years from now?  And how fast does five years go by?  You know the answer – in a flash!

Once you see what procrastination is costing you, you can then ask yourself which is the greater cost – your procrastination or working toward your goals.

But, you also need to look at the payoff of each as well.  There is a payoff for procrastination.  Procrastinating is safe.  It feels better to stay in your box than to step outside of it into the unknown.  Taking action and moving toward your goals can feel scary and unsettling.  But, once you get started you’ll soon find that you have a real sense of accomplishment, and you’ll find that you can tackle pretty much anything the comes your way.

To sum it up – you need to first look at what procrastinating is costing you vs. what taking action toward your goals is going to cost you.  Then, look at the payoff of each.  I think you’ll find that you just can’t sit still any longer.  You will have the desire and the drive to move forward and start achieving your goals, and you will want to get going right now!

And here’s an extra tip for you – don’t feel like you have to take big leaps to get you to the finish line.  Just take it one step at a time, but keep going and keep doing and you’ll soon find that you have what you want.  Then, you’ll be able to look back and realize that it really wasn’t that tough after all!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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